How to Crack a Gun Safe with Electronic Lock – Best 9 Tips

Gun safes are not an optional thing to have if you own multiple guns. It is the best place you can store your firearms to protect them from the reach of the people you don’t want to mess with your guns. The gun safe also protects your guns from fire damage or burglary.

Electronic gun safes are getting really popular these days. Those are much more secure and easier to use. Most people struggle to open the analog safes that have knobs, you need to spin the dial and put the combination to unlock. But electronic locks have an easy to use digital keypad that you can just press the numbers and unlock.

But nowadays a common accident that’s happening is that people are losing their combination more often. That gets their firearms locked from them. To eliminate this frustrating issue, let’s go over a few methods on how to crack a gun safe with electronic lock. Having some knowledge will help you with making the right call when it comes to cracking your gun safe open.

Use the Override Key to Open the Safe

The first thing you should do if you ever lose the combination is that you should use the override key to unlock the safe. This key is included in almost all the safes available out in the market. This key overrides the locking mechanism and unlocks the safe instantly. Make sure that you reprogram the safe after you opened it with the key. This will help you to unlock the safe with no trouble afterward.

But there is a slight chance of losing both the combination and the override key. Down below there’s a couple of methods for you if you’ve lost your keys that you can use on how to crack a gun safe with electronic lock.

Contact the Manufacturers

If you lose both your combination and your override key for your electronic gun safe, you should contact the manufacturers. It is the best option for you if you get your safe locked out. You’ll have to send the model, the serial number, and the payment receipt. It basically proves that you are genuinely the owner of the safe.

What’s even better is that most of the gun safe manufacturers give free key replacement service and free warranties on their safe. So, be sure to check if you are eligible for the free replacement key. But if it’s expired, still that’ll be the best option for you because you’ll get official key replacement and services for your gun safe which will be at least cost.

Order Key Replacement Online

Although it’s better to get the key replacement service from the manufacturer company, you can certainly get a key replacement online. 

There are a lot of websites that provide key replacement services. They will take a few dollars to get you a key replacement for your electric gun safe. Most of them offer their services really cheap.

You’ll need to check if they offer services in your country first. Then you’ll have to send them the serial number, the model of your gun safe. Then you’ll have to complete the payment procedure by entering your credit card information. After you are done with the process, you’ll receive your key replacement within 10-15 days.

Make sure to check if the website you are on is legit. You don’t want any fraud website to get your credit card information. That’s why it’s a much better option to contact the manufacturers.

Use a Hammer

Yes, this method works! Most of the gun safes will open with this method. You’ll need to place your electric gun safe on sturdy ground. Then put your hand on the door handle that pulls and the safe unlocks. After that, start hitting the top corner of your safe. And as you hit start pulling the handle. After a few hits and turns, your safe should open itself. You should not hit the hammer as hard as you can. Start with a moderate hit. You can always add more power to the hits later on.

What actually happens is, as you hit the safe, the solenoid inside the safe drops down just for a moment. And as you are pulling down the handle, the safe unlocks if it is timed right with the hit.

Using this method works on most of the gun safes. But it can damage the locking mechanism of your safe in the process making it unusable for the future. So be mindful about that when you choose this method for cracking open your electronic gun safe.

Use a Thin Steel

This method will not damage your safe and will get the job done. You’ll need a thin but sturdy piece of steel that can fit through the gap of the safe door. Every safe has a reset button inside. So if you can reach that button somehow, you’ll be able to unlock the safe without any problem. 

Insert the thin steel inside the gap of your gun safe’s door. Then start searching for the button. If you already know where it is then it’ll be a lot easier for you. But if you don’t know the exact place, just don’t panic. Keep searching for it. You’ll find it eventually. Once the button is pressed, it’ll make a “Beep” sound. Then you can just pull down the handle and open the safe. Also, it resets the code to whichever you want to put. So be sure to put a new combination that you’ll use afterward.

This method doesn’t damage the locking mechanism at all. So if you can, go with this method. But it’ll certainly not work on many safes available on the market. So, if your gun safe is one that is eligible for this method, go with this one.

Pry open the Door

Using this method will damage your safe permanently. You will no longer be able to use your electronic gun safe if you pry open the gun safe.

