How to Figure out Sentry Safe Combination (Updated 2021)

Sentry safe has become the go-to safe for most of the people nowadays. Mainly because it is affordable than most other options available in the market. In terms of security, sentry safes offer fairly decent security for the users.

But it is possible to lose the combination that is used for unlocking a sentry safe. You might be wondering what to do if you lose the combination. Or if it is possible to know how to figure out sentry safe combination. The answer to that is you can figure out the combination.

But the safe has to be open in the first place. If your safe is open, you can easily figure out the combination using the following method. Also, take note that there are 2 types of sentry safe. There’s the digital one and the analog one.

What to do if you Lose the Combination of your Safe

Before trying out any of the methods you are about to learn, you have to get the sentry safe open in the first place. So you’ll need a lock override key for your sentry safe. That will do the trick so that you can unlock the safe.

But if you have lost both your combination and the override key, then you’ll have to contact the company you purchased the sentry safe from. They will provide you with a key replacement for your sentry safe.

Opening the Lock of your Sentry Safe

Assuming that you have your safe open, you can crack the exact combination to unlock your safe. Let’s go over the first step on how to figure out sentry safe combination. 

Open the door of your sentry lock and take a look at the back of the door. You should find the panel which covers the back part of the locking mechanism. It should have a couple of nuts and bolts. Unscrew those with a screwdriver. Once you unscrew it, take the part out. There you should find the whole locking mechanism and start your way figuring out the combination of your sentry lock.

Working out the Combination

After you have access to the back part of the lock of your sentry safe, it should be pretty easy for you to figure out the combination from there. Take a pen and a piece of paper for noting down the numbers. Once you have it near you, start turning the knob left side multiple times. That will clear the lock. Make it at least 3 times. And you’ll know that you did it the right way when you see all the discs turning at the same time. 

Now, locate the discs which move when you turn the knob of the safe. Also, notice the notches of the discs. All the notches of the discs have to match the latch to unlock the safe for you. You can reverse engineer that process to figure out the combination of your sentry safe.

The first notch is the closest one to the door. Start turning the knob of your safe to the left and stop when the first notch is in line with the latch. Note down the number that’s on the knob as the first code of the combination. 

Then you’ll have to turn the knob to the right to figure out the second number. You’ll see that the 1st disk has stopped moving when you start turning the know in the right. Like before, keep watching the disc (2nd one this time) and stop when it aligns with the latch.

Be careful not to overshoot. If you do, you’ll have to start the process all over again from the beginning. What you’ll get this time would be the second number of the combination that you need to write down. 

Now slowly turn the safe knob to the left until the 3rd notch is lined up with the latch. When it is in line with the latch, take a look at the safe knob. This would be the 3rd number of the combination that you’ll need to write down. 

Finally, you’ll have to move the knob to the right until the 4th disc catches in the latch. It would be very obvious because of the popping in the latch. Take a look at the number the knob of the safe is at and note it down. That might be the last number for most of the sentry safes out there in the market.

But you are not quite done yet. You’ll have the numbers to the combination. You now need to clear the lock by turning the knob to the left multiple times. And this time put the combination numbers in order. Count the number of revolutions it takes to land on each number to engage the latch which opens the sentry safe. After finishing that, you are done. And that is how to figure out sentry safe combination, which is pretty easy if you follow the instructions properly.

What to do next

Make sure to practice the combination that you got beforehand. After you practiced it a couple of times and satisfied with the combination, you can take the panel and return it to the back of the door. The safe should be ready to use.

If you mess up the safe by any chance, be sure to take it to your local blacksmith.

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Final Words

The following method only can be only with the analog safe that uses a knob to open the safe.

Now you know how to figure out sentry safe combination. As you saw there, it’s not a method of cracking the safe open. Also, this is not going to work if you have a sentry safe with an electric keypad.

This method is really useful if you just received your new safe and there is no combination provided with the safe. This is a very unusual thing to happen and the chances of it happening are very low. But if you need to figure out the combination for any reason, you can certainly use this method. 

Even most of the time if you forget the combination, you will still have an override key for the locking mechanism. That makes it very logical to use it and figure out the combination on your own than wasting money on a locksmith or busting the door open. It is pretty easy on its own. You just have to follow the steps properly.

Just know that it’s going to take some time. You have to be slow and consistent with it. Rushing the process only causes you to take even more time finishing the process. So it’s better to just do it at a slower pace.

For being a basic lock safe that is cheap and gets the job done, sentry safes are really popular these days. It’s a great thing to learn to figure out the combination of a sentry lock all on your own. I hope that now you have the method down and you can use the method to figure out the combination of your sentry safe.

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