How To Move a Gun Safe ( 7 Easy Tips)

The best place to store your guns is your gun safe. It ensures protection to your firearms and also helps to prevent anyone from grabbing your guns. Everyone who owns multiple guns needs to get a gun safe for their guns.

But most of the gun safe out there is super heavy. Without using the right methods, you will end up causing some kind of unwanted accidents. To prevent those, you need to know the right technique on moving a heavy gun safe from one place to the other.

Whether you try to move your gun safe upstairs or even form one room to another, it takes hardship. You would have to gather people to help you to move the safe. That increases the risk of someone getting injured making it crucial to stick to the right methods. But do you know how to move a gun safe properly? Let’s go over a few techniques to make this task much easier and a lot safer.

Move your Gun Safe safely with these easy tips: Answered All Your Questions

Use Weight Lifting Equipment 

A gun safe is very heavy to lift for you and even for your group if you use just bare hands. You’ll need to use some kind of equipment that is specialized for lifting heavy objects. To move a really heavy gun safe, you can use a forklift. That ensures maximum results and gets your job done faster than anything. 

But you would not have to use a forklift to move average-sized gun safes. The best option for that would be to use a dolly. A dolly helps to move around your gun safe easily by putting wheels under the square body of it. But you have to make sure that the dolly you use has to be strong enough to hold something as heavy as a gun safe. If it breaks or collapses when you are moving your safe form one place to the other, it might cause damaging your properties even some serious injuries. So make sure the dolly you use is strong and sturdy to move your gun safe to the place you like.

How to Move a Gun Safe off a Truck

The first thing you have to know before you can place your gun safe on your place is how to move a gun safe off a truck. That one task can be very tricky to accomplish. So, follow along the steps given below.

First, take down or remove the tailgate of the truck. Then making sure the safe is lying vertically, start sliding it outwards. You can use cardboard or a PVC pipe if the friction is too high. That’ll break the friction making your gun safe easy to slide from the truck. You should have another person helping you in that process. One person on each side is preferred.

Once the safe is halfway off the truck, start tilting it ever so slightly. Be very cautious. Once it is at a 45 degrees angle, gradually start to release from the top until the bottom hits the ground. Be very patient with this process. Once you have your safe off of the truck, you can start to place your safe in your desired place.

How to Move Gun Safes Average in Size

You are not going to need something like a forklift to move a gun safe that is of average size. But you still need people to help you out in that case. Make sure there are 5 people at max. More people would cause interruptions by getting in each other’s way. 

Use a dolly under the gun safe. That will allow you to move your safe much easier and with less struggle. Make sure to use a dolly that can hold the weight of your gun safe and not collapse.

Before you put the safe on the dolly, remove all the removable components of your gun safe which can include the shelves, pouches, etc. That will take off some of the weight out of the gun safe.

Be sure to not hurry the process. Being patient with it might save you from a lot of unwanted troubles that can happen. Be aware of your properties too as bumping into them by accident will damage your property.

How to move a 2000 pound gun safe

There are a few giant gun safe you can find on the market which is very heavy in nature. Those are very secure for your guns, but it also is a bit problematic because you can’t move those around by your wish.

A 2000 pound gun safe is made of thick steel layers making it extremely heavy. Moving a 2000 pound object is not a simple thing to execute.  Also, you’ll have to use special equipment to move it into place. It’s crucial to plan out everything before you start. Take out everything that can be an obstacle from the path. You would certainly need more people and equipment to move it from one place to the other. It is recommended to use a forklift for the gun safes that are heavier than 1200 pounds. So if you are wondering how to move a 2000 pound gun safe, you should definitely use a forklift.

How to Move a Gun Safe up stairs

One of the most commonly asked questions on moving gun safes is how to move a gun safe up stairs. It is one of the most difficult challenges you would face when moving your safe from one place to the other. It’s recommended that you get a professional safe mover to get this job done. Because moving your safe upstairs is a very risky task and bears a high risk of damaging your house and even critical injuries. But if you want to do this without hiring a professional, you can use the following techniques to get this job done without any trouble.

First, take out anything that you can take out from the safe. If possible remove the door also. That can take out one third off the weight. You’ll have to strap your safe to the dolly. And also use moving blankets to prevent any damage.

You need help from a couple of people when executing this method. After you are done putting a strap around the gun safe tightly, it’s time to start climbing up the stairs. Very carefully and very slowly wheel the safe on your stairs. You and your helping members should put an equal amount of power from both sides. Always go for one stair at a time. If the safe slips and falls, don’t try to catch it or save it. Let it fall. It might save you from a fatal accident.

How to Move a Gun Safe Down stairs

If you own a gun safe and are not happy with the placement of it, you might want to change the place for your gun safe. You might want to move your safe downstairs. Now you might be asking how to move a gun safe down stairs. The process is a bit tricky because there is a risk of your gun safe to slip out and fall. Again, hiring a professional safe mover is highly encouraged. 

But, if you use the methods correctly and be very cautious at the same time, you’ll be able to do this job. To move a gun safe down stairs, you’ll have to use a dolly and use moving blankets. This time around the biggest challenge would be balancing. If your safe gets out of balance, it might slip out the stairs. The heavy safe can cause serious accidents to occur. So take your time with the process and go for a single stair at a time.

Fixing the Gun Safe into Place

The final thing for you to do is to fix your gun safe into place. This will prevent thieves from stealing the gun safe. A good gun safe comes with locking bolts. You might have to drill into the place you want your safe to be in. Make sure you put the locking bolts properly. And you are successfully done moving your gun safe.


Gun safes are a necessity for every gun owner who owns multiple firearms. As the safes are very heavy, it can be hard to place your gun safe. If you went through the methods shown above, you know everything you need on how to move a gun safe. 

Please make sure to follow the instructions correctly. Because it is undoubtedly a risky task to do. And something that can’t be emphasized enough is that you need to avoid speeding the process. That is the worst thing you can do while moving a heavy gun safe. I hope you can use those methods to move gun safes more easily and safely.

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