Best Gun Safes for the Money [Updated Reviews 2021]

If you own a gun, then you know how much the security of your firearms matter. Especially if you have few firearms, you must have to own a gun safe to store those.

Nowadays, gun safes are not just basic safes with a dial-up combination lock. A digital gun safe provides a lot of amazing features, which really adds up to the ease of use and overall security.

There are hundreds of options out there when it comes to gun safes. And most of the gun safes are very costly. You really don’t want to invest in a safe that will not give you back the value you expect from it.

Choosing a safe isn’t the easiest task on the planet. Numerous things come to play when you want to get a new safe for you. All the different options and features will get you overwhelmed. To help you with this, let’s go over some hand-picked, best gun safes on the market that actually gives the value of your bucks.

Top Suggested Product

Sentry Safe might be the best gun safe model in the market by far. Let’s take a look why we choose it as our top suggested product.

Sentry Safe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

Sentry Safe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe with Digital Keypad

SentrySafe is one of the foremost renowned gun safe manufacturers in the world. They are known for their quality safes and astonishing customer service.

The SFW123GDC model is one of their remarkable creations. It’s the ideal safe for home and business environments.

This safe has some cool features that make it different from the rest. The backlit keypad is one feature that gives so much ease of unlocking the gun safe in darker environments. Also, the interior lighting makes it very easy to access your goods in the dark.

Let’s discuss the key features of the SentrySafe SFW123GDC model down below.

Key Features of Sentry Safe Fireproof Safe and Waterproof Safe

  • Fireproof and Waterproof Design: This model of Sentry safe is surprisingly good at fire-resistance and water resistance. It helps to protect your goods for up to 1 hour at 1700 degrees Fahrenheit’s.
    As water can also damage your valuable goods, waterproof feature is extremely important to have on gun safes. The SentrySafe SFW123GDC model protects your goods from flooding. It’s tested to be waterproof for 1 hour under 8 inches of water.
  • Digital Locking Mechanism with Back Light: The digital keypad allows for easy access to the safe. Also, the backlight helps to put the right combination in darker environments. That you can’t find on a lot of gun safes.
  • Impact and Pry Resistance for Maximum Security: This safe is made impact resistant as well as pry-resistant so that the burglars can’t get any advantage over it. This feature is key for a good gun safe.

Additional Features

This safe uses top-notch steel construction to maximize security. You can set your own digital combination code with a 1-8 digit code. The keypad is lit which allows for more visibility when the light is dim.

Also, this model contains a dual key which gives this safe the ability to disable the primary lock, even if any other people know the combination code they can’t open it. This is not any backup key.

The safe digital locking mechanism runs on batteries. It’s really simple to change the batteries as the safe has easy to access battery compartment.

It’s recommended that you use four high-quality, alkaline AA batteries with an expiration date of 8-10 years. Generic batteries usually are not able to provide a decent lifespan for long term usage.

Specification of Product

SentrySafe SFW123GDC is the top pick for numerous amounts of reasons. You’ve seen the amazing features of this product so far. Now, let’s take a look at the specification in detail.

The dimension of the safe is 19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches. It suits your home and your office perfectly. The size of this sentry safe is 1.23 cubic feet, which is enough for regular use.

The total weight of this safe is 87.3 pounds. That’s really light if you consider the sturdiness of this gun safe making it a bit easy to move it into places.


  • Made of Solid Steel which ensures maximum safety
  • Interior light for ease of use
  • 1-8 Digit customizable combination
  • Electronic Keypad back-lit
  • Fire protection for 1 Hour
  • Water protection for 24 Hours
  • Best value of money


  • Absence of biometric locking mechanism
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Final Thoughts

The SentrySafe SFW123GDC beats all other competitors in the field of gun safes at its price range. As you saw, there are some incredible features that even safes above 500 dollars can’t offer.

You are getting all the premium features that you need in a high-quality gun safe. The security, the ease of use, the technology, the SentrySafe SFW123GDC has it all in it. It’s also top reviewed by hundreds of customers on different marketplaces. 

So, if you are thinking about buying a safe, this is the one to pick. It is a high standard safe that you’ll get the most value out of your money.

Best Gun Safes Under 500 Review

If you want a gun safe that’s going to provide decent security for your home or office and is for casual use, then you can buy safes that are under 500 dollars. Most regular gun safes come under that price range. Also, these are small in size and good for handguns. So, you’ll have more freedom moving it around. But it can get a bit confusing when it comes to choosing a good product. To help you with that, let’s review a couple of gun safes that come under 500 dollars.

1. BARSKA Biometric Gun Safe Review

Barska is one of the most renowned safe manufacturers that specializes in safes with biometric safes. You can have those safes for any security solutions in your home or office. It is a solid option that will get the job done, and it is also a very affordable option as it comes with really advanced features.

