Gun Safe Liberty Centurion 12 Review with Competitor Analysis

One of the widely popular entry model safes is the Centurion series built by the Liberty brand in Utah. You may have already heard and are familiar with this good gun safe. The Liberty Centurion 12 is not a UL-listed safe and it has a good mechanical locking system.

Indeed, you will like this affordable safe, but before you go to the shop you may want to know what are the features and benefits of this safe. Here in this article, we will provide you the liberty centurion 12 review so that it becomes easier for you to choose them. Let’s start the review by knowing the specification of the safe. 

Specifications of Centurion 12

  • Bolts: The safe comes with 10 locking bars.
  • Locking Bolt Type: Locking bars.
  • Fire Ratings: Can handle 1200 degrees for 30 minutes.
  • Steel Thickness: 14 gauge.
  • Heavyweight: The safe weight is 229 pounds. 

Features and Benefits of Centurion 12 Gun Safe

The Liberty Centurion 12 comes with some amazing features with benefits. This particular safe from, liberty is not UL listed, still, it provides fire protection amazingly. This liberty centurion 12 gun safe weight is 229 pounds which are quite heavy to move. Thus, you can prevent thieves from taking your safe out of your home without trying.

Here are some other features that provide you great benefits with this safe:

  • Considerable gun capacity — If you look for a safe with space provision then you will find the Liberty Centurion very appealing. The liberty centurion 12 gun safe dimensions are 19 x 18 x 60 inches. You can easily put 12 long firearms inside the safe along with the ammunition. It also comes with 2 compartments and convenient shelves that give you some more space. 
  • Heavy and sturdy steel construction — This liberty safe constructed with 14 gauge steel and features a Palusol heat expanding seal. This feature of the construction helps the safe to bear the temperature of the 212°F 7 times better than the other compatible safes. It also includes dual layers of 5/8 fireboard in both ceiling and door. 
  • Security — There should be no doubt about the safety and security of the Centurion 12. The safe comes with live locking bolts, 3 number combination code, sturdy and heavy construction makes the safe more safe and secure for your valuables. And the heavyweight feature of this safe enhances the security level by making it immovable. 
  • Easy to use — As long as you are aware of this safe functionality, you will face no problem while using the safe. In short, the safe will become easy to operate and use if you know the functions. The key lock mechanism is also easy to operate as they are the basic security lock system. 
  • Budget-friendly — The price of the Liberty Centurion 12 gun safe is commensurable for its features and security. So you can keep yourself away from thoughts like this safe won’t be worth your money. If you want a safe within your budget that can prevent threats occurring by burglars and fire, this liberty safe is a handy option.

Competition for Liberty’s Entry Level Safe

This USA made Liberty safe gives you all the features that you need at a budget-friendly price. The price of this quality Centurion 12 is under $600 which is 5 times lower than other compatible safes. However, if you want to know some of the compatible safe, the following safe is worth looking at:

Stack-On FS-14-MB-E safe – This safe from Stack-on comes with a 3 point locking system with cylinder key coded lock. This safe weighs 280.01 lbs and has the capacity of holding 14 guns. 

JINS & VICO Rifle and Long gun safe – This rifle safe is lightweight and has two types of locking systems. Even though they have more locking options, but a heavy safe is much better than lightweight when you have no intention to carry the safe with you.

VAULTEK MX Series Safe – This has been constructed with 14 gauge carbon sheets of steel and the mentioned liberty safe is also made with 14 gauge steel. But the Liberty safe comes with more space than this VAULTEK safe to store your guns. 


Having good quality safes that come within a limited budget is what most people want today. The liberty centurion safe is one of those safe that will meet your buying expectation. The safe comes with great security and it will protect your valuables and guns from burglars and unauthorized people. We hope this liberty centurion 12 review was helpful enough to decide whether you want this safe or not.

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