Where are stack on safes made?

A gun safe is one of the essential things for a gun collector to store their guns. You will get plenty of gun safe brands in the market to choose from. And Stack-On brands are a great option available in the crowd of the safe industry. 

Before you go ahead and purchase a Stack-On safe, you may want to know where are stack on safes made, and why you need this safe. No worries, we are here to help you in this matter and we will try our best to provide as much as information we can. Let’s start knowing first where these safes are actually made:

Where are stack on gun safes made? 

Many people want to know are stack on safes made in the USA or China? Well, the main headquarter of the Stack-On gun safe is situated in Chicago, Illinois. The company has been active since 1972 by John Lynn and they are producing safes in several locations including in the USA. That means Stack-On safes are produced both in the USA and China. 

Besides gun safes, the company also makes gun cabinets, toolboxes, garage storage, and organizers. But the Stack-On brand has become more successful and famous for their quality safes for long and short guns.

In today’s market, Stack-On is providing a huge number of safe models with different features and sizes. The prices of their gun safes are unexpectedly reasonable according to their high quality features. The Stack-On brand is a reputed manufacturer for over four decades and never failed to satisfy their customers.

Why Choose stack on Gun Safes 

Stack-On gun safes are the most recommended safe in today’s world of gun safe. And there is no chance to have any doubt are stack on safes good because they are. Stack-On safes are theft or burglary proof that makes the safe more secure. They offer you well-organized storage to store any kind of gun. 

Using stack on safe accessories will bring more space to organize your gun more nicely. The safe also includes a double-locking method, six locking points, and 1.5” locking mounting bolts. All these features of these safes ensure high security of the safe as well as your valuables. So choosing Stack-On safes won’t be a bad decision and you will never regret it.

Features of a stack on Gun Safes

No matter whether you want a safe for home, industrial or commercial purposes, Stack-On safe would always be a good choice. These safes will not only be useful and secure for your guns, you can use them to protect your money or other valuables. Here are some common features of the Stack-On safes:

  • Large and more storage — Most of the safes from the Stack-On safe comes with ample storage. So if you have many guns or you have plans to buy more guns in the future then you should go for a Stack-On safe. They are durable as well; thus, you can save some money by choosing them beforehand.
  • Security — The great thing about these safes is the security, they include a three-point locking system. They provide way better security than the single locking bolts. Your safe will be locked at three points to remain closed by the three-point locking. That means if any person ever tries to cut down the safe, they need to break three locks.
  • Organization — There are many safes that just allow you to follow their own structure to store safes. But Stack-On safe doesn’t do that, it lets organize the safe. A Stack-On safe drawer is also included to make it easier to take out a gun. 

Product Series Of stack on Gun Safes

When you own a gun you must own a gun safe too to protect and keep the gun away from clothes. Especially, you need to keep it away from your family members and children. Stack-On gun is a great and affordable option in the safe industry. You get to know what are the features of a Stack-On safe, now we will discuss Stack-On safe series. We have found out that Stack-On safes have only one series: FS-Series.

FS Series

All the models of the FS series from Stack-On come with fire resistant features. FS safes can fight against 1400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of fire for 30 minutes. This series includes three safes models: FS-8-MB-E, FS-24-MB-E, and FS-14-MB-E. 

The first two models are a bit greater than the last safe model. FS-8 is the lightest weighing about 234 lbs, in contrast, FS-24 is the heavy one weighing 398lbs. All of them are built with hardened steel which makes it difficult to drill the safe. 

They include electronic locks which make sure that all your valuables and guns are secure inside the safe. The best part of the FS safes, they come with a lifetime warranty.

Top 5 stack on Safes to buy in 2021

  • Stack-On GCB-900 Steel Pistol/Ammo Cabinet — This safe has a locking mechanism that goes through the steel door. You can lock the safe with a key code and double-bitted lock. Fastening hardware is also included with the safe.
  • Stack-On TC-16-GB-K-DS Tactical Cabinet — In this cabinet you can store 2 tactical weapons and more than 14 standard rifles and shotguns. With the safe, full-width steel and three removable shelves are included. 
  • Stack-On E-029-SB-E Executive Fire Safe — The color of this safe is black and comes with an electronic locking system. The safe is made with steel materials, also they are lightweight, weighing around 188 pounds.
  • Stack-On GCB-910 Steel Compact Cabinet — This safe from Stack-On can hold up to 10 rifles and 50 shotguns. You can remove the steel top shelves for some additional space on the safe. The safe has padded edges on the bottom side. 
  • Stack-On GCDB-924 Gun Cabinet — This gun cabinet can hold up to 54” shotguns with 10 rifles. The surfaces are padded that prevents the chances of scratching. The lock is a three-point system with a key-coded and double-bitted lock that ensures more safety of the cabinet.


If you ever have been curious about knowing where are stack on safes made, finally you get to know. Not in the USA, they are also famous and producing in other countries too. They have been producing safes for 49 years and they did their best not to disappoint their customers. 

Also, most of their high-quality safe includes all the necessary features that a gun safe should include. Even if you want to protect your money, gold, or jewelry, still we would recommend you a Stack-On safe. We hope this article on Stack-On information was helpful. 

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