How To Remove Rust From Outside Of Gun Barrels under 10 minute?

Are you in search of easy and simple ways to remove iron oxides from your rusty guns? Generally, rust occurs in a firearm due to some ammunition. There are many types of ammunition, and some contain corrosive materials that leave salt in the gun. 

Then metal gets mixed with salt and humidity, which is responsible for accelerating the corrosion process. Thus, your gun looks dull and ugly and also damages the gun gradually. But don’t worry, it’s very easy to get rid of the rusts from the outside of the gun barrel. In this article, we will tell you how to remove rust from outside of gun barrel effortlessly. 

What happens when a gun gets rusty?

Rust is basically a reddish or yellowish-brown flaking coating of iron oxide that is formed on iron or steel by oxidation, especially in the presence of moisture. Rust gradually deteriorates the firearms and makes your gun look old and unattractive. It also messed up with the safety of your firearms. 

A rusted and roughed surface can create drag and make pressure, and friction. A rusty magazine can prevent the gun from loading, and a rusty barrel can lead the gun to an explosion. 

Can I get rid of rusts from outside of my firearm?

If you want to remove rusts from the outside of the gun barrel, you can easily do it by following some simple methods. The very basic method of cleaning rusty gun barrels is spraying Break-Free CLP on them. Now let the CLP sit on the barrels for a few hours. Take a soft cotton cloth to gently polish the barrel. 

You will see how the cloth removes all the rusts from the barrel without creating any damage to the original bluing. But if your firearm has heavy bright red patches of rust that look too unattractive, you will need to do some extra work. Here is how you can remove heavy red rusts:

Cleaning Heavy Rust On Gun Barrel

First, you need to clean the firearm with the Break-Free CLP treatment, as mentioned above. Then use a very grit waterproof abrasive paper to scrub the rusty area gently. Sandpaper can also be used for scrubbing the rusts out on the gun barrel. 

Make sure you put some extra attention while scrubbing the barrels, as you need to do it very lightly. Also, keep checking the barrel after every scrub. It will help you to prevent taking off the metal that can damage your firearms or shotguns and make them look plain forever. 

After you are done cleaning the rusty area of the barrel, use steel wool to burnish the affected parts. Then, you can use a cold bluing solution to refinish the areas. Always remember, you have to follow the instruction manuals that come with the bottle for bluing. 

Cleaning your Gun with Vinegar Safely (Alternative to CLP)

If you don’t want to use Break-Free CLP spray, you can use vinegar to remove the heavy red iron oxide. Vinegar is available in most of our kitchens, and you can also address this method as a DIY technique. 

Vinegar is safe to use and contains natural de-oxidizing properties. This ingredient of vinegar helps to get rid of heavy rust from the outside of the gun barrel. If you clean your gun barrel using vinegar, it will not make the metal surface rough. Generally, the metal gets rough when you use sandpaper. 

Using vinegar also prevents the chances of peeling off any marks or metal from the gun. But using vinegar will remove bluing as bluing is an oxide. Also, be sure that you are using vinegar, not ammonia, as it can damage the gun permanently. 

How To Polish A Gun Barrel?

Polishing your gun is also an easy task, just like cleaning rust from the gun barrel. To polish the gun barrel, all you need is a piece of soft cotton cloth and polish liquid. 

To polish a gun barrel, you can follow the following steps: 

  • Shake the polish liquid properly. 
  • Now bring your cotton cloth and apply some polished liquid. 
  • Now enter the cloth through the barrel and out the muzzle. 

That’s it. But it’s not like you can have a clean shining polished barrel with just one use. If you want better and shiny polishing, you can repeat the p[rocess again. 

Preventing Firearms from Rusting

Indeed, you can keep cleaning the gun to remove iron oxide, but it’s not like rust will stop appearing. So you need to have some guidelines for preventing firearms from getting rust. It will ensure that your firearm doesn’t get damaged and prevent new corrosion from appearing. Here are a few tips: 

  • Rine the gun — If you are using any kind of corrosive ammo, make sure that you disassemble and flush the gun with warm water. If any salt left in the gun is uncleaned, the flush will get rid of them. Never leave the gun with salt and store it without drying it properly, as it will lead the gun to corrosion and rust. 
  • Clean the gun after each use — Cleaning the gun regularly will help you keep the gun looking attractive and get rid of every object that can rust the gun barrel. It would be better if you use a gun cleaning kit; make sure you follow the manual while using them. 
  • Lubricate it — Oiling your gun once a month is enough, and it’s a very useful tip too. Oiling your gun will work against oxidation that accelerates the rusting process by settling the water on the surface. 
  • Store your gun properly — Make sure you store your gun in a clean and dry box so that the gun can prevent contact with things that make the gun rusty.


So you have just learned how easily you can remove rust from the outside of the gun barrel. All you need is only two things: Break-Free CLP or Vinegar and a soft cotton cloth. And for polishing the gun barrels after cleaning rust, you need a piece of cotton cloth and polishing liquid. Make sure you follow the process accordingly and gently to avoid damages to the gun.

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