Where are liberty safes made? Are they still good in 2021?

Have you ever wondered why liberty safes are so popular? Liberty Safe is the number one brand of America due to its good and high-quality features. No matter which brand you choose, the safe must have to be fireproof, theft-protection, and secure. And all these features liberty safe provides you. 

But do you know what are features of these safes, where are liberty safes made, and what series do they have? Before you purchase a brand, make sure you gather some knowledge about that brand first. So let’s collect some information about the Liberty safe by knowing first where all these Liberty safes are actually made:

Are Liberty Safes Made in the USA?

You may wonder, are liberty safes made in the USA and still don’t know that Liberty safes are actually made in the USA. Liberty safes are the most top-rated gun safes in America. They manufacture almost all types of safe like heavy-duty home safes, commercial safes, and gun safes. The main headquarters of the Liberty safe brand is situated in Payson, Utah. The company has been providing services in the market for over 30 years. And now the brand Liberty is capable of producing more than 400 safes per day. 

Why Choose liberty Gun Safes 

The liberty safes are the best safes for fire protection in the USA. All of their safes come with a certain fire rating with tons of features. It’s been 30 years since they are on this boat and providing safe services to their customers. Many safe models from this brand are known for their high-quality, security, and fire resistant features. The first and effective reason why you should choose Liberty safes is they make safe fire protection a top priority. 

Features of Liberty Gun Safes

  • Fire Protection — Having a safe that can handle high temperatures of the fire is a good thing when you have many valuables. The fire rating of the Liberty safes is 30 mins to 2.5 hours. Each model comes with different BTU ratings that determine the duration of handling temperature. 
  • UL listed locks — High-security features make a safe actually safe. And the good thing about the Liberty safes is they come with the best quality UL-listed locks. That means all the lock systems of their safes are tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. Liberty safes also include a relocking system. 
  • Multi-directional protection — The Liberty safes have bars on the both bottom and top side of the door beside the hinge. It makes sure that no thieves can pry the door and nobody can break the door. 
  • Fireboard — Another major feature of liberty safe is the fireboard. Fireboards are almost included with all the models of the Liberty. These boards create more layers on the wall; thus, the safe can fight fire for a longer time.

Product Series Of liberty Gun Safes


The Centurion series of the Liberty is the real entry-level gun safes from this brand. These series safes are quite available in all the retail sites and shops. Besides, the Liberty Centurion is also a quite affordable safe which is a basic reason why these safes are so popular. 

All the models of these series come with quite good safety and security features. You can also add some extra accessories with the safe to make these safes more reliable and user-friendly. The weight of these series safes starting from 245 to 380 pounds, and they can bear 12 to 25 guns easily. 

USA series

You can assume these safes as the brother of the Centurion safe. The USA series safes are like a better version of Centurion with better locks and fire ratings. The lock system of this Liberty series is a standard electronic lock with a door panel. 

Safes from this series can hold 30 to 50 guns according to the size you have chosen. And the weight of these safes is starting from 500 pounds to 650 pounds. The USA series of the Liberty includes two models: USA 23 and USA 30. They are ranging around $1000 to $1400.

Colonial series

The Colonial series of the liberty comes with 12-gauge steel walls. The safes of this series have a door panel and come in different colors of the safe. These safes are heavier, and the weight of the safes starts from 615 to 1100 pounds. There are also two models of safes available in the series: Colonial 23 and Colonial 50 Extreme. The price range of the Colonial series is a little bit higher than the above series.


The Franklin safes come with higher fire ratings and more locking bars that make the safe more secure. The walls of the safes are constructed with 12 gauge steel. The Franklin series comes with a better lock system of SecuRam ProLogic Lock, and they are much better than the electronic locks. 2 wand light kits are also included with safes for better visibility. They are able to handle 27 to 40 guns according to the size of the safe. 


Generally, there are two versions of this series: The Lincoln and the Modern Lincoln. You may assume that the main difference between them is the features, and you are right about it. The fire ratings and bolt numbers are higher in this series compared to others. They have some extra space for small things, and 5 wand lights are included with the door. 


The Liberty Presidential safes have their own way to provide security to your valuables. They have added some from the national safes, which make this series more interesting and preferable. The fire rating of the safes from the Presidential series is double with 18 locking bolts. And accessories that come with a safe are really amazing; they include a developed PEET Air-Circulating Dehumidifier.

Top 5 Liberty Safes to buy in 2021


So we have tried to clear your curiosity by giving you information about where Liberty safes are made, features of these safes, and more. We have also included the top 5 list of Liberty safes so that you can choose the right safes easily. They come with extra layers of fireboard that make them more fire resistant. Also, they have produced many safes that are budget-friendly and portable. 

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