Gun Safe vs Gun Cabinet: Which One is a Better Choice in 2021?

The first thing you need to do after owning a gun is looking for a secure place to keep it. There are many options available for you to store your gun safely, and the gun safe and gun cabinet are one of them. But how can you distinguish between a gun safe vs gun cabinet which one would be a better choice?

Both of these options are widely used for securing all the valuables besides their guns. If you keep your gun in a safe place, you can avoid many unwanted problems that can be caused by guns. This article will discuss which one you should choose in between the gun safe and a cabinet.

What is a Gun Safe 

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You need a gun safe if you have a gun in order to secure the gun in a safe place and protect it from burglars. Besides, gun safe are actually handy when it comes to hiding your gun in a locker. A gun safe will keep your gun in high protection due to its strong security system. 

Also, it will help you to avoid unwanted fire, it can either at home or neighborhood. Gun safes are heavy and they can be attached to a wall or door, on the other side, gun safe is much more safer than a gun cabinet. 

Gun safe ensure your gun’s safety with their metal construction and powerful lock system. You will find many waterproof gun safes that will let your gun stay safe even in a sudden flood. Most of the modern gun safe comes with a bolting system that allows you to hang them on a wall or door. 

The good thing about modern gun safe is, the layer of them is made of steel that is hard to drill so there is no chance burglars can steal your gun by drilling the Expensive Safes. Even when gun safe provide you lots of advantages, yet you can face some disadvantages too. Here are they:

Advantages of using a gun safe

  • They come with strong construction and lock systems that keep your gun in a safe place. 
  • The steel layer of the gun safe disallows drilling to open it and any unauthorized access.
  • Gun safe is heavier that prevents from burglars stealing the safe . 
  • Quality Gun safes are waterproof and fire-resistant and comes with Electronic Locks.
  • Comes with a bolting mechanism that helps you to stick it on a wall or door. 

Disadvantages of using a Gun safe 

  • Most of the gun safe doesn’t match with the decors. 
  • Good quality safes are expensive.
  • Quality guns are heavier and can’t be moved by one person. 

What is a Gun Cabinet

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A gun cabinet is almost like a gun safe and its main purpose is to keep your gun safe in high security. But the key and visible difference between these two safes are, you can see through a gun cabinet while gun safes are covered with metal walls.

Besides, it’s easier for burglars to break the glass of the gun cabinet and get their hands on your guns. Which makes the gun cabinet less safe than a gun safe. But it’s not like the gun cabinet can’t provide you security for your guns, they obviously can. The doors of the gun cabinet are made of glasses with powerful locks. 

So you can keep your firearms, guns, rifles, and other valuables without any tension, and that’s how you will be able to keep them away from your curious kids. Gun cabinets are mostly manufactured by using solid woods, pinewoods, and oak woods. 

Advantages of using a Gun Cabinet

  • Gun cabinets are a great option for showing off your guns and decorating your home. 
  • Gun cabinets are lightweight and make it easier to move by yourself.
  • Gun cabinets can store many things inside them.
  • Making gun cabinets is easier and requires a few tools to make it at home. 

Disadvantages of a gun cabinet

  • They are easy to break; thus, they are less secure.
  • They don’t come with any protection neither fire-resistant nor waterproof.

Common Things Between Gun Safe vs Cabinet

Knowing the common things between gun safe vs gun cabinet will make it easier to decide which safe you require. The most common thing between these two safeties is their purpose, both of them are usually used for keeping your gun in a safe and tight secured place.

Both safes come with a lock system and you can store all your valuables in them besides your guns and rifles. But the gun cabinet and gun safe have more differences instead of common features between them. In fact, the process of buying a safe for your gun will be easier than before. 

Differences Between Gun Safe vs Cabinet

Gun safe and gun cabinets can be used for similar purposes, but both of the safe are different. Here are a few significant differences between the gun safe and gun cabinet:

Capacity & Weight

The capacity of holding firearms for the gun cabinet is 5 to 32 at a time. So if you own firearms of more than 32 then your last hope for storing your gun is gun safe. It is safer to keep all your guns in one secure place. Besides, a gun safe is heavier than a gun cabinet, so gun cabinets are easier to move by yourself. 


Another big difference between these two gun safes is the material they are made of. The gun safe is made of metal construction and the door and walls are made of heavy-duty and high-quality steel, so it’s quite impossible to break the gun safe. And their materials are quite thick around 1/2″ to white-sand a lot of pressure and force. 

