How to Build a Hidden DIY Gun Cabinet in 8 Steps

Firearms are potentially dangerous objects. You can’t just leave them be anywhere in your house. What would happen if a kid gets his hand on the gun? 

That’s why it’s very crucial to store your gun in a protective place. And no other place can be perfect for this job than a hidden gun cabinet.

The Gun Cabinets are certainly not the best option for you if you want to get quick access. It is best for hiding the firearms from the plain sight of view. That can be more effective than locking up the guns using a safe.

Building a cabinet by professional carpenters can be pretty costly. It’s possible to build a DIY gun cabinet all by yourself with a few cheap items. This will help to store your guns properly and out of reach as well as save you a lot of money.

But it is not an easy task to execute for sure. You’ll need to map out the gun cabinet plans that you can follow and build it the right way. Let’s take a look at a basic step-by-step tutorial on how to build gun cabinet. 

Full-Length Mirror as Gun Cabinet

One of the best places to make your cabinet would be behind a mirror. Mirrors help to make it a lot less-suspectable of the fact that there might be anything hidden behind it. Let’s go over the steps to make your own gun cabinet that’s concealed by a mirror.

Step 1: Right Place and Supplies

The first thing to do if you want to build a DIY gun cabinet, you have to choose the spot you want to place the cabinet in. Anywhere would be fine but a high place usually helps to make it more accessible for you. But make sure to be careful about the plumbing and wires. You really don’t want to mess up these things in the process.

Pick a place that you’ll be able to get to at the right time when an emergency. It’s not logical to place your guns out of your reach or really far away that takes very long to get to.

For the supplies, you’ll need keypad, solenoid, and multi-tool for cutting holes. You’ll also need some wooden planks. Three 8 feet 1×4’s and two 8 feet 2×4’s should be a good fit for your hidden gun cabinet.

Step 2: Cutting the Holes

Here comes the action part. You need to make a hole to put your guns there. Also, you have to make sure that it’s small enough that is easily concealed by the door.

You need to be very careful while cutting the wall. Using cheap multitools will be enough to do it. You might need to cut any studs that get in your way. After that, you’ll have to frame out the behind of the drywall with the 2×4’s that you have. If you are too concerned about removing or cutting out any studs in the wall. You can simply work around them. But it’s preferable to cut it out so that you can get a clear space in the cabinet. You should aim for a space that you can easily put your guns and rifles into and organize those properly.

After you are done, you should put a foam installation on the outside wall. That should protect your guns with wooden arms from getting scratches.

Step 3: Running the Wires of the Keypad

You’d have to set the keypad to a place that you can operate easily from. It’s not gonna be right on your hidden cabinet. But to program it, you’d first need to take the wiring into the place. 

You can use floor molding, the attic, or under the house to run the wires of the keypad.

Good wiring is critical for your cabinet. It will help you to conceal it properly afterward. Flimsy wiring can cause the keypad not to function properly, which is something you definitely want to avoid,

Step 4: Building a Box

Now it’s time to put a box in the interior of the cabinet for a basic structure. For that, you need to build a box out of the 1×4’s that’ll fit into the hole. Make sure there is a ½ inch gap behind the box and the other side of the wall as you slid out the box to the edge of the drywall.

You can attach plastic to the backside of the 1×4 frame for the back. You may also use thin plywood, paneling, etc. Leaving the backside with the drywall looks really flimsy and bad. You should take some time to fix it using those materials.

After you slide the box into place, attach it with screws so that it doesn’t slide back and forth and remains stable. Make sure it’s tight and rigid.

Step 5: Placing the Keypad

Placing the keypad into a good spot is also very critical for ensuring the maximum stealth of your DIY gun cabinet. You’ll unlock the cabinet using the keypad. So it’s crucial to place it where you can reach and use it at ease. 

You should pick a spot that’s close to the cabinet but not on it. Placing it behind a painting would be a clever thing to do. Just make sure that you place it close enough so that you can get access to the gun cabinet quickly.

After you pick your spot, it’s time to cut a hole in the wall to run wires and put the keypad. A recessed box made of plastic or a small wooden box is going to work perfectly on that. After you are done installing the keypad, you can now put back the object to hide it completely. 

Step 6: Placing the Door

Now it’s time to place the door to conceal the cabinet. The door is going to help seal the cabinet form the outside. It’s very important to place it the right way to be able to hide it properly afterward.

You can use for example 1×4’s to make a 2’ by 4’ door. You can cut a groove to the side of the 1×4 to hold the mirror using a table saw. Also, cut a 45-degree angle on the ends of the 1×4’s and then assemble. That should do the trick. 

