Do guns make us safer : What experts say about it in 2021?

You may be thinking about buying a gun, or you already have a gun at your home as you have come here. When you hear about guns, you may have a question like, do guns make us safer or put us in more danger. 

Unfortunately, according to experts, guns raise the chances of accidents rather than make us safer. There are many incidents that can take place when you become the owner of a gun. But you can also minimize the risks by learning and knowing a few things.

This article will explore whether using a gun makes us safe or not and how you can keep a gun safe at home.

Is it safe for me and my family to keep a gun at home?

Technically, no, having a gun at home doesn’t make you or your family safe; in fact, it increases the risk of accidents instead. If you live in an area where gun users are more than ordinary people, it creates a danger zone of gun-related death. Did you ever notice that after the number of gun sales has increased, the number of committing suicide by using guns has increased too? 

If you believe in the saying that “more guns less crime”. I can assure you more guns don’t make us safer. It’s just a myth that possessing guns makes us safer.  There are so many gun owners who don’t take the proper lesson of using guns before they use guns. In fact, there are few people who start using guns before they learn the gun accordingly. It’s not an unfamiliar situation for an intruder to break into houses. 

So when they sneak at your house, and they get their hands on your gun, they may misuse it to save their life. Thus you put your family in danger by keeping it at home. 

Guns are the worst weapon you may keep at home without storing them adequately. Gun has the power to take the lives of a person in a few seconds, so you must use a gun locker if you are thinking about keeping a gun at home. Besides, curious teenage adults and children are becoming the victims of gun-related death the most. So you must keep your gun away from your children to make your family safe. Having a gun is not a crime but storing them improperly surely is. 

Guns and safety

There are so many things that can go wrong, and the possibility is so high when you carry a gun with you or keep a gun in the house. So if you have a question like do guns make us safer or not, then no, they don’t. If you are a gun owner, your first step should be to measure the safety hazards to avoid them. Here are a few safety risks of carrying a gun:

  • The chances of danger increase when you keep a gun. In a state where gun users are prevalent, the number of gun deaths is seven times higher than the state with fewer gun users. Unfortunately, the chances of gun death are much higher in homes where guns are not stored properly. It would be better to store your gun unloaded and locked in a gun safe. 
  • The majority of the victims of gun death are either young adults or children. Another frequent cause of death is using firearms. In the American region, the reason for teenagers’ death is gun-related death after car accidents. And in a survey tells that most of the teenagers are around 19 years old. The reason behind death is playing with an inadequately stored gun in their house. 
  • If you think guns are widely used for deterring crime, then maybe you are wrong. Guns are rarely used to discourage crimes. However, gun owners lose their guns more frequently than they can use them. So if you have a licenced gun, you have to be very alert when you keep it at home or carry it with you. 
  • Guns are deadly used for committing suicides at home—one in ten people who commit suicide use a gun. Most of the gun owners are carry thoughts of attempting suicide than the people who don’t own a gun. 

So it is clear that guns are widely used for taking the life of innocents or committing suicide. Using guns increases the risk of an unfortunate accident instead of decreasing crimes. Still, if you want to have a gun at your home, then there are few things that you need to consider while keeping them at home. 

You need to know a few safety precautions in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe at home. Here are the top 10 things that will help gun owners to reduce the risk, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

  • One should always remember that they should not point the gun toward something they don’t want to shoot.
  • Do not forget to make the gun unload when you are not using them.
  • Instead of assuming that the safety of the gun is on, check it.
  • Be careful with the things that are beyond your target.
  • Always try to use the right bullets for your gun. 
  • Never forget or avoid wearing protection for the eyes and ears. 
  • Before shooting the gun, check the barrel.
  • Give your professional gun service if needed. 
  • Learn the gun properly if you are going to use any new gun for the first time. 
  • In case you fail to discharge while shooting a gun, attentively unload your gun. 

How to store your gun safely at home?

You have just learned how a gun becomes unfortunate if it is not stored properly from the above discussion. That’s why every gun owner needs to know how you can store your gun safely at home without putting your family in danger. You can use a gun safe to keep your gun and then hide the gun safe in a place where you can have quick access. Here are a few ways of keeping your gun safely at home:

  • Using a trigger lock will prevent the chances of a gun being fired by any unauthorized users, and trigger locks are affordable as well. 
  • There are various shapes and sized gun cases available to keep your gun and lock them. Gun cases are also affordable and portable. You can hide those gun cases easily in plain sights. Please make sure they are high-secured to keep your gun inside them. 
  • Another option is using a locking steel gun cabinet. These gun carriages are super strong and come with high-security protection. This one is a bit more expensive than the other gun carriage. 
  • Gun safes are the great and most popular options to store your gun securely at home. But there is a thing, the larger the safe size is, the more expensive they are. So choose a gun safe according to the safe size you need. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do guns help to reduce crime?

Yes, guns help to reduce crime, but they should use guns to scare the criminals. Indeed using a gun decreases violent crime, but it can increase the safety hazard risks. If a criminal accidentally got your gun, they can point the gun at you and shoot the gun to save their lives. So using a gun can reduce crime and, at the same time, can increase crimes. 

Are guns any good for self-protection?

Guns are a powerful and fancy weapon that a person can use to protect themselves. If you target any criminal with a gun, they are most likely to leave coming after you to save themselves. So you can say that guns are good for self-protection. 

Does having a gun bring any changes to a person’s behaviour?

Yes, having a gun, even just seeing a gun, can bring changes to your perspective and behaviour. The change in your behaviour can be a good one or a bad one. It may also bring any criminal vibe or suicidal thoughts to your mind.


So now you have the answer to the question: do guns make us safer or not. Gun violence has become popular, and guns are becoming a part of safety hazards as well. On the other hand, you can take potential benefits from using a gun to protect your house. But you have to remember that the best way of owning a gun is strictly following the safety protocols of having a gun. We really hope this article helped you understand whether a gun protects you or puts you in danger. 

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