Why is Good Marksmanship Important? – 9 Things to Improve Today

Shooting sessions are getting very popular nowadays. What could be more relaxing and fun than picking up your gun and going for a hunt in your holidays? But you might ask yourself, “Why is good marksmanship important and how it affects your shooting experience?”

Good marksmanship is the key to hitting the target with maximum precision with your rifle. Whether you use your rifle gun in target practicing sessions or for hunting purposes, you need to be at least decent at marksmanship to be able to hit your target with accuracy.

Now you might be asking what affects it pulls in your shooting and how to improve it. And is it actually possible to improve marksmanship? The answer to this is, yes you can.

To help you get this concept down and improve it, let’s go over 9 points that will help you become a better shooter by developing good marksmanship.

  1. Better Sight Adjustment for Enhanced Accuracy

The No.1 thing you can do to increase the accuracy of your shots is to adjust the sight properly. But first, you need to know what is sight alignment. Sight alignment or adjustment is the process where you line up the rear and front sights. As you probably know by now that the sight picture is what you see when the sight is aligned properly with the object you are targeting.

First, you need to do a process of boresighting. For that unload your rifle and remove the bolt. Then fix your rifle in a resting point and align the target with the bore. You need to adjust your sight to the point where the target appears in the center of the crosshair of the sight.

Now you need to fix the paper alignment. Place the paper target at 25 yards distance and shoot a test fire. Now adjust accordingly to get the maximum accuracy. Also, make sure to finetune it properly to get the most precision at longer distances.

  1. Shotgun Patterning for Maximum Range

Patterning your gun will help your maximum range and identifying choke-load combinations that will make it easier to hit the target cleanly. The patterning procedure is done by shooting a paper target and recording the deviation. That defines the pattern of your shotgun. A pretty good distance for patterning hour shotgun is about 40 yards or so.

  1. Picking the Right Shotgun Choke

The right shotgun choke for you depends on the factors like range, shooting preferences, type of target, etc. The concept is that the lighter the choke is, the closer the pattern between the individual pellets will be on the target. 

That means you’ll need a wider choke for smaller and faster targets. It goes to show that an improved cylinder choke or a modified choke will help to give you the most advantage here. Especially when your target is small, fast, and close.

  1. Having the Right Technique for Shooting

You’ll find thousands of tutorials online on how to shoot properly. It’s really important to make the habit of using the right technique when shooting your rifles. Let’s go over some of the few most important ones.

First, you need to make sure that our shooting arm is extended and relaxed. You need to maintain a good and stable foot position that’s preferably your legs apart about the shoulder width.

Then lean your body slightly forward as well as make sure to have a good balance for counteracting recoil. Grip the weapon firmly and make sure you have nice control of your trigger. Those foundational techniques will help you greatly in your shooting.

After the foundational stuff, you need to hold your gun rock-steady before you pull the trigger. You need to hold your breath as it will help your shots to be more steady. Avoid any jerky motion and apply gentle pressure on the trigger. Do not flinch while firing a shot.

  1. Breath Control

Believe it or not, breathing plays a huge role when it comes to gaining accuracy and steadiness in your shots. If you ask why is good marksmanship important and how to improve it, you need to consider even the slightest of techniques you can use to increase the accuracy.

Holing your breath while pulling the trigger will help you to get a bit more stable shots. It might not feel like much, but all together, it will help big time.

  1. Shooting Positions

There are a few different shooting positions that you need to master such as kneeling, sitting, standing, and prone. You definitely will not need to be an expert on all of those, but it’s better to learn the right method to improve your marksmanship.

Take note that some sight pictures such as the m9 sight picture or any other one will have different effects on all these positions. Choosing the right sight picture is crucial too. You might be wondering what is sight picture. It is the types of sight that are attached, which you use to aim at your targets.

  1. Lighting for Clear Vision

Lighting plays a huge role in the precision of your aim. You can’t aim properly at the darker environments. Some sight pictures are better than the others in that case. You might want to consider a combat hold sight picture that’s great for close shots. But for overall accuracy, make sure the lighting is good in the first place.

  1. Practice Makes Progress

Good marksmanship is a developed skill. You can master it too. But like most other skills, you’ll need to train and take your time with it. The best way to develop it would be to practice with the right techniques.

Practicing a technique over and over tends to make it a habit that’s quite hard to break. So, you really want to avoid the bad techniques and practice the right way.

  1. Safety Always Comes First

You need to remember that what you are holding in your hands is a potentially dangerous object. Any unwanted accidents can take place in just a matter of seconds. Don’t play around with a loaded gun no matter what the situation is. Do not touch the trigger until you lined up with the target and ready to shoot it. Don’t rush anything. Taking a couple of moments extra might save you form a fatal accident.

Final Thoughts

Now you know why is good marksmanship important as well as you have some stuff to work on. You can not achieve good accuracy or stability without good marksmanship. But nobody is born with a skill. Some learn it faster, some slower. But at the end of the day, who works smart, wins. 

If you work on the 9 your accuracy and precision will improve drastically. Just trust in the process. Those are the most important components you need to focus on that will help you skyrocket your progress with accuracy. Consistency is key.

Never lose hope. Just keep working on these 9 components and your shooting skill is going to be way better pretty soon. Hopefully, you find those informative and the tips will help you to be a better shooter soon enough.

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