Sports Afield 18 Gun Safe Review

If you own a few guns, you need a safe to keep them in. It is not an option to just keep the firearms out in your place. 

For a single pistol or two, you can get away using a small safe in your nightstand. But when it comes to more, you need a big gun safe.

Sports afield is a renowned name in the gun safe industry. It has been contributing to the outdoor community since 1889. This company is known for making high-quality safes that are durable.

Sports afield 18 gun safe is a solid option for you if you are looking for a reliable and tough safe that ensures maximum safety. Let’s take a look at the features of this safe.

Features of Sports Afield 18 Gun Safe

Electric Lock Mechanism

One of the most important features of a safe is its locking mechanism. Because all the other safety option relies on the lock system. The sports afield safe 18 gun has an e-lock mechanism that is programmable with a 3 to 8 digit combination key. You’ll also get 2 back-up access keys in case of any emergency.

Most of the gun safes available in the market offer a mechanical locking system where you would have to spin a dial to open your safe. But e-lock with easy touch keypad undoubtedly makes it way easier to use. You can use the keypad in darker environments which can be a very important feature to have at times. Also, you can put the keypad silent. So whenever you open the safe it doesn’t make any beeping noises.

Customizable Storage

The safes come with shelves that are adjustable. So you can personalize the gun safe by your choice. This allows you to have more storage in your gun safe.

Also, the door interior provides a little additional storage. That can accommodate 18 long guns plus 2 handguns. For your handguns, there is easy to access pouches inside the safe. Also, you’ll find zipped pouches where you can easily store additional items like papers and documents.

Fire Protection

Very few gun safes in the market will give you a fireproof feature in it. But this is a great feature to have without any doubt. It ensures much more safety and security for your gun safe.

The sports afield gun safe is tested by a 3rd party with fire protection of 40 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. This gives the protection of your gun against heat and fire damages. So if you are looking for a fire-resistant safe for your guns, the sports afield safe is a great choice.

Design and Style

The safe is made using 14-Gauge steel. That might not be the thickest gun safe in the market. But in terms of keeping your guns safe in your home, it gets the job well done. The reduced thickness also makes the safe less expensive than most other heavy safes available in the market.

To ensure maximum security, 3 sturdy 1.5 inches live action locking bolts and 2 fixed bolts are used in the safe.

If you are into guns, you might not care much about the style of your gun safe. But the simple black color looks stunning on the sports afield gun safe. It is very suitable for your home environment. The black color helps to make it look good inside your house as it goes with all the other colors. It looks very premium and goes hand in hand with most people’s tastes.


The safe is backed up by the industry’s lifetime, no-hassle warranty. This company provides one of the best warranty services around.

When you choose to buy a big safe like this one, you know that those require special care and attention. So you certainly don’t want to buy any product that doesn’t provide any kind of warranty with it. Besides, a warranty relieves you by ensuring that the gun safe you bought will last you a lifetime.

It covers anything like damage caused by fire or theft as well as the locking mechanisms, painting, and all the interior parts. And if you lock yourself out accidentally, they also provide free blacksmith service and even a free lock replacement service if you ever need that. Not to mention that the shipping of both old and new safe will be taken care of by them also.

Specification of Product

The assembled dimension this gun safe is 20” x 19” x 55”. The doors used in the safe are pry-resistant and swings at 180 degrees for full access to the interior. It accommodates more than 18 long guns and 2 handguns. You can personalize the interior of this safe at ease. The safe is fireproof and uses high-gauged steel which is all you need in a home gun safe. The sidewalls, shelves, and barrel rests are fully carpeted for better looks and scratch prevention. The electric lock mechanism ensures quick and easy access in the safe. And you’ll get an industry’s only lifetime warranty.


  • A very Solid and Sturdy Construction
  • Easy to use E-lock Mechanism with Touch Keypad
  • Fireproof and Pry-opening resistant
  • Convertible Interior for Personalization
  • Great Warranty Service
  • Premium Style
  • Great Value of Your Money


  • Not the thickest type of safe available in the market
  • No Biometric Scanner

Final Thoughts

A gun safe is not an optional thing for someone who owns multiple firearms. You’ll need a gun safe to protect your guns and keep it in a secure place. 

You are not gonna be around your guns all the time. So, you would not want kids to touch your firearms, would you?

The sports afield 18 gun safe is definitely a product that you can try if you need a gun case that has a space for 18 long guns. It will surely be the best investment in a gun safe that you’ll find in the marketplace. It has everything you’ll ever need in a gun safe.

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