How to Move a 1000 lb Gun Safe – Super Useful Tips

To keep your firearms secure and protected, you need a gun safe. The best possible place to keep your gun is in a gun safe. It’s like a home for your gun. Ever wondered how to move a 1000 lb gun safe from one place to another of your house? As most of the gun safes out there are really heavy. That makes moving it into place a real effort for you. The following tips will help you with moving a heavy gun safe with more ease.

Here are some of the steps and technique you can follow to move your 1000 pound gun safe or any other heavy item.

Look at the Weight and Dimensions of a Safe Before Purchasing

Before buying a safe, you should check the details of it. Take a look at how much it weights. There are many types of safes in the market with different weight. Most of the high-quality safe are made with thick steel layers. For that, the safe get extremely heavy. So ask yourself how much security and size that you actually need in a safe. It doesn’t make any sense to buy a huge safe that is very heavy which you are gonna keep mostly empty. Go for your needs. A safe that is small in size is much easier to move around. But if you need the space, go for it by all means.

Select The Way You would Take to Place The Safe Up Ahead

Whether you buy your gun safe form a local shop or from online, you should plan out the route that you’ll use to get the safe in place. Planning it up ahead will help you to get the gun safe in place much more easily. 

Get Some Help from Others

You can’t just lift a gun safe and put it into place all by yourself. You need to get somebody to help you. You can call some people who know how to move a 1000 lb gun safe. A team of 3-4 people would be ideal to get your gun safe into place. Good teamwork will ensure the gun safe to not cause any unwanted accidents. More than 5 people are not recommended for moving the safe. That will only make people get in each other’s way.

Use a Dolly

A dolly is great for moving heavy objects. Putting your gun safe on a furniture dolly can make it easy for you to move your safe to your preferred place.

Be sure to use a dolly that is strong enough to hold that much weight and not collapse. Not every dolly you find in the market is good.

Take Out Anything Removable

A 1000 lb gun safe is heavy on its own. It is better to remove as much as you can from it to place it a little bit easier. You might find removable shelves that you can put away. Feel free to do so. And if it’s a gun case you own that has guns or ammunition on it, take it all out before moving the safe.

Be Aware of Your Property

If you are moving a 1000 lb gun safe, you have a chance to damage your property. If you accidentally bump the safe into the furniture, you would damage it. So, be extra careful about the surrounding objects. Be extra careful in tight corners. Take your time to move the safe. Also, take out anything that blocks the path for you to get the gun safe in place.

Fixing the Gun Safe into Place

The final thing for you is to fix the safe into place as most of the gun safes come with locking bolts. It’ll prevent any thieves from stealing the safe away. You would have to drill holes in the floor or on the walls to put the locking bolts into the place. After that, you are done with the moving process.

Don’t Rush the Process

The worst thing to do when moving a 1000 lb gun safe is to rush it. You don’t want it to cause any unwanted accidents. So, be careful when moving the safe around and take your time. Spending a few more minutes might save you from a lot of troubles being created.

You can always call some professional movers who can do the work for you easily and save your time. There are many companies who have good safe movers. A wrong step can cause bad injury. This is the most safest option for you.

Some Additions Tips

  • Wear Durable work Gloves when moving
  • Don’t use PVC pipe it’s not much durable.

Final Thoughts  

Now you know what to do and how to move a 1000 lb gun safe into place. Be sure to follow the instructions given to move your safe. With the techniques shown, you’ll be able to move a gun safe that is of 1000 pounds safely and more efficiently.

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