How much is a gun safe – What to consider when buying a safe

You have a gun, and now you want to buy a gun safe to protect the gun you have. But you don’t know how much is a gun safe and what to consider while buying a gun safe. A gun safe is a crucial thing when you own a gun.

There are so many models of gun safe available in the market, and the price is different for each one. So it is quite tricky to provide you the exact price of the gun safe. Here in this article, we will discuss the price range of a gun safe and how you can choose a good quality gun safe. 

Which factors of a gun safe are responsible for the price?

Several factors determine the price of a gun safe, and the price varies depending on those factors. The key things of a safe which range in price are the thickness of the steel, build quality, security, size, and fire rating.

But if you don’t need any specific feature, you can also look for a safe that doesn’t include that feature. And spending money on a safe without that particular feature will cost you less money. So here the brief definition of things that makes a safe costly:

Thickness of steel

Generally, a gun safe is made of steel, and you can choose a gun safe with thick steel or thin steel. How to understand the thickness of steel is quite interesting. If you buy a gun safe with 10-gauge of steel, it will be thicker, and if you buy a safe with 16-gauge steel, it will be thinner.

To be more precise, the higher the gauge number of steel is, the thinner the steels’ density is. So the thicker the steel will be, the gun safe will cost high. 

Fire rating

Fire ratings refer to the features that help you protect all the things inside the safe from fire or high heat. Few safes can protect items in the safe for up to 60 minutes, while a few models can project around 15 minutes. In short, the higher the number of layer fireboards a gun safe will have, the longer it will be able to protect all the items, including guns, from flame. 

If the fireboard is made with cement, it will cost high, and if made of drywall, it will be less expensive than the other one. The price range depends on how many-layered fireboards you are getting and made with which material.

Quality of build

There are many types of brands and models available for a gun safe in the market. Like all the things in the market, a gun safe has companies that build the safe with good quality and bad quality. And it’s not uncommon for the product to be expensive if it is good in quality. 

Good quality safes are made with good steels and come with useful and helpful facilities. When you buy a safe, it would be better if you spend a bit more money on the safe to get a good quality product.


This is one big factor that impacts the price of a gun safe, and choosing a safe with high security is highly recommended. If you go after a cheaper gun safe, the security will be cheaper too. You will find a few safes with one lock and a few safes with two locks in them. 

If you buy a good and popular brand gun safe, you will get the security of re-lockers, gear ratios, clutches, inner steel liners, and many more. It is always advisable to choose a gun safer with a manual override key with the packaging. 

What should you look into a gun safe while buying it?

There are a couple of things that a gun owner should consider while buying a gun safe. You need to examine if the safe steel is 11 to 12 gauge or not, a firearm rating of 60 minutes, a great security system, can hold at least 25 guns, and is made in the USA. It would be better if you consider the mentioned things before buying to get a good quality gun safe. 

Also, check the weight of the item, whether it is an ideal type or not. You may don’t want to buy a bigger professional safe to protect your 3 to 5 guns. A medium-sized fireproof safe is an ideal type of gun locker for everyone. 

What Size Gun Safe Should You Buy?

There are three types of gun safes available in the market: lightweight strongbox, medium fireproof safes, and bigger professional safe. The lightweight strongbox is small in size and not too heavy, makes it the ideal type of gun safe for easy transportation, and only weighs around 45 kg to 115 kg. 

While a bigger size professional safes are best for placing it in a big place and storing lots of guns.

They weigh around 100 kg to 200 kg, obviously not suitable for transportation as they are huge and heavier. And the last one, the medium fireproof safe, are ideal for every use, and they only weigh around 45 kg to 115 kg.

So what size gun safe you require also depends on the weight of the safe. But if you want to place the gun safe at home, buying the lightweight gun safe is advisable. 

How much does a gun safe cost

So, now you know what the factors are that impact the price range of a gun safe. You can easily find good quality gun safes in retail marketplaces such as Amazon, Cabela’s, Walmart, and eBay. So basically, the price range of a gun safe is near $100 to $1000, but this is not the limit; you can find a more expensive gun safe than this range.

Frequently asked question

What companies make good gun safes?

You have plenty of options for companies that make good quality gun safes. Here are a few brands that make good gun safes like Liberty, Fort Knox, Browning, Vault Pro, and many more. And if your budget is limited, then Snapsafe, Tracker Safe, and SecureIt brands are good options for you.

Is there any good gun safe under $200?

Yes, a few gun safes available are actually under $200, for example, a full-sized gun safe. But unfortunately, they will not be sufficiently secured, so they are not advisable. You can look for alternative safes such as handgun safes, under-bed safes, or nightstand gun safes.

How much should I actually spend to buy a gun safe?

The quality of the gun safe is a great factor to determine the price and what your limit is. You can find a gun safe that costs $100; again, you will find a gun safe that costs $1000. Obviously, there are differences between the gun safety quality, so you must examine the quality first before buying a safe.

Final thoughts

So, you have just gathered knowledge on how much is a gun safe and how to buy a good quality gun safe. Whether you keep it at home or somewhere else, you must place it in a safe place. A few factors determine the price of a gun safe, and the quality of the safe is also a big factor that determines the prices of the gun safe.

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