Knowing this, if you don’t care much about the safe itself, you’ll need a sturdy crowbar to do this. Most of the gun safes are made with thick steel layers to be fire-resistant and hard for burglary. So it’s going to be a very tough job to pry open the safe. And it’s also a matter of luck. It’s gonna take a lot of time too. So it’s recommended not to use this option if you have any other option available on how to crack a gun safe with electronic lock.

Drilling a Hole in the Safe

There’s a popular technique on cracking the electronic safes open that uses drill machines to make a hole in the body of the safe. That also damages your safe. But it can be repaired afterward. 

For this method, you’ll need a sturdy and pointed drilling machine. And you are going make a hole in the safe. Point the drill at that part from where you’ll be able to press the reset button using something tiny. Take note that it is going to take a long time to penetrate the safe. As most of the cases nowadays are made with the highest security, it’ll be very hard for you to actually penetrate the drilling machine inside the gun safe. So make sure to be patient with the process.

After making the hole in the safe, use something slim and tiny to reach the reset button. Now press the button. It’ll make a ”Beep” sound when the combination is successfully reset. Now you should be able to open your gun safe. Make sure to reprogram the combination of your electronic safe so that you can use the lock properly form the next go.

Making a hole on the body of the gun safe will permanently damage the safe. But it can be repaired and reused. You can take your gun safe to a blacksmith for the repair.

Use a Rare Earth Magnet

This method will work on most of the electronic gun safes out there. However, you’ll need to get a big neodymium magnet to be able to use this method. These types of magnets are mostly known as rare earth magnets. You’ll easily find those online. 

After you have your rare earth magnet, wrap it with some kind of cloth made out of fabric. A sock will do the trick. This is to ensure that you can take your magnet off of your safe once you are done. After that, place your magnet on the safe where you think the solenoid is. 

Trust your intuition on that. You are most likely to get it. But don’t lose hope if you are not able to get it in the first try. Just be patient with the process and eventually you’ll get it. Start by pulling the magnet down. If it’s aligned with the solenoid, the gun safe should unlock. 

Using a rare earth magnet is very effective if you want to crack open your electronic safe. It also doesn’t damage the safe in the long term. So if you can gather the material, give this method a try.

Caution: Earth magnets are very powerful. So be careful about where you place it. You should never go near electronic devices like TVs or smartphones with this type of magnet in hand. The magnet will ruin the display almost immediately.

Also, be aware that you have to store it in a safe place where kids can’t get their hands on it. It is a potentially dangerous object that might cause unwanted accidents.

The Easy Reset Technique

This technique will work for most of the cheap gun safes out there. The gun safe you have has to have a hole in the bottom or somewhere in the body. Most cheap safes have holes in their bodies for ventilation purposes.

You need to take something long that fits the hole. First, you can locate the reset button using a flashlight. This will make the process much easier. After that, start reaching for the button. After you hit the switch, it’ll make a “Beep” sound which confirms that the safe has been successfully reset. 

You need to know that most of the safes will not be that easy to open. The premium gun safes don’t have holes for ventilation as they are fire-resistant. But if it’s a cheap gun safe, you might find holes that you can use to unlock the safe. This technique is one of the easiest techniques that you use to break in your electronic gun safe.

Taking it to a Blacksmith

If you don’t want to do anything with the safe all by yourself, then you can take your gun safe to a local locksmith. Taking your safe to the locksmith is a great decision. A professional can easily deal with the problems and get you the best result. You don’t want to damage your electronic gun safe because to get a new one, it’s pretty expensive nowadays.

You’ll need to take your papers with the safe when you go to a blacksmith. The papers and payment receipts work as proofs of your ownership of the gun safe. So be sure to take it with you.

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Final Thoughts

Cracking an electric gun safe isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But now you know a couple of methods on how to crack a gun safe with electronic lock. You really don’t want to damage the safe in the first place. Most of the gun safes out there are pretty expensive to buy. So, it’s better to not ruin the safe you already have.

As you saw the best method of cracking gun safe is actually contacting the manufacturers. They provide all the necessary services you need if you are having trouble with the gun safe you purchased.

If for any reason you do not choose to contact the manufacturers, try taking it to a local blacksmith. But if you don’t care for your gun safe that much, then you can go on and use any methods shown. I hope you can use the information and it helps you with cracking your electric safe open.

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