You can easily store handguns in this safe along with some ammunition. It is really a great safe for day to day usage. The price range of this product is surprisingly low. You can get yourself this gun safe for less than 250$. The value you get is so much more.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features that the BARSKA Biometric Safe AX11224 model can offer you.

Key Features of BARSKA Biometric Safe

Lightning Fast Access: The advanced biometric locking mechanism allows you to unlock the gun safe at a lightning-fast speed. Most of the outdated keypads are annoying to put in the combination. But with the AX11224 model, your access to the lock becomes effortless as it takes 2.5 seconds to unlock the safe using your fingerprints.

Great Fingerprint Memory: The biometric technology used in this safe can remember up to 120 fingerprints for precise. You’ll have to save the same fingerprint of one finger multiple times at different angles. Use horizontal, diagonal, low, and high motion to get the best out of this lock mechanism. Take a note that you should always set up multiple fingerprints to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Low Power Consumption: The safe is powered by 4 Aa batteries. That lasts for at least 1 year or fingerprint 10,000 scans. It is also compatible with backup battery packs for emergency power.

Manual Access for Emergencies: The BARSKA Biometric safe AX11224 ensures that your goods don’t get locked out from you. There are 2 backup keys that can be used to override the lock if something goes wrong.

Super Sturdy Steel Construction: The safe is made out of robust steel. The thick steel layers give this safe very strong and sturdy protection against burglars. This safe will last for centuries.

Trusted Protection: The BARSKA Biometric safe AX11224 is DOJ approved for pry test, saw test, drop test, and pick test. Also, the BARSKA company prides itself on delivering value and the latest technology. This model is no different. The safety this gun safe provides is of top-notch.

Simple to Use: This gun safe is so easy to use. You’ll just have to set the fingerprint lock, then you are done with the technical stuff. You can just access the safe in 2.5 seconds with your fingers. It’s very simple and efficient for day to day life.

Specification of Product

The AX11224 model BARSKA Biometric safe is undoubtedly a great safe that is super affordable. Now, let’s discuss the specifications of this gun safe in detail.

The interior dimensions of the safe are 12.25”x 16.38”x 6.88”, which gives enough space to store multiple handguns as long as ammunition. The exterior dimensions of this Barska safe are 14.63” x16.5” x 8”. The 14 Gauge metal thickness of this safe is incredible for ensuring maximum security. This safe weighs 26.55 lbs in total.

You’ll get some extra goods with this safe. Mounting hardware, 1 Battery pack, 2 Backup keys, and 4 AA batteries are included with the safe.


  • Advanced Bio-metric Protection for better safety
  • Simple and easy to use for day to day life
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) approved
  • Lightning-fast access in the locking mechanism
  • Great value for your money
  • Solid Steel construction allows for longevity


  • Only comes with a 1-year warranty

As you saw, this gun safe has almost all you’ll ever need. And for that price point, it’s definitely a no-brainer.

It’s simple, fast, and elegant to use in home security and office environments. If you want a basic safe with all the features of a premium gun safe, you can go for this one. It will surely be the best investment.

2. Viking Biometric Fingerprint Hidden Wall Safe Review

The Viking VS-52BLX Wall safe is a high-grade, biometric technology operated safe. It has a robust and military look and it is designed to mount between the wall studs. This safe is an ideal safe for protecting guns, documents, and many other valuable goods.

This safe can be unlocked using fingerprint unlock or pin combination. This is a unique feature that you won’t be able to find in many other gun safes out there. Let’s have a look at the features of the Viking VS-52BLX wall safe.

Key Features of The Viking Security Safe VS-52BLX

Maximum Security Safe: This model of Viking safes is very secure for lots of reasons. When it’s correctly installed, it is well hidden in the wall cavity between studs. The anchor bolts make it almost impossible to remove from there. There are next to no gaps in between the door and the body when it’s locked. But the safe is not tested for waterproof or fireproof.

Great Optical Fingerprint Sensor: The Viking security safe VS-52BLX features an optical fingerprint sensor that can store up to 32 fingerprints. Thus you can save multiple of your fingerprints for enhanced security. Also, it can be used to authorize people for access without giving them the override key, which is extremely useful at times.

Durable and Premium looking Design: The VS-52BLX safe is very sturdy in terms of construction. The construction process is done with strict quality guidelines that ensure every steel part of this safe is seamlessly welded in place. The door is made of 5mm thick steel, which makes it impossible to pry-open.

The stylish design of the Viking VS-52BLX can’t be overlooked, allowing to fit everybody’s needs in both durability and style.

Lit Interior for Easy use: The LED light inside the safe is dope as it allows you to use the safe more easily. The lights use AA batteries that help you to get better illustration inside the safe whether it’s day or night. What can be better than this utter ease in the organization of your goods?