Placing the door in the right place will help you to get access to the guns at the time you need easily.

Make sure to add the hinges to the cabinet. Use a screw and a magnet to open and close the door accordingly. That should allow you to hide both your cabinet and your keypad to its lock which is discussed in the next step.

Step 7: Placing the Lock on the Cabinet

What can be more important than the lock on your gun cabinet? The lock is going to be set in the interior of the cabinet. You’ll need to figure out a way to attach the solenoid to the cabinet. A small steel strap with holes in it can be used to screw the solenoid to the door.

After that, you need to figure out a way to have the solenoid to catch onto something. The easiest way would be to use a metal pipe strap and bend it into the shape you need. Then, just attach it to the door game. Make sure that you wire it all up and test the wiring before you close the door.

Step 8: Finalizing the Cabinet

All those steps are shown above, if done correctly, will make up for a pretty solid cabinet for your firearms. But to maximize its protection and stealth, you need to make it as suitable as it can possibly look with the other objects in the room.

If your wall cutting is poor, you can certainly cover it using rosettes. Also, put a diode across the solenoid to take care of the inductive kick. That should give you an amazing cabinet for your guns.

As you can see, the cabinet behind a mirror is a really clever way to protect and hide your guns from the potential threats. It’s the least susceptible cabinet that you can build for yourself. And the construction is not that complicated at all. So, if you are thinking about making a cabinet in your house, this option might be the best one for you.

Hidden Mirror DIY gun cabinet

Additional DIY Gun Cabinet Plans

What you saw earlier was one of the most effective ways to make a gun cabinet. But there are more gun cabinet plans you can use in your house. If you are asking how to build gun cabinet another way than using a mirror, let’s go over a few to help you with that.

Using your Couch as a Gun Cabinet

What could be more non-suspicious than a couch? Who would suspect there’s a gun hidden under your couch? Thus, it’s a pretty good idea to utilize it and make a gun cabinet inside it.

Usually, there is plenty of space underneath its cushion. You can easily put a box in it that will be able to contain your guns or rifles. Simply take out the cushion and place a lockable box that fits inside.

You can also craft a box with some planks or materials of that kind. At first, measure out the empty space available under the couch. Then you can just make a box that will fit in. After that, attach the solenoid to the box using screws. And finally, have something that catches onto the solenoid.

Now you can easily put the keypad and the wiring of the lock. That should turn your couch to a hidden and secured cabinet for your firearms.

Concealing Weapons in a Table

This is another effective method to use as it is a common object in the room. You can make a cabinet that can hold your firearms off of it. But as there will be people and children using the table, you must create a locking mechanism to have better protection.

For making it work, you’ll need some basic materials like wooden boards, solenoid, lock keypad, wood glue, etc.

Measure the size of the table and pick a decent size that fits good. Then just make a wooden compartment whit the solenoid attached and place the lock keypad. Make sure the door is functional like a drawer for you to open  After that, you can just attach it to the bottom of the table with some wood glue. That should be your weapon cabinet that is concealed with a table.

Gun Safes Vs. Cabinets Which One is Best for you?

Safes and cabinets both have different ways to conceal and protect your firearms. When it comes to maximum security, fire projection, quick access, or other features of that kind, a gun safe is really the best option to go. But for stealth, a hidden cabinet can’t be beaten. 

Cabinets can conceal your guns so that thieves can’t even know the location of your firearms. But a safe is an object that is in front of them. They can try to break into the safe. And if they succeed, it will allow your guns to get stolen. As most of the safes come with advanced lock mechanism as well as mounting features nowadays, it’s fairly effective against burglary. But the fact that hidden cabinets provide more stealthy protection can’t be denied. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have the knowledge to make your own DIY gun cabinet. As you saw, it’s pretty easy to make when you know the right steps to take. 

A hidden cabinet for your firearms can save you from a lot of troubles. It’s a safe zone for your guns and rifles as well as you can access it in times of emergencies. 

A gun cabinet protects your guns form the burglars and also prevents it from getting into the wrong hands. As they are very risky objects, they should be held and used with extreme caution. Any misfire might lead to a fatal accident.

You can probably feel the necessity of a gun cabinet in your house. It would be very responsible to have a cabinet if you already own a few guns as those are items with potential risk. 

As building a gun safe cabinet might be a bit expensive for you, a DIY cabinet might come in handy in this case. You might have a few of the materials already. That definitely saves up a lot of your money. I hope those easy steps would help you to craft your own gun cabinet and protect your guns.

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