How to Clean a Gun with Household Items – Easy Solution 2021

Cleaning a gun once in a while is not an optional thing. You must clean it to keep it functional and usable. Without proper cleaning, firearms might fail to shoot or malfunction.

You’ll different types of gun cleaning kit available in the market. Most of them are pretty expensive. They contain different items that help with the cleaning process. But you can easily get those items from everyday use pieces of stuff.

Why would you spend money on something that you can make with your household items? If you are wondering how to clean a gun with household items, let’s have a look at the method discussed down below.

Preparations That You Need to Take

You need to unload your gun before you even start the maintenance process. It might not seem like a big deal, but an accident can occur pretty quickly. And it might be a fatal one. So, double-checking everything might be a good idea in this case.

After that, you can start the maintenance tasks. Lay down your gun to a plain surface where you’ll be able to clean it properly.

Things You Will Need

You’ll need a couple of things to clean your gun. Those are items that you can find easily. Let’s check out what you’ll need in the cleaning process.

Transmission Oil: This oil will work as a lubricant to keep your gun parts in better condition. Transmission oil helps to fight off the carbon impurities that you’ll find inside the parts quite often making it a household gun lubricant.

Kerosene: Everybody has kerosene around the house. It’s a solvent for thousands of maintenance tasks you’ll inevitably have to do. Thus, whether you use it for cleaning items, or to maintain guns, or to use it on other maintenance tasks, kerosene is a very reliable ally that can be used to get rid of the impurities. 

Caution: 2-K type kerosene can be very strong. You should not use that. It’s recommended to fo with 1-K kerosene instead.

Mineral Spirits: Spirits help to dissolve the oil. It’s very cheap. If you don’t have it already, you can get it from literary any drug stores.

How to Clean Your Gun: Step-by-Step Guide

Here comes the action part. You can probably guess that it won’t be a complicated task. Also, you’ll probably spend more time disassembling and assembling the parts of your gun. The cleaning part is very fast and simple compared to that.

First of all, get a cleaning mat and place it on the table. It can be as simple as a towel if you don’t own a mat that’s dedicated only to guns.

Then, you have to separate the parts of your gun. Only disassemble to the point where it’s comfortable. Use the owner’s manual to guide the process. After you put the parts aside, you can start to clean your gun.

Start by cleaning the bolt. Be sure to clean thoroughly an follow up by cleaning the chamber and the barrel. Use a small piece of cloth as it will allow you to clean the parts that are a bit tricky to reach. After you are done, put those cleaned parts aside and continue with the rest of the parts.

The debris might not come off easily some times. For that, grab a small piece of cloth and soak it in lubricant oil. Make sure it’s properly soaked. Start wiping out every contaminant from the gun parts. You should repeat that until you start to notice a clean surface.

You’ll need to put some extra attention onto the firing pin that you’ll find in the inner side of the bolt. Focus on it as much as needed to make this part look clean and shiny. Then you should start with the chamber and barrel afterward.

Get a strong grip over the part with the barrel and the chamber and start cleaning the debris away. Pick up the cloth piece that you cut before and sue it to reach deep into the chamber to ensure good and thorough maintenance. You might use a pointy item to push the cloth inside if necessary.

That should clean off all the parts of your guns. But if you are not satisfied with any compartment, just repeat the cleaning process until you think it’s perfectly cleaned off.

After you are done, you can now reassemble the parts together. Rub the exterior of the gun with a clean and soft cloth to leave it shiny. After assembling the parts back up, you are done with the cleaning process.

Additional Ideas

If you are asking “What can I use to clean my gun?”, there are plenty of options available. Those will help you to hone in specific issues in the cleaning process. Let’s go over a few down below.

As most guns get rusty if you leave it for quite a bit of time, you need to remove the rust as soon as you can. The easiest way for that would be to clean gun with vinegar. You’ll need to make a homemade gun cleaning solvent with vinegar and water. (Half-half ratio) Just dip the parts that are rusty for a day. The rust should go away leaving you with a good as new metal part.

Also, you can purchase aerosol gun cleaner products form the market as a gun cleaning solvent substitute. They are really easy to use and super effective. You can use WD40 to clean gun easily. You just need to spray it on the surface of the part that has hard to remove dirt and leave it for 24 hours. Then you just need to wipe it clean using a napkin.

Precautions While Cleaning Your Gun

As you are cleaning your gun, there are a few things you need to consider. Otherwise, you might damage you weapon in the cleaning process.

The first and foremost thing is that normal oils will not work as lubricants. The oil you use in the kitchen or cosmetic purposes will serve no good as a lubricant that you can apply onto your guns.

Also, be aware of the cloth you are using. You really don’t want any parts of it to get stuck inside your gun. As the cleaning process is fairly easy, you might tend to rush the process. But you have to remember that a gun is a potentially dangerous object. You need to treat it properly and take time with it even you have a lot of experience cleaning a gun

You must double-check everything before you use the gun again. After assembling the gun, take a few moments to check if everything is working properly. That should take off the risk of any malfunctions and operating issues afterward.


Now you have all you need to know on how to clean a gun with household items. It’s a very simple thing to do that will increase the longevity of your firearm and maintain the quality of it. There’s no excuse for not cleaning your guns once in a while. It is a mandatory thing to owning a gun. 

As a gun cleaning kit is pretty costly, you might now want to purchase it. But it’s actually recommended to have one because it will definitely serve you in the long run. As you saw, your household items can also be very effective to clean your guns pretty efficiently.

You’ll probably have all those items already to clean your gun properly. But if you lack a few like the transmission oil or the spirit, you can just buy it from the grocery store as it’s very inexpensive. And hopefully, you’ll find the guide helpful for you to clean your guns with the proper technique.

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