Where are steelwater gun safes made? Should you buy one in 2021?

You must own a gun and you are here to find a good quality gun safe. Steelwater gun safes are safer that are completely different and best from other safes. But before you purchase them you may want to know where are steelwater gun safes made and why you should buy them.

Gun safes are a must to have if you have a gun. Since you may encounter any unwanted situation if you leave them in an open place. So you need a safer that can keep your guns safe just like the Steelwater gun safe.

Where are steelwater gun safes made?

All the steelwater safes are manufactured in the borders of China but they design their safes in South Carolina, America. But there is no doubt that the protection and the quality will suffer. Most of the steelwater safe models are inexpensive that help you get a well-protected and secured safe at a reasonable price.

Steelwater safes include an intensive lock system that is pretty hard to crack. It can prevent skilled burglars from getting access to your safe, let alone ordinary people. Even if someone tried to access the safe by breaking the handle, still they will not be able to open the door. Steelwater safes are made with a five-inch tamper-proof door that is basically an extra-thick locking bolt. 

The locking system of this particular gun safe comes along with a combination, dial lock, and digital lock system. The security system of each gun safe is the LaGard security system. And all the digital lock of this gun safe is protected by EMP-proof. Despite all these useful features, you may still wonder whether these gun safes are good or not.

Are Steelwater gun safes good?

Yes, steelwater gun safes are good and come with almost every useful feature that ensures high protection of the gun. On the other hand, these steelwater gun safes are more affordable according to its features. The quality of this steelwater gun safe is way more better than the other similar gun safes.

They offer you a high-security option as they come with a five-inch tamper-proof door, and their lock systems are LaGard security systems and EMP-proof approved. If you purchase this gun safe then it confirms that you are getting all the safety features that a gun owner looks for.

Why should you buy steelwater gun safes?

Before you purchase an item, you must wonder what their features are whether they are a good choice or not. The same thoughts also go for steelwater gun safe when you want to buy them. So why should you purchase steelwater gun safes?

Steelwater gun safes are user-friendly and budget-friendly. These gun safes are great at resisting fire and heat temperatures for more than 2 hours. Thus, you can extend the protection that helps things inside the safe stay secure from damages. 

Steelwater gun safes are also more durable than other brands of gun safes. Also, they ensure there is no defect in the safe before they release them in the market. They also test the gun safe to Whitesands. 

You can find different sizes of steelwater safe available in the market. So when you have long guns or handguns, you can choose according to the gun’s sizes. You can also store your other valuable things inside the gun safe. 

Another reason why you should buy steelwater gun safes because they provide you with a high and tight security option which makes it harder to crack them. The design of these safes is also a high level. You will find many functions to make the safe more secure than others. It is pretty hard for other brand safes to beat the steelwater gun safes. 

Features of Steelwater Gun Safe 

It is quite impossible to get a gun safe with this much security and useful features at a reasonable price. They provide you with outstanding quality and protection that most gun owners are always thought to have. Below features are key feature of steelwater gun safes: 

  • Provides high gun security and protection. 
  • Provides extra-thick locking bolts that are hard to break. 
  • Provides protection against thieves and burglars. 
  • Comes with fire-resistant features that can protect the indie of the safe for up to two hours. 
  • Comes in various sizes where you can store other valuable things besides guns.

Pros and cons of steelwater gun safes

Steelwater gun safes are a bit different from other safes according to their price and features. Here are the pros and cons of the steelwater gun safes that you can gain from using them:


  • High-quality safes for a good price.
  • These safes are a solid locking mechanism. 
  • Has great fire resistance.
  • Both user-friendly and budget-friendly.


  • Few steelwater safe models don’t have enough space as they say.
  • They are a bit heavier which makes them less suitable for transportation.

Some of the best Steelwater safes

There is no chance of having regrets after purchasing this safer to keep your gun safe and secure. They come with a wide range of security that differentiate this safe from either. And if we talk about the cons, then you can buy a bit larger size safe from the actual size you need. And you can always find people who are ready to help you so you can move them from one place to another easily. Here are the top 5 steelwater gun safes for you:

  1. Steelwater gun safe – AMBC551915 — This one comes with key locks and they are made of steel materials. The item weight of these models is near 220 pounds and the chamber width is 19 inches.
  2. Steelwater AMSWD-310 — They have a combination and key lock system. The width of the chamber is 16.5 inches and only weighs 75 lbs.
  3. Steelwater 45 long gun safe — They only have one lock system which is a combination type. This steelwater 45 long safe is a bit heavier weighing around 1250 lbs. 
  4. Steelwater AMSWFB-845 — Combination is the lock system of these safe models, and they weigh around 410 lbs. 
  5. Steelwater AMBCD551920 — They have a high secure EMP-proof lock system and the item weight is 225 pounds.


So you have just learned where are steelwater gun safes made, are they good or not, whether you should purchase them or not. Yes, they are good enough to invest your money in them, on top of that you can also save some money if you choose them instead of other brands as they are more affordable.

If you are looking for a gun safe that is good enough to provide you with high quality and service, this gun safe is highly recommendable. Whether you want to store a handgun or big raffles, you can choose a specific safe size.

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