Stack On PDS 1500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock Review

It’s not always that you need a big safe to store your important stuff. Sometimes you need something small enough to give you the ease of use as well as serve the purpose of good security. 

The Stack On PDS 1500 safe is just the right safe in that criteria. It’s small, affordable, and elegant. You can just put it in your drawers or even take it anywhere with you.

Stack-On is one of the most popular gun safe manufacturers in the industry. They are renowned for their higher-end products that are way affordable than the other options. The PDS 1500 model is no exception. It’s everything you need in a portable safe.

Let’s have a look at all the features the Stack On PDS 1500 comes with.

Awesome Features of stack on drawer safe

Brilliant Electronic Lock Module: This safe comes with an electric lock that is super easy to use. You can program it with a 3-8 digit unique PIN code. The dial makes a beep sound every time you press it. Also, there is a timeout in the lock system after 3 failed attempts to ensure even more security.

The electronic dial lock runs on 4 AA sized batteries. Usually, that should last you more than a year. If the batteries run out of power, you can access the safe using the backup override key. That way you’ll never get locked out from your stuff.

Super Lightweight: What can be more annoying than an object that’s very heavy to carry around? This safe nails the issue right away. It only weighs 13.2 pounds in total. That helps a ton when you are carrying the safe with you.

This safe is one of the best portable safe available in the market. The size of this safe is 12” x 8.8” x 4.4”. It’s so small that you can easily fit it in your drawers. But the capacity is fairly decent. You can easily put 2 handguns or pistols in that safe. It’s really outstanding for a safe that small-sized and inexpensive.

Maximum Security: Despite the safe is small in size, it doesn’t disappoint ensuring maximum surveillance. It has even been approved by the California DOJ for gun storage, as it meets the firearm safety standards.

The most common technique used by burglars is the pry-opening technique. This safe uses 2 live locking bolt that makes it very effective against pry attacks. Also, the safe is constructed with steel making it extremely hard to break into. All that’s pretty amazing for a safe this small and affordable.

Protection of Your Items: The safe’s interior is designed for storing your items with care. The surface is fully padded with foam. This helps to avoid your items from getting scratched. You might carry your safe around on trips in vehicles. The bumps won’t damage your stuff anymore because of the foam padding. So, if you tend to carry sensitive objects that you don’t wanna get damaged, this one is a great safe for you.

Easy Mounting: Mounting a safe in place is one of the most crucial parts of a gun safe. As this safe is a portable safe, a thief can easily pick it up and steal it. You definitely don’t want this to happen. That’s why it’s very important to anchor the safe into places.

There are pre-drilled holes in the safe for you to mount the safe with ease. It’s quite a relief when it comes to anchoring the safe in place. You’ll just need to use the bolts to attach it to the place you want such as the floor, wall, or even drawers. After the process, it’s not gonna move from this place. To remove it, you’ll need to reverse the steps. That needs the safe to be open in the first place to gain access to the bolts.

Amazing Warranty Service: Warranties are really important when it comes to any investment in any product. It ensures the safety of the product to the users so that you can use the safe without any panic.

The Stack-On safes are known for their amazing customer service. The model PDS 1500 has an exceptional 3-year warranty service from the manufacturers. That allows you to have no worries to pay extra for any repair that might be needed. The Stack-On has got you covered.

Specification of stack on PDS 1500

As you can see, the stack on PDS 1500 is packed with amazing features. Now, let’s take a look at the specs of this safe to get an even clear view of it.

The dimensions of this safe are 12” x 8.8” x 4.4”. That might seem very small, but the capacity is stunningly big for its size. You can easily store 2 handguns in it. Also, it’s great for documents, gold, or many other items.

The weight of this safe is only 13.2 pounds. That allows you to move the safe with you with utter ease and comfort.

The safe uses electronic dial lock. The lock operates using 4 AA sized batteries. The batteries are included with the safe. 2 backup keys are also included with the safe in case of emergencies.

This safe uses steel as the primary material. There are 2 live locking bolts in it that makes it pry-resistant. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes so that you can mount it in place with ease.


  • The most affordable portable gun safe on the market
  • Very light in terms of weight
  • Maximum protection
  • Easy to use the electronic lock mechanism
  • Comes with clear instructions
  • Exceptional 3-year warranty service


  • Not very spacious
  • The keypad might get worn over time as it’s plastic

Our final thought about this product

Portable safes are great for carrying expensive items with you. But not every portable safe live to its price. 

As you can see by now, the Stack On PDS 1500 is a legit portable safe. It has all the features that you can possibly want from a digital safe. It ensures the security, gives you an ease of use, has a great warranty service, and stunning features. What more can you ask for?

It’s definitely the best option in its price range. And Stack-On is known for its quality products all over the world. This safe is one of their top-rated models.

If you are looking for a portable safe that’s not going to break the bank, the PDS 1500 is the best fit for you. The user rating of this product is very high. You will not be disappointed by investing in this safe.

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