How to Clean Rust off a Gun – Easy Simple Solution 2021

What is the one thing that damages your gun more than anything else in the long run? It’s rust. You store your guns for quite some time and the next thing you encounter is the rust buildup on the guns.

You can certainly take it to your local gun shop to clean the rust off your guns. But it’s definitely not something that you want to do despite the fact that you can clean it by yourself. 

There are many methods of cleaning rust. Some can even be used by household items. Or you can buy solutions to be more efficient in the cleaning process. Either way, it’s better than taking your gun to a gun shop every time to clean.

Leaving rust on the gun is not a thing that you want to do. Rust increases as time goes. Meaning that might cause a lot of issues in the future. In most cases, it disables the gun, which can cause a lot of trouble in emergency situations. So, you have to clean the rust and make sure that it’s not spreading to the rest of the parts.

If you are wondering how to clean rust off a gun by yourself, let’s have a look at a few methods that will help you with that.

You can clean rust off a gun by yourself with only 2 things, well you can use Oil to remove rust from your gun or you can also use vinegar solution.

Using Oil to Remove Rust

Oil is pretty effective when it comes to cleaning rust. Also, it’s one of the most effortless technique you can use. You don’t want to put any strong chemical on your gun as it can damage it permanently. But with oil, it’s not an issue.

You’ll need oil, cotton balls, a piece of cotton cloth, soft steel wool/copper brush for this method.

First, start by disassembling the gun. It will make things safe as well as a lot easier to clean.

Dip a cotton ball into the oil. Don’t put it all the way in because you don’t need a lot of oil in the cleaning process.

Then start rubbing the cotton ball on the place that is rusty with a circular motion. It might take a few moments, but you definitely would see the rust coming off the fun. You can also let the oil sit for a moment on the rusty surface. That will help you clean more efficiently.

It the depth of the rust is pretty high that it remains, you can use soft steel wool or copper brush on the surface. Just pour a tiny amount of oil and start rubbing gently with the brush. That would take the rust off.

Make sure to not apply too much pressure with it as it can leave scratches. Be gentle and patient. It would take some time and repetition. 

After you’re done with it, you can just wipe it all clean with a dry cotton cloth. Rub it across the surface until you see the sheen.

After that, you would have a rust-free gun in your hand. It would also help to prevent rust from forming again.

Using Vinegar Solution to Remove Rust

Vinegar is surprisingly effective when it comes to removing rust from metal objects. The acetic acid helps to fight the stubborn rust on your guns. Removing rust with vinegar is getting really popular these days. It’s simple, affordable, and gets the job one perfectly.

To clean gun with vinegar, you first need to pour some vinegar and water on the bowl. It’s preferred to use a 50-50 ratio. Add a few tablespoons of salt in the solution and mix it well. You might think that it will make your gun to catch even more rust in the future as salt causes rust. But actually, it will boost the power of the cleaning solution.

After you got the solution ready, it’s time to disassemble your guns. Try to disassemble it as much as you can comfortably. That will allow you to gain maximum efficiency in the cleaning process.

Dip the metal parts in the vinegar solution. You should leave it for 12-18 hours to get maximum results. 

After you get your parts out of the solution, you’ll see that the metal is clear and good as new. The vinegar and salt rust removal method is truly an amazing way to get the rust off of your gun.

Products you can use to Remove Rust

You might be searching for something pre-made option that you can use to clean the rust without making calling solutions. There are a lot of products you can find on the market that can be used to remove the rust off of your guns.

One of the most popular options out there is the WD-40. It’s very easy to use and it also has some rust preventing properties. You just need to spray it on the surface that’s affected by rust and leave it for 24 hours. Then you can just wipe it clean using a napkin or a clean piece of cloth. It’s that simple.

Also, there are a few effective rust remover bath products that you can use. Those are very easy to use. You’ll need to disarm your gun and dip the rusty parts in the product. Give it around 18 hours and all the rust should be out of your gun to the liquid. A great thing about those products is that those don’t damage any compartments. So, you can dip the compartments that are attached to wood as it won’t affect the wooden parts.

Preventing Rust to form in the First Place

Isn’t it better to prevent the rust from forming than having to clean it afterward? Of course, it is. You’ll need to consider a few things to prevent your gun from getting all rusty.

First of all, humidity plays a huge part in this. It’s recommended to store your guns that have consistent 50%-55% humidity. The gun cases might contain moisture in the interior that can cause rusting. Keeping them out in an open and dry place should prevent your guns from catching rust.

Also, you can try some products to protect against rusting. There are plenty of options you can find online. Just use a good one to keep your guns rust-free.

Final Thoughts

You should have plenty of options on how to clean rust off a gun that you can use at ease. As you saw, the process is not that complicated at all. You just have to imply the right technique to achieve the result that you want.

You should clean the rust off your gun to keep them functional as well as making it look as good as it can get. Do not use any strong chemicals on your guns as it can damage the metal long term. It’s better just to stick to the simpler alternatives. It will save you time and get the job done.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the methods that you saw and it may help you to make your gun look as good as new again.

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