How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key – Top 6 Tips

A sentinel gun safe comes in very handy when you are trying to protect your firearms well. But it is very common nowadays for people to forget the combination or lose the sentinel gun safe key. You might be wondering how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key. Or, is it even possible to do so. 

The good news is that there are ways to do that. But most of the methods you’ll find will actually damage your sentinel gun safe or ruin the locking mechanism.

So we picked some awesome methods by which you can open Sentinel Safe without a key. Here’s a short list of the Methods we will be using to open the safe.

  1. Contact the Manufacturers
  2. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Knife
  3. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Hammer
  4. Use Rare Earth Magnet to unlock Sentinel safe
  5. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Drilling Machine
  6. Take it to a Blacksmith

If you want to open without damaging the safe, you would have to spend some money on it. Either way, let’s go over the methods in detail on how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key that you can use.

How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key

6 Tips on How to Open a Sentinel Gun Safe without a Key

1. Contact the Manufacturers

The first thing you should try before moving on to any other method is that you should contact the manufacturers of the sentinel safe. Most of the manufacturers out there give all the services you need either free or with the least cost.

So, check if your sentinel gun safe manufacturer offers service for sending a key replacement. You would need the serial number, the model number, and the receipt or proof of purchase to receive the service. Most of them will send you a key replacement within 10-15 days. So, it’s really the best method to use.

2. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Knife

Shockingly, this method works on most of the sentinel locks out there. You need the right kind of knife for doing this job. A thin, long, and pointed knife should be fine for this.

Take the knife and put it in the keyhole of your sentinel gun safe. Push it inside and make sure that it’s inserted properly. Now start shaking the knife. If you are lucky enough, the safe should open right away. It might take 5-10 seconds to open.

Be mindful, using this method might cause your safe lock to get damaged. Only try this method if you don’t necessarily care that much about the sentinel safe that you are trying to open.

3. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Hammer

You can use a hammer and a chisel to open a sentinel gun safe. Knives won’t work on electric safes. So you can try using a hammer and a chisel on it.  You need to focus on the key section area which you use to insert the code.

Put the chisel on the corner of your sentinel safe. Use the hammer on the chisel. It’ll take 2-3 minutes to displace the key section part. There you’ll see some knobs and screws. You’ll also find the silver knob which you’ll need to remove using the hammer and the chisel.

After removing that there should be a hole in your sentinel gun safe. Put your finger inside the hole and unlock it. You can also try and press the button inside to unlock it. Using this method will also ruin the safe mechanism making it unusable for the future.

4. Use Rare Earth Magnet to unlock Sentinel safe

People wonder if it is possible to open a sentinel gun safe with a magnet. It’s possible to do that. But you are going to need a Neodymium magnet for that. This magnet is commonly known as a rare earth magnet. You can easily purchase it online.

To unlock your sentinel gun safe using this method, you first have to take the magnet and wrap it with some fabrics. Putting it in a sock would be fine. Because rare earth magnets are very powerful and once they lay on the safe it’s gonna be almost impossible to get them off if there is nothing in between. So it’s necessary to take care of this part first.

After that, you need to try and find the solenoid. Don’t panic and give it a try. It will be right by the front door for most of the gun safes available out there. But if you are not able to find it right away, just keep trying. Make sure to use slow and smooth motion on it. You’ll be able to unlock it in no time.

Once the job is done, don’t forget to put the magnet in a safe place. It is a potentially dangerous object. Be careful and place it far from electric devices as it can ruin devices like TVs, smartphones, etc in a matter of seconds.

5. Unlock Sentinel safe by using a Drilling Machine

You can drill a hole in your sentinel gun safe to unlock it. But take note that once you apply this method your safe would no longer be usable. So before using this technique we recommend you to look for your sentinel gun safe key again in your room, under carpet or anywhere related.

So, only apply this method when there’s no other way. Take a drilling machine and start drilling a hole where you know you can see the lock inside from. After making the hole, use your fingers or something slimmer to press the button inside. And that will open the safe for you.

But be mindful that most of the safes would be hard to drill a hole in. Some are even made with materials that no matter how hard you try, you would not be able to penetrate your drilling machine through.

6. Take it to a Blacksmith

If you wonder what could be the best solution on how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key, this is the most common solution that makes sense. Taking your sentinel gun safe to a local blacksmith will be a much better option than trying most other options shown above. You’ll get the job done by paying little money to the blacksmith. But be sure to take all the necessary papers so that you can actually prove that the safe is yours in the first place.

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Now you know everything on how to open a sentinel gun safe without a key. Make sure to use a method that’s right for you. And if you want to keep the sentinel gun safe from being damaged, don’t do anything on your own. Take it to a professional. 

You can also order a key replacement for your safe online. It will cost you some money. But that will be much better than ruining the whole safe in the process of opening it without a key. Because new safes are pretty expensive to get. So it’s recommended for you to use methods that will not damage your safe in anyways. I hope you find this article helpful and able to use this information when you need it.

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    • First, you need to visit their official website to contact customer agents to order a new key for the safe. A form will be provided by them to insert all the necessary information about your safe. Then they will check whether they have the key according to your information.

      If the key is available they will send you another form for Sentinel gun safe replacement key via emails. In that form besides putting other necessary information, you will need to provide the authorized signature. When you will submit the form, they will ask if you want to pay to confirm your order. And that’s it.


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