Best gun oil to prevent rust in all weather

Top 5 Best gun oil to prevent rust in all weather

The worst enemy of a gun is rust and corrosion, and a rusty gun is as bad as a dirty gun. There are a few reasons for rust appearing like not cleaning and oiling the gun or leaving it in the storage with moisture.

Rust not only makes your gun look old but it reduces the accuracy, longevity, and increases wear and tear in your gun. That’s why you should always clean your gun to remove every object that can cause rust on your gun. 

Also, you should use gun oil to lubricate the gun in order to prevent the rust from occurring. Here is the buying guide and top 5 choices of best gun oil to prevent rust:

Complete gun oil Buying guide (Read before Buy)

There are many reasons why a gun user needs to lubricate their gun regularly or make a schedule of oiling your gun. First, oiling your gun safe makes your gun jam-free and you can shoot properly. Second, to protect your metal parts of your gun from rust and corrosion, oiling is a must. 

Besides that, lubricating your gun makes the performance better and gives your gun a longer life. However, many gun cleaning kits are used to tag along with a gun lubricating oil. So you need to buy a gun lube separately along with the cleaning kit. 

Here are a few things that you need to consider while buying gun oil: 

  • Temperature resistance — The cold weather in winter affects the performance of your gun and gets jammed when you want to shoot due to the freezing cold weather. In short, your gun will react differently in winter and in summer. So you must choose a gun oil that is weather-resistant. 
  • Dispenser type — There are three types of dispensers available, and normal dispensers and precision dispensers are good and easy to use. Another type of dispenser is an aerosol dispenser, this one is good as well but you can’t control the amount of sprayed oil. And too much oil is bad for guns. 
  • Safety — No matter what type of gun lubes you have chosen, it has to be safe for your gun. There are some types of gun oil available that are too harsh and can damage guns made of plastic, wood, and polymer. 

Top 5 Best Gun Oil to Prevent Rust & Corrosion 

1. Black Diamond CLP Gun Cleaning Oil

Black Diamond CLP Gun Cleaning Oil 

The Black Diamond CPL is one of the most powerful and advanced gun lubricates and cleaning oils that can prevent rust. This gun oil is made by using the highest quality base oils, effective solvents, and additives that make the oil powerful. 

The gun is budget-friendly and works quickly; thus, you can save both your money and time. As the Black Diamond CPL has some good adhesive and chemicals, it can improve reliability and protect the gun from rust and corrosion. 


  • 3 in 1 gun lubricating oil — It can do three cleaning routines by using one oil product instead of three.
  • Cleans — It can deep clean your gun by using a bore cutter and carbon cutter. 
  • Oiling — The oil can go deep in the gun that can prevent metal-to-metal contact, wear, and friction. 
  • Protection — The coating of the oil can bring back moisture and create shields for metals to fight rust and corrosion. 
  • Better performance — You don’t have to worry about the malfunction or damaging of the gun, by using this oil you can keep the gun’s performance better. 


  • Easy to use and work fast.
  • Can do multiple tasks.
  • Prevent the gun from getting rusty and corroded. 


It works better for lubrication than cleaning. 

2. Trigger Fanatics 3 in 1 oil

Trigger Fanatics 3 in 1 oil

If you want a gun oil that is ideal for cleaning both regular and field guns, choosing the Trigger Fanatics 3 in 1 cleaning oil will be a good option. 

This one-step gun cleaning oil is high-quality oil for lubricating, preventing rust, and cleaning the stock lock, and barrel of the gun. 

The military-grade formula of the oil lubricant cuts through built-up grime and grease and leaves a smooth and moisturized surface. The oil viscosity is thin and non-greasy; thus it works great for preventing rust. This is also one of the best gun oil for storage but does not use it if the surface of the gun is painted. 


  • Military-grade 3 in 1 cleaner — The shooter lube facility will help you to keep it functional through any weather, besides, it will keep your gun clean and lubed up. 
  • Works great on wood and leather — If your gun is made of wood and has a leather holster, you can use this gun cleaner with no doubt. 
  • Cleans — The cleaner and the lubricating oil can go through any corner of the gun to clean dirt, oil, and grease.
  • Suitable for synthetic surface — You can also use this cleaner on rubber and polymer surface to clean with a slick finish. 


  • This product is 3 in 1 cleaner and has military-grade facilities.
  • Can be used in the rubber and polymer surface of the gun. 
  • Suitable for every weather. 


  • The cap of the bottle is loose, you might waste some of the oils while bringing it home.

3. Original Gun Oil CLP

The great thing about this Original Gun Oil CPL is its lower viscosity. As we have already mentioned, the thick consistency of the oil is not that good for guns unless the surface is made of metal. But thin oils are suitable for use on any surface. 

Another good thing is it does not contain any harmful chemicals and has a decent smell. The synthetic blend of the oil makes it non-hazardous and scent-free. Thus, you can oil your gun without wearing gloves. 


  • Better cleaning experience — This product allows you to clean the gun properly without leaving oily coatings. Besides, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals which makes it suitable for protecting the surface as well. 
  • Protection for rust and corrosion — This Original Oil CPL contains adhesives that create a protective layer against humidity and saltwater and repels moisture. 
  • Increase the performance — The oil ensures smooth action and minimal wear. It not only makes the performance of the gun smooth but also helps to increase the lifespan of your gun. 
  • Free from scent and toxic substances — As the product is non-hazardous, it doesn’t harm wood stocks, plastic, bluing, and also doesn’t harm nature. 


