Where are cannon safes made? Should you buy one in 2021?

Owning gun safe has become so popular to protect their valuables and guns. And it’s the user’s responsibility to find the best safe for them. No matter which safe you intend to select, make sure you can keep the safe secure from children and burglary. 

Whether you choose a safe for protecting guns or other things, you need to know which brand you should choose. Also, what features they are proving you are also a great factor to consider. 

The Cannon is a gun-safe brand that allows you to protect not only guns but other valuables. But where are cannon safes made, actually? Let’s start the journey by knowing it first. 

Where are cannon safes made?

The Cannon company was founded in 1965, and now they are one of the top brands in the gun safe industry. Cannon has produced high-quality and secure gun safes for over 30 years. The Cannon company is manufacturing safes in North America and distributing safes all over Asia. However, Cannon also produces gun safes in Mexico and China, and it totally depends on the size and features. They have multinational employees in the Cannon company. They are providing services of gun safes at different prices and sizes. The quality of the Cannon safe is really excellent, that you will never regret once for buying them. 

Why Choose Cannon Gun Safes 

Did you ever wonder are cannon safes any good and why you should choose a cannon safe? The Cannon safe comes with great fire resistance features, and it can handle up to 1200 degree Fahrenheit high temperatures. The safe also has anti-theft protection as the safes are constructed really strongly. Another great thing about this feature is it comes with a lifetime guarantee. So you actually have some solid reason to choose the Cannon safe for protecting your valuables. 

Features of Cannon Gun Safes

  • Fire Protection — Cannon gun safes are popular for white sanding fires up to 1200°F temperature for a longer time. The safes of the Cannon brand have been tested, and found out that the walls of the safes have 9 separate sensors. All these sensors are placed at different locations in the safe. The upper portion of the safe is also enough fire-resistant that you can trust the brand completely. 
  • Theft protection — Almost all the safes of the Cannon include formidable anti-theft protection. The safes have three layers of high strength and a thick door that can’t be open even after drilling. The steel plates of the safe are 60+ RC rated. The anti-pry tabs keep burglars away from your safe and valuables. Prying on the Cannon safe becomes harder because of the 4” thick door and 1”+ wide-looking bolts. 
  • Locking system — The safety of a gun safe is the first thing you need to look for while choosing the safe. And the lock system comes first when we talk about the safety of a gun safe. Cannon safes are high-end safe, and these safes come with dual locks. That means if the electronic lock fails, the backup mechanical lock will lock the safe again. 
  • Interior storage — Most of the Cannon gun safe comes with internal media and power supply outlets. That’s how the safe allows you to set up lights, cameras, and dehumidifiers easily without drilling inside. 

Cannon safe customer service

Is the customer service of the Cannon brand any good?

The Cannon brand actually cares about its customers and tries its best to keep things easier for its customers. The Cannon brand is present 24/7 to provide you services through their customer service agents. If you have any questions related to the safe you need to repair any part, you can contact them at any time. 

Here is the contact information for the Cannon brand:

  • Cannon safes customer service telephone line: 800-242-1055, 1 (847) 665-1635.
  • Cannon safes customer service email: [email protected]
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday 5 am to 7 pm (according to pacific time zone); Saturday & Sunday 8 am to 12 pm (according to pacific time zone).

What’s the warranty on Cannon safes?

The Cannon safe is the most reliable safe brand that offers you a great level of security to your items inside the safe. But this is not only the good thing about this brand. Most of the gun safe of the Cannon brand with a lifetime warranty which is a great pros of these safes.

Also, they promise that they will replace or repair the safe if the safe gets damaged due to fire or naturally. And for repairing the safe, they will not charge you a single penny. Even they will take responsibility for shipping costs if the gun safe needs to transfer to the company from home. 

How are Cannon safes delivered?

The shipping process of the Cannon safe is similar to the other brands. After you confirm your order, a delivery agent will call you to notify and plan the delivery time. Just like the other companies of safes, Cannon also delivers the safe only to your curbside. 

So you will need to prepare yourself to carry the safe inside the garage or home as the truck driver won’t do it. It would be helpful if you take a heavy-duty hydraulic jack or dolly standing to carry the safe to your house. 

Top 4 Cannon Safes to buy in 2021

  • Cannon 1965 Gun Safe — This Cannon safe comes with a dual alarm system and 2 active locking bolts. You can also remove the shelves of the safe and customize the space of the safe. 
  • Cannon Safe American Eagle Safe — This American Eagle safe has a triple hard plate on the locks that protect the locks from opening by drilling. 
  • Cannon 1965 Gun Safe — This gun safe comes with TRUlock internal hinge bars and strong wales that ensure the safety of the value in the safe.
  • Cannon American Eagle AE594024 — It can hold 48 to 50 guns, and your guns will be protected by the 12 4” locking bolts and anti-pry tabs.


The Cannon safes are worth your money, and you should invest once in this safe. Now you know where Cannon safes are made, the features of the safes, and why you should choose a cannon safe. The Cannon safes are affordable and also have a high compatible value safe. Each model of the Cannon safes come with different features and size. Although there are some features that are similar, one is better than the other one. We have also shared the top 5 picks of the Cannon safes to help you to choose the right one. 

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