Alternative Digital Keypad Lock Mechanism: THe Viking VS-52BLX comes with a digital keypad locking mechanism along with the biometric fingerprint lock. It’s very useful to help give access to any other person that you like.

Adjustable Shelves for Customization: Not many safes out there can offer this feature of adjustable shelves. The VS-52BLX safe has 3 fully adjustable shelves that allow you to customize your safe at heart’s desire. You can adjust those shelves accordingly to gain maximum space to store different sized firearms in it.

Specification of Product

The Viking VS-52BLX Wall safe is truly a great option that comes under 500 dollars. Let’s go over the specifications of this safe real quick.

The dimensions of the safe are 14” x 4” x 19” that allows you to store basic guns at ease. The total weight of this wall safe is 37.5 pounds. 6 AA batteries are required for this safe to operate properly. The batteries come with the safe. Also, there are 2 override keys included with the safe that you can use in emergencies.

5mm thick steel material is used in the construction of this safe, which ensures total security. The interior part is fully carpeted. It has 3 fully adjustable shelves which give the freedom to customize the safe easily. The 4 pre-drilled hole with anchor helps to open the safe very fast and smooth.


  • Biometric Finger Unlock for fast and secure access
  • Digital keypad combination locking mechanism
  • Interior is lit with bright LED light
  • Hides very well in the wall studs
  • Amazing Style along with Sturdy Design


  • Requires Batteries to operate

Final Thoughts

The Viking VS-52BLX security safe is one of the most versatile gun safes available in the market. The guaranteed security and amazing features truly help to give you the best value out of your money. And for the price range, you just can’t go wrong with it.

3. Barska Large Biometric Gun Safe

Do you own multiple guns or some long guns? Then Barska AX12842 might be the best long gun safe for your fit. 

It comes with both a biometric fingerprint scanner and a numeric digital keypad as well as tons of different features.

If you are someone who would like a gun safe that has all the advanced technology, great space, and affordable, then the AX12842 model of Barska safe is your best bet. Let’s have a look at the features of this security safe.

Key Features of Barska AX12842 Security Safe

Brilliant 2-Way Access: This safe has 2 locking mechanism in it.

The biometric optic fingerprint scanner allows you to unlock the safe very fast and without any effort. It uses an advanced algorithm mapping technology to identify fingerprints with maximum precision. This safe can store up to 120 fingerprints. The Biosecure tech will only recognize the fingerprints that are programmed in this safe. That is amazing and can be used for giving access to someone without handing over the keys. Also, it makes the safe even more secure when you save multiple of your fingerprints.

The alternative way is to use the numeric digital keypad. The dial of the safe contains only 4 numbers in it. You can program this locking mechanism with 1 unique PIN code. That can be used as an alternative to the fingerprint lock mechanism.

Big Storage Space: The AX12842 safe by Barska is well recognized for its storage space. The estimated space of this safe is 1.94 (ft³). That makes plenty of room for your guns and ammunition. Also, If you like to customize the interior a bit, you can do that easily by removing the removable self it has.

Exceptional Security: This safe provides exceptional surveillance to your goods. The safe is built with robust steel material. It features 20 gauge metal thickness and 2 steel locking bolts that ensure maximum protection. Also, the anti-pry concealed door hinges further add up to its security.

No-sweat Mounting: What good will a safe do if thieves are able to steal the safe itself? That makes mounting a very crucial part to ensure security. The AX12842 model comes with pre-drilled holes. This allows you to mount the safe in place way easier. You’ll have to drill holes on the floor, shelf, or anywhere you like. Then it’s just mounting the safe in place accordingly. Once the process is done, it’s impossible to move the safe from its place without reversing the process, which requires the safe to be opened in the first place.

Amazing Motorized Deadbolt System: Thieves nowadays break open a safe by causing the lock solenoid to drop. The motorized deadbolt system prevents that from happening. It prevents any kind of tampering which can cause the locking solenoids to fail. That definitely adds up to the security of your guns and goods.

Specification of Product

As you saw, the Barska AX12842 security safe has a lot of premium features that you can get so much out of. Now, let’s go over the specifications of this safe for an even deeper look.

The interior dimension of the safe is 5” x7.75” x2.25” which is pretty dope for a gun safe. It uses 20 gauge metal that makes it very surveillant against threats. The total weight of this safe is 40 lbs. And as mentioned, it uses biometric and pin code locking modules. You’ll also get 2 backup keys that you can use if the batteries run out of charge or for any other emergencies. 4 AA sized batteries are included with this safe. Also, mounting hardware comes with the safe.


