How to Break into a Cannon Gun Safe

How to Break into a Cannon Gun Safe (5 Super Easy Steps)

If you own firearms, having a gun safe is the single most responsible thing to do. It will protect your guns form any exterior damage as well as from getting into the wrong hands.

Cannon electronic gun safes are getting very popular nowadays. They are simple to use, offer great protection, and pretty affordable than most of the safes available in the market. As they require a combination, it’s possible to forget the combination of the safe. And that can get you locked out from your guns.

You might be asking how to break into a cannon gun safe. There are several methods you can try that are pretty effective in the process. Let’s go over a few that are the most effective.

How to Open a Cannon Safe without the Combination

As mentioned earlier, you can forget the combination of the safe. That might be very frustrating for you. But it’s possible to open it anyways. Let’s discuss some methods on how to open a safe if you forgot the combination.

1. Using the Backup Key

How to Break into a Cannon Gun Safe without combination

Every Cannon electronic safe comes with a backup override key. It is an alternative way to gain access to the safe without doing anything fancy. If you forget your combination by any chance, this is the first thing to do. 

Most of the renowned gun safe manufacturers provide 2 sets of override keys with the safe. Sometimes the keyholes are hidden behind or under the safe. You just need to use the key as it will override the whole locking mechanism and unlock the safe for you. Make sure to use the reset button and reset the lock to be able to use the safe easily in the future.

The backup keys also imply when the battery of the safe runs out. You’ll be able to use the keys to unlock the safe right away. So, before you even try anything else, use the backup keys. It will solve the issue right away without any extra effort.

2. Using a Hammer

As you lose the combination of your safe lock, there is a slight chance of losing the backup keys as well. Then you’d have to use some other techniques to break open if you are wondering how to open a gun safe without the key.

Is it possible to unlock an electric safe with a hammer? For most of the basic safes available, it’s undoubtedly possible. Electronic gun safes have a solenoid inside. You’d have to hit the safe on top with the hammer. Also, you’d have to turn the handle of the safe simultaneously. What that will do is, the solenoid will fall for a few microseconds. And as you are also turning the handle, the safe will open if it’s timed correctly.

It is a fairly self-explanatory method. But be mindful that this method can cause damage to the locking mechanism, which can ruin the gun safe for further use. Only use this method if you don’t care about a safe to get ruined.

3. Drilling a Hole

This is a pretty effective method on how to break into a cannon gun safe. It implies pressing the reset button to unlock the safe. 

As there is a reset button inside of every safe that uses electronic locks, you’ll be able to unlock the safe using it. But accessing the button is the trickiest part of all. You need to drill a hole to be able to press the button.

You might ask how to drill a cannon gun safe. You’ll need a sturdy drill machine for that. Also, know that it’s gonna take some time to penetrate the drilling machine through the body of the safe. How much time it takes really depends on the thickness and the material of the gun safe. So you must be patient during the process.

Once the drill machine is through, you can start with the next step. For that, you’ll need something narrow and strong that can fit through the hole you created. You can use paperclips or hairpins. They will get the job done perfectly. 

Take a flashlight and take a look at the interior and search for the reset button. Once you locate it you can start reaching for the reset button. It might be a bit knacky, but take your time with it and you’ll be able to get it. 

Once the button is pressed, you’ll hear a beeping noise. That indicates that the code has been successfully reset and you can now enter a new code. After you enter the new code, the safe will unlock.

This method might be very effective, but it ruins the safe in the process of drilling. You can still use it if you take the safe for a repair and fill the hole.

4. Contact the Manufacturers

If you don’t want to risk destroying the safe, the best bet for you would be to contact the manufacturers. They will take full responsibility for the product and will give the full service cheaper than any other alternatives.

And if you have a warranty, you’ll get full free servicing too. It’s better to get anything done by the manufacturers than any other 3rd party companies. It will cost you a lot less and also will ensure more security. So, make sure to check if the warranty of the safe is still available. If it’s expired, still it’ll cost you a lot less than any other place.

You’ll need some things to fill up the requirements such as the model, the serial number, papers that come with the safe, the payment receipt, the warranty card. Those are to prove that you are the true owner of the gun safe. Make sure to fill out the details to get the services delivered faster.

5. Take it to a Blacksmith

Blacksmiths are professional at dealing with all kinds of issues with your safe. You better take your gun safe to a professional rather than doing anything with it all by yourself. You are more likely to ruin the safe for further use. Taking it to a local blacksmith can save it and cost you pretty cheap.

The blacksmith will require some paper form your side to prove that the gun safe is yours in the first place. You should take all the documents and the receipt of purchase with you to avoid any kind of issue.

Still Confused watch this video, I think you’ll get a good idea.

Final Thoughts

Now you know a few methods on how to break into a cannon gun safe that you can use. As you saw, some of the methods damage the locking mechanism of the safe. It’s recommended for you to stick to the ways that don’t damage your gun safes. You can share this article and let your friend know how to open a cannon safe without the combination easily and with only a few tricks.  

Gun safes are not the most affordable object in the world. You definitely don’t want to ruin unless you don’t have any other option. Buying a new one might be pretty costly than paying a few dollars to the manufacturing company of the blacksmith.

But if you don’t really care about the gun safe that much, use those techniques that are shown. Those are pretty effective in opening the safe for you. But the best thing to do would be to write the combination down somewhere so you don’t forget it. Also, store the backup keys to a safe spot where you can get a hand on these easily. Hopefully, you learned a few techniques on breaking into a cannon gun safe that you can use if ever a situation calls for it.

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