Where are mesa safes made? Is it worth buying in 2021?

Mesa gun safes are a famous brand for commercial and residential gun safes in the USA. Mesa is a reliable brand from where you can get high-quality gun safes with high security. As they are the most trusted brand of gun safe, there are many questions like where are mesa safes made, what the features are, why they are famous, and more.

Mesa models come in small to big sizes gun safe so that people can have their ideal size gun safe. Besides, they have a great tolerance to high temperatures, and most of the safes can handle it for an hour. This article will discover the features, series of the gun safes and where these safes are manufacturing.

Where are mesa safes made?

Mesa gun safe is available in the market for 40 years since they were found in 1981. The company headquarter is situated in Orange, California. So basically, this brand is making gun safes in the United State. The company was built by George L. Vincent, and he was only 16 years old during that time. 

The Mesa company is giving its best to produce high-quality gun safes. In a short time, they become the most trusted brand by customers. Mesa is leading the safe industry by providing durable and highest quality gun safes.

Why should you choose MESA gun safes

The Mesa safes are made of hardened steel that ensures a high level of security. Cutting into or breaking the Mesa safes is quite impossible. Mesa also makes their safes more reliable and budget-friendly. They come in different sizes so that their customers can choose safes according to needs. Mesa customer care is available 24/7 to provide support in need. So, you will never regret choosing Mesa gun safes for your home and industry.

Features of Mesa Gun Safes

  • High-Level Security — Mesa produces the toughest gun safes on the market. The body of the safes is made of hardened steel, and the doors are secure with extra drill-resistant steel plates. Besides, the locks are solid electronic locks with two user codes and an emergency key facility. 
  • Fire Resistance — All the Mesa safes can bear a certain level of fire heat. In fact, they have created some models, especially for fighting fire and temperature. Those safes can handle UL classified 350-degree temperatures for an hour. 
  • Durability — Mesa manufactures their safes with high-grade stainless steel. And that’s why it doesn’t only protect the safe from theft but also in danger. The durability feature has also extended the fire protection. Their safes can survive for an hour at 1750°F heat. 
  • Bolting & Storage — These gun safes feature four anchor holes that boost the security of it. You can also remove the shelves of the safe to customize storage according to your needs. Furthermore, the interior, shelves, and door panel is beautifully carpeted. 

The Series of gun safes by Mesa

Mesa gun safes are a combination of a burglar safe and fire safe. Mesa safes are not only used for protecting weapons but other valuables too. Their safes are heavy-duty and come with various features and sizes. There are three series of Mesa safes, MBF, MGL, and MGS. MGS series of Mesa brand is currently discontinued by them. 

MBF Series

The MBF series of Mesa brand comes with the most useful features and ample storage options. All the safes of the MBF series are widely used for protecting guns, jewelry, documents, and even money. These safes are also less expensive than others and weigh around 500lbs. Different sizes of firearms, handguns, and rifles can be stored in them. 

The MBF series also offers you a great level of security and protection to your gun safe. All of their models from this series are made of 12 gauge plates of steel. Most of the safes around the world can handle 1200°F, but Mesa safes can bear 1700°F for an hour. And the interior surface of the safe can handle 350°F temperature. 

Gun safes of the MBL series are durable as well. They tested the durability by dropping it from the second floor of buildings. Each safe of this series maintains good security as they come with electronic locks. Even they have included a backup key system to open the safe while having no electric power. All of the security systems of the MBF safes make them quite inaccessible. 

MGL Series

Another series of Mesa gun safes is MGL. All the safes of this series are lightweight and smaller. The MGL safes weigh around 350lbs which makes them more portable than other safes. Also, these safes are suitable for home or small businesses and storing handguns. 

To produce the parts of MGL safes, they have used high-grade stainless steel. The fire resistance temperature of the MGL safes is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. As these safes are small and lightweight, they can bear high temperatures for 30 to 40 minutes. There are three models included in the MGL series of Mesa: MGL14E, MGL24E, and MGL36E.

MGS Series (Discontinued)

The last series of Mesa safe is the MGS series which is not continued by the company anymore. These series gun safes were durable and thicker with advanced locking systems. These safes could hold 20 to 40 guns or rifles easily, and three models of safes were included.

They were sturdier as all the safes were made of 11 gauge steel plates. They were listed by the UL electronic locks that needed user-defined access codes. Thus, these safes were pretty hard to access by someone else. However, the MGS series could handle the high fire temperature for 30 minutes.

Top 5 Mesa Safes to buy in 2021

Here are the top 5 Mesa safes that you should choose to buy:

  • Mesa Burglar and Fire Safe — This gun safe comes with UL-listed 2 combination locks and made of solid steels. And this safe only weighs around 140 pounds.
  • Mesa Cash Depository Safe — It has only a key lock system and is built with alloy steels. The item weight is only 190 lbs.
  • Mesa Safe MAWS2113E Electronic Wall Safe —This safe is lightweight, weighing only 40 pounds. 
  • Mesa Gun Safe Electronic — This safe is heavier and comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Mesa Safe MBF3820E — It comes with both electronic and key lock systems. The item weight is around 300lbs.


So now you know about where mesa safes are made and why you should choose these safes. Mesa safe is budget-friendly and comes in different sizes and facilities. Most of the Mesa safes models are customizable as the shelves are removable. They include many lightweights and heavier safes that can hold various numbers of weapons. They also include a top-notching lock system that provides high security. 

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