While the gun cabinet is made of solid woods or sheet metal and the door of the canine is made of glasses. So people can get access to your safe by breaking the glass door easily. The thickness of the walls is around 1/8″ and they will easily be damaged with lots of pressure and abuse. So you must be careful while choosing a safe for your gun. 

Style & Protection

According to the style of both safe, both gun safe and gun cabinet includes appealing styles. Gun cabinets are a great safe to decorate your home while the gun safe is not suitable to décor your house. 

However, the security level of the gun safe and gun cabinet is completely different. With a gun safe, you will be able to protect your guns from fire and water as they have protection from fire resistance and waterproof. While the gun cabinet has zero protection to keep your guns safe in water and fire. 


The security system of both safes has a lot of variation in them, for example, the gun cabinet doesn’t include any combination or key. This is a great option for those who can’t remember the combination but also a big cons for the security of your gun.

Besides, when you don’t have any key to lock the door, your kids and other family members will easily get access to your gun which is not a good thing. Gun cabinets are created with sheet metal or wood and the door is made of glass which is more likely a showcase. Thus, the security of the gun cabinet is lower than the safes.

However, gun safes are created to provide high security to your firearms. Even though no safes are 100% theft-proof, gun safes can reduce the chances of guns being stolen with their powerful and heavy structure. The material that gun safes are used to make is also thick and high-quality materials. 


Choosing a fireproof gun safe is vital. Gun cabinets are not fireproof at all but the gun safe is. Gun safe fireboard lining in between the steel walls. Well, you can indeed install fireboard lining in your gun cabinet, but it will never provide you as much as fireproof like a gun safe. 

But don’t think that gun safes will be able to protect guns for a longer time. Most gun safes can bear fire heat for 30 minutes. If you want to have more fire resistance then you need to choose the bigger size and expensive one. 


Here another big and visible difference between these two gun safes is their prices. The prices of these safes depend on the material they used, features, and the capacity of having guns inside them. Even though the gun safe is smaller than the cabinet, still safes are more expensive. Gun safes are made of steel and provide more security than cabinets. The approximate price of a gun safe is around $400 to $550. And the price range of the gun cabinet is about $200 to $300. 

Which one should you choose? 

Choosing between a gun safe vs gun cabinet can be quite tricky as both of them are really great options for storing your gun. The main reason that determines whether you should buy a gun safe or gun cabinet is the purpose you are getting it for.

Gun safes are really a handy and useful tool to keep your gun away from your kids and other family members, and also prevent the gun from being stolen. Both of the gun safes have high security and don’t allow any access without the combination or digital code. 

But the gun safes come with fire-resistant and waterproof protection that means safer will keep your gun good even in fire and water. While the gun cabinet doesn’t have any protection. 

Again, gun safes are made of steel and covered with steel walls, you can’t open the safe even if you drill the steel door and walls. While the gun cabinet is made of wood and the door is made of glasses, which makes it easier to break. 

So if you are looking for something that can give you more security to your gun then we would suggest you purchase a gun safe. But if you are interested to buy a gun cabinet then please place them in a safe area. And make sure you hide the key of the lock as the lock system is really simple that anyone can open it and close it. 

Where should you place your both safes?

You may think that the placement of the gun safe and gun cabinet is not that vital part but it is an important thing that you need to consider before buying them. We would suggest you find the place first where you can place the safe. You can follow the below tips to find the right place.

For Gun Safe

The better place for placing your gun safe is inside your closet where people can barely see the safe. Or you can also use a drawer in your room to hide the gun safe in plain sight. In case you don’t want to place the safe in your bedroom then find a secure place to keep it. Keeping your safe in the basement or garage is also a great place. 

But one thing you need to make sure of is that the place you have chosen does not have any moisture or humidity. It can damage your valuable gun inside. Avoiding places where children can reach easily is also a factor that you would love to avoid. 

For Gun Cabinet

Placing your gun cabinet in the most highly-secured place in your house is advisable as they are not secure enough and can be moved easily. If you leave them in an open place then the cabinet will not be able to protect the guns in emergencies like a strong wind, heavy rain, or fire. That’s why it is necessary to place the gun cabinet in an isolated area where the cabinet will be at high security.


It is a very essential part to search and learn about the product first before buying it. So you need to compare gun safe vs gun cabinet before head over to a shop to buy a safe. A gun safe is more worth your money than a gun cabinet as they are more secure. 

Due to the steel layer and metal construction of the gun safe, nobody can open the door even by using a drill. Thus, it is quite tricky to take out your gun from the safe without the combination. Hope this article helps you to make a choice between a gun safe and gun cabinets. 

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