  • Comes with a thin consistency of oil.
  • Non-greasy, non-hazardous, and scent-free. 
  • Protects the gun from getting corroded and rusty. 


  • The amount of oil in the bottle is small. 

4. Clenzoil Field & Range Gun Oil Spray Lube

The Clenzoil Field & Range Oil spray lube is easy to use and quite effective to remove dirt and grease from the gun. By using this oil you can fully lubricate the gun reducing the chances of rust and corrosion. You can also use this gun oil in any weather condition to improve your firearm’s performance. Also using this product on your gun doesn’t damage the bluing and other parts of the gun. 


  • Multi-task — You can clean and remove dirt and dust from the gun by using one product.
  • Not harmful — If you need a gun oil for use on wood stocks, plastic, or polymer, you can go for this oil without any hesitation.
  • Suitable for shooters — It’s been a very long time since this product is widely used for shooter’s guns. 
  • Oiling — Besides the fact that it can clean your gun properly, it also works great for lubricating your gun. 


  • Can be used in both warm and cold temperatures.
  • Doesn’t contain much harmful substance.
  • Easy to use and affordable.


  • The product works well but has a very strong odor.

5. Mossy Oak Gun Oil

The Mossy Oak gun oil is great gun oil for cleaning and lubrication, and it exactly does what it says. Besides cleaning the surface, barrel, and other parts, you can also clean some light dirt from the cylinder of the gun. The product comes with a spray that makes it easy to apply and you can also use it on wood surfaces. Also, it helps to remove rusts from the barrel and prevents the possibility of rusts again. 


  • One-Step solution — You can clean and oil your, and protect the gun just using one product.
  • Safe to use — You can use this oil on wood stocks, polymer, gold inlays, or plastic without damaging the gun. 
  • Suitable for all weather — The small size of the gun can be used for a long time and you can use it on your gun in any weather condition.


  • Can be used on wood surfaces of guns.
  • It can go inside the cylinder to remove light dirt. 
  • Suitable for removing rust from gun barrels.
  • Also, helps to prevent the chances of rust in the future.


  • By using the spray nozzle, you can’t control the amount of oil spraying. 

How many times should you oil your gun?

Somehow the number of times you should oil your gun depends on how regularly you are using your gun. For example, if you are a hunter and you go hunting regularly, you should oil your gun regularly as well. Otherwise, crud will build upon your gun, and oiling your gun regularly will prevent them from buildup. 

If you are a regular gun user, then you must use gun oil to remove dirt, reduce carbon buildup and prevent iron oxides. Also, using oil that is not thick is an ideal option. But if you are an occasional gun user, you can use thick gun oil and this way oil will last longer on it. 

Which type of gun oil is better for your gun?

Most of the gun oils are oil-based and water-based and both of these gun oil categories can do their job properly on their way. But before you buy them, you need to consider some factors to get the right one according to your gun.

For example, if you want to get rid of copper fouling, in that case, water-based oils are more preferable to oil-based oil. Water-based gun oils are also more eco-friendly and have a better fragrance than oil-based lubes counterparts. 

Although oil-based oils are most popular in the market, gun owners also use oil-based products for their guns. However, oil-based oils are thicker and vary in viscosities. So when you use thick gun oil, you will need to apply them properly otherwise it can cause harm to the gun. Again, using too much oil is not good for your gun, a few drops of oil is enough to protect your gun from rust and corrosion. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How to store guns to prevent rust?

The storage of your gun is also an essential part that can prevent or bring rust to guns. First, you need to choose the right storage option, keep the gun dry, and choose a dry area to place the gun. Never leave your gun inside the store with moisture and do not take the gun out on a rainy and snowy day. 

Can you clean a gun too much?

You can clean your gun frequently to keep it free from dust, grime, and remove iron oxides. It also keeps your gun lubricated, keeps the malfunction away, and provides more accuracy. But it also would be better to not clean your gun too much when you use a water-based gun cleaning kit.

Can I use WD-40 to lubricate our gun?

If you just want to put some protecting lubrication on your gun against moisture, then using WD-40 on a gun is fine. The WD refers to the water displacing formula; thus they are not suitable for deep cleansing. WD-40 is okay to use for wiping down a shotgun. 

Is it good to oil inside the gun barrels after cleaning?

After you clean your gun, you should always lubricate every part of the gun properly. When you apply oil to the gun, it helps to keep the gun good by preventing rust. You can also apply gun oil inside the gun barrel, but make sure you apply a light of oil inside the gun. 

What is the consequence of not oiling your gun?

Oiling your gun after cleaning them is an important task and you should not skip it. The solvent and chemicals that you use for cleaning your gun to remove grime and dirt can make the gun’s metal rust. So generally, if you forget to oil your gun, the chances of rust and corrosion will increase.


Well, you should know that gun oil doesn’t stop wear and tear on your gun, but it surely prevents them from happening. Also, gun oils are really a useful and easy way to remove rust and prevent them from occurring in the future. Besides, oiling or lubricating your gun properly will increase the lifespan of your gun and maintain better performance. We have shared with you the top 5 best gun oil including the best gun oil for storage, hope it was helpful!

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