Where are Winchester gun safes made? Should you buy one?

Winchester is one of the famous and well-known gun safe brands across the world. Having a good and high quality is not only good for protecting guns but also protects other valuables. Winchester gun safes are the first brand that is tested a hundred percent burglar-proof. 

But did you ever wonder where are Winchester gun safes made, what makes them popular against its competitor? Winchester also comes with a good number of series and models. In this article, we will discuss everything about Winchester that you need to know. 

Where are Winchester gun safes made?

Winchester has been providing services for over 25 years. They had been obtained safely by contract with China for a long time. Then Winchester decided to build up a company in Fort Worth, Texas, in 2012. To manufacture their safes in America, they used the latest, cutting-edge robotics. The process was slow, but now the vast number of Winchester gun safes are manufacturing alone in the USA. 

Features of Winchester gun safes

There are some common features of Winchester gun safes that come with almost all the models. Those features are as follows:

  • Fire resistance — Winchester safes can bear 1400°F fire-rated temperature up to 2 hours. The fire rate is 17% higher than the industry standard fire rate of 1200°F. The solid steel hinge of the door allows a 180° swing which plays a good role in fire protection.
  • Anti-Burglar system — Winchester gun safes come with an anti-burglar system as their safes are built with thick 12 gauge steels. Almost all of their safes are tested by UL, and the result was they all came under the RSC classification. Winchester safes also come with the finger scanning facility. 
  • Great build quality — Winchester gun safes are famous for their quality; the safes can last longer, even in extreme conditions. These safes are quite impossible to break as they are manufactured with high-quality materials. That’s why Winchester safes are safer than other gun safes.

Why Choose Winchester Gun Safes

Winchester is the first gun safe company that has successfully listed itself under the UL in the RSC category. That means all the Winchester assortments are tested as burglar-proof, which makes them safer than other brands. Besides, they are very popular across America due to their fire resistance that can bear fire heat of 1400°F. They also assure their customers that they will cover any damages caused by theft or fire. 

Product Series Of Winchester Gun Safes

Legacy Series

All the models of the Legacy have been improved, and now they provide better services than before. Now, the Legacy series can handle the 1400 degree Fahrenheit fire temperature for 2.5 hours. The fire protection has also improved on all the models of the Legacy Series. Also, this Winchester safes series has added thicker 10 gauge steel.

Silverado Series

The Silverado series model body is constructed with a 10 gauge steel that can protect the safe from fire for 2 hours. All the models of this Winchester series have a good bolt locking system for better security. There are three models available in the Silverado series: Silverado 51, 40, 33.

Treasury Series

The Treasury series come with a reconfigurable pin-dot fabric interior where you can fit your storage needs. You will get an auxiliary shelf to convert your unused guns. Each shelf of the Treasury gun safes can carry 70lbs. These gun safes come with a door organizer where you will find mesh pockets to store small items. Besides, you will find a bright LED kit attached with the safe to light up your safe’s inside. 

Big Daddy Series

The Winchester Big Daddy series has three models included. All their models are constructed with 12 gauge steels and have 4 locking bolts on each side. Big Daddy series gun safes are able to bear 14000 degrees Fahrenheit for 75 minutes. Even if all the models are featuring pretty similar, their weight and gun holding capacity are different. You can find all their models at $2300 to $3000. 

Ranger Series

The Ranger Series has been improved like upgrade hinges, a recessed door, and a reinforced door jamb. After improving their models, they have removed almost all the downsides of this series. All the models of the Ranger series can handle the approximate fire temperature for 1 hour. Another great feature of the Ranger series is they include 10 locking bolts, a UL-rated lock, and 3 spoke handles. All of the Ranger gun safes come within $1500 to $2600. 

Bandit Series

The Bandit series gun safes are formidable entry-level safes. All the models of Bandit include a convertible light gray interior. Besides, the safe also comes with an adjustable slide lock shelf system, and each shelf is capable of holding a maximum of 70lbs. Bandit gun safes are constructed with door organizers that give you extra storage space. 

Home/Office Series

The Home/Office gun safe from Winchester is suitable for protecting small items. Also, these gun safes are built with small spaces. An accessory door organizer is also included with this gun safe, where you can store a limited number of handguns. The mesh pockets have thermal protection to keep things safe from heat exposure. 

Top 7 Winchester safes to buy in 2021

Here are the top 7 Winchester safes to buy for storing your guns and other valuables:

  • Legacy 53 — The volume of this safe is 52.5 cf, and it weighs around 1634 lbs. Lock options are S&G Mechanical and S&G EMP Electronic.
  • Silverado 51 — The gun safe is heavier and weighs around 1452 lbs. 
  • Treasury 48 — This safe gun can handle the fire temperature for 90 minutes. The bolt size is 1.5”, and the body is built with 10 gauge steel. The weight of the gun safe is around 1310 lbs. 
  • Winchester – Win Big Daddy Series — This gun safe has 4 locking bolts, and they are constructed with 12 gauge steel. It can handle the 1400 degree F heat for 75 mins. 
  • Ranger 44 — The body of this safe is constructed with 10 gauge steel.
  • Bandit 31 — The accessory door organizer comes with mesh pockets that are protected by thermal. The weight of the Winchester Bandit 31 safe is 516 lbs.
  • WH12 Home Safe — The body of the safe is manufactured with 12 gauge steel. The heat handle capacity is 1 hour.


You have just got to know where are Winchester gun safes made, what are the common features of this brand, and many more. There are a total of seven gun safe categories available in Winchester, and they all include different models. Besides, they are the first gun safe brand that is RSC-proof. That means they are super safe for protecting your guns and valuables. 

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