Where are Gettysburg safes made

Where are Gettysburg safes made? How good are these safes?

Is your budget limited and you need a gun safe that will meet your budget expectation? In a big crowd of the gun safe brand, Gettysburg is one of the brands that most people are familiar with. This gun safe is really affordable and anyone can have this product.

No matter in which region or state you live in, a safe is necessary to protect your valuables from thieves. Gettysburg safes are not similar to high-end gun safes, but they definitely provide safety to your weapons and valuables. But what do think, where are gettysburg safes made and how good are these safes?

Where are Gettysburg safes made? 

So answering the question are gettysburg safes made in the USA is a bit difficult as there is no official and clear answer to it. But from our research, we get to know that the Rural King is making gettysburg safes and publishing them in the market. Well, Rural King can be a retailer as well who imports products from China for reselling. 

They mostly import safes directly from China instead of producing safe in their own company. However, Gettysburg safes are a private label brand which makes it difficult to find more information about the manufacturer. But the Rural King imports these safes from China and then supplies them in thirty states of the USA. 

Why Choose Gettysburg Gun Safes 

The Gettysburg gun safes come at a good and affordable price. But sometimes people start thinking are gettysburg safes good or not because of their low price. Well, while choosing a safe this subject is a factor too. 

Gettysburg safes are not that amazing like other safes and have a low gauge of steel. The security system is also not that high like other high-quality brands. But all the features of this gun safe is the standard one. Besides, you are getting much more than you are paying.  

Generally it depends on you and your budget what kind of gun safe you are in search for. Also, if the price of the gettysburg safe matches your budget you can go for this safe. Even though they have some less useful features, still you will be able to protect your valuables with this safe.

Features of Gettysburg Gun Safes

  • Locking Mechanism — All the safe from Gettysburg is equipped with an electronic lock. And the electronic locks are equipped with a key bypass. Unlike the high-end safes, you will need to call a locksmith to fix the lock if the electronic lock fails. But you can avoid it while using the Gettysburg safe by using the key bypass.
  • The thickness of steel — You may think that Gettysburg safes are weak just because they have 14 gauge steel. But don’t forget that the Liberty Centurion Series also has a similar thickness of steel, but still, they are providing you a great service. 
  • Fire rating — The fire ratings are pretty good in this limited budget. The larger Gettysburg safes come with 75 minutes of fire ratings. In contrast, the smaller Gettysburg gun safe has fire ratings of 30 minutes. And the fire temperature is 1400°F.
  • Security Features — Besides the electronics locks, they are also drill-resistant hard plates. And these drill-resistant plates separate the locks from the outside making them tough for breaking down. Not only that, you will find many bolts on the each dised of the door to keep the door locked strongly. Another great feature that enhances the security of the safe is the weight. The gettysburg safes are usually around 900lbs means they will be quite tough to move.
  • Warranty — The warranty of the safes often overlooked while buying a gun safe. Gettysburg offers its users a limited warranty of 5 years but you can’t also expect a higher or lifetime warranty at cheap prices. 

Gettysburg safe customer service

Is the customer service of the Gettysburg brand any good?

The Gettysburg customer care service is always available to help their customers regarding the safe. You can also directly contact the Rural King company if you need information about Gettysburg safes. The phone number of the Rural King company is 1-888-577-9823. 

Unfortunately, the safe Gettysburg doesn’t have any official website. You can only collect information about this gun safe by reading reviews and information from sites like ours. You can also get familiar with the product by viewing the Rural King website or by visiting a retail shop. Here is the official website of the Rural King.

What’s the warranty on Gettysburg safes? 

Here are some types of warranty you will receive if you purchase a Gettysburg gun safe:

  • One year of standard warranty — If the product confirms any defects, Gettysburg promises to repair or replace the defective part. 
  • Lifetime attack warranty — The company will probably fix or replace the safe if your Gettysburg safe gets damaged by fire, burglary attempt, and more.
  • Five years of product warranty — The whole Gettysburg gun safe comes with five years of warranty except the paints, the paints of the safe will last long for two years.

Gettysburg gun safe manual 

All the features of the Gettysburg gun safe are not that hard to understand and easy to use. Electronic locks and bolts of the safe make it secure to store your guns and valuables in this gun safe. 

Top 5 Gettysburg Safes to buy in 2023

  • Gettysburg 18 Gun Fireproof and Waterproof Safe — Protect your gun from 1400°F fires and the safe can stay under 2.5 feet of water for 72 hours.
  • Gettysburg Pistol Safe — If you look for a safe which is a compact safe but affordable, then this safe is a good option. 
  • Gettysburg Personal Safe — It includes durable locking systems and pry-resistant hinges to provide more safety.
  • Gettysburg 84 Gun Fireproof Safe — This safe from the Gettysburg can fight against fir for 75 minutes at 1200°F.
  • Gettysburg 40 Gun Fire and Water Resistant Safe — The great thing about this safe from, Gettysburg is that they are made with both water and fire resistance.


So Gettysburg gun safes are genuinely manufactured in China by a private company and the Rural King company imports them in the USA and supplies them in different states. Gettysburg gun safes are not like the high-end safes that can provide more security and facility.

Now you may wonder whether you should buy them or not, then the answer depends on your budget. If you have a limited budget, then you can go for this safe, the facilities are less but overall performance is satisfying. And if your budget is large, you better buy a high-end safe so that you can use them for a longer time. 

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