  • Well Spacious
  • Maximum surveillance
  • Excellent biometric fingerprint optic sensor
  • Easy mounting
  • Sturdy body with premium design


  • The dial has only 4 digits in it 

Final Thoughts

You should be able to see how this safe is one of the best gun safes out there under 500. It offers so much for that price range. It’s basically a no-brainer option if you want a safe for your firearms that is both high-quality and affordable.

4. Verifi Smart Biometric Gun Safe with FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor

If you hate the combination method, the Verifi smart safe is another fabulous option for you. This safe a has biometric fingerprint lock for security and convenience. Thus, there’s no more frustration of forgetting the PIN or dialing up the pun every time.

The Verifi smart safe has advanced programming, which allows for better surveillance and ease in use. Let’s take a look at the features of this security safe.

Key Features of Verifi Smart Safe

FBI Certified & FSD Approved Safe: The biometric finger scanner lock featured in the Verifi Smart safe is FBI certified. It uses an advanced optic fingerprint sensor to scan fingerprints efficiently, better than most safes out there. Also, the 3D capacitive sensor works below the surface of your fingers to scan the best image of your fingerprint possible. It works on dirty, worn, or delicate fingers too.

Also, the safe itself is listed on the California Department of Justice Roster of Approved Firearm Safety Devices. 

Smart User Management Options: The Verifi Smart safe might have the best user management options available in the market. You’ll be stunned how much elegance the system is. This allows for adding, removing, editing, and naming users as you can store up to 40 fingerprints in the sensor. It also lets you edit the user privileges.

Sturdy Construction: This safe is made using solid steel that allows ensuring maximum security. The recessed door along with the concealed hinges makes this safe pry-resistant. 2 motorized locking bolts used in this safe. Also, pre-drilled holes allow you to mount this safe into place, which prevents unauthorized removal.

It’s also large enough to put your firearms in it and some ammo as well.

Automatic Locking: This feature saves you from the annoying issue of locking the safe manually every time you use it. The Verifi Smart safe auto-locks every time you close the door. You don’t have to press any button to turn the knob.

Brilliant Self-Diagnostics: The Verifi Smart safe performs a thorough test on every electronic part and the batteries to check if everything is fine. It is an automated system that takes place after you use the safe, or once every day. The access log shows which user opened or closed the safe with the exact time. The event log shows previous alarms, alerts, and diagnostic results. The system stores the last 1000 logs which only can be viewed by the registered admin. That’s a really impressive technology for a safe.

Alarms and Alerts for Enhanced Security: The safe comes with advanced alerting options. Basically, you’ll get alerts for unauthorized fingers. Also, using the backup key or the settings button pressed while the safe is locked will trigger the alert mechanism. 

The alarm of this safe triggers when there is a self-diagnostic failure. That can also happen for the door bolts being jammed.


Let’s discuss the specs of the Verifi Smart Safe down below.

The safe door uses 4mm approx 8 gauge metal and the safe walls use 2mm approx 14 gauge metal. That makes it next to impossible to pry-open the lock or drill holes in it. Also, the safe uses (2) 20 mm motorized locking bolts that prevent any kind of solenoid manipulation. There are pre-drilled holes at the back and the bottom to prevent unauthorized removal. The mounting hardware is included with the safe. The lock system runs on batteries. 4 AA sized batteries are required, which is also included. 2 emergency override keys are included for emergencies.


  • Advanced Fingerprint Sensor (FBI Approved)
  • Automatic Self-diagnostic
  • Locks automatically
  • Lit interior with LED lights
  • Tamper alerts


  • Lack of numeric keypad lock mechanism

Final Thoughts

You can probably see by now why this safe has made its place on this list. It features so many advanced technologies that help to make your experience so much easier and effortless. And at the price range of under 500, the Verifi Smart safe will not disappoint you.

5. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe Box

Fire is a big threat nowadays. It can damage all of your goods. Thus, investing in a fire-resistant safe is a really wise decision to make. And no other safe is better than the AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Box Safe in the price range of under 500 dollars.

This basic gun safe has everything you want in a fire-resistant safe. Let’s have a look at the features in detail down below.

Key Features of AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Fire-Resistant Safe: This safe complies with modified UL 72 Standard for safety tests and it’s tested by Intertek for protection of your goods against fire for 20 minutes. That’s surprisingly well for a safe that comes under 500 bucks. You might be able to save your guns from getting damaged by fire accidents by using this safe.

Digital Numeric Keypad: The AmazonBasics Box safe features an electronic keypad that allows you to get quick and easy access every time. You’ll be able to set 1 unique pin code in the safe. But if you forget the code somehow, you’ll be able to unlock the safe using the backup override key.

Freedom in Space: Another amazing thing about this safe is that it’s very spacious. Storage space is something a lot of security safe under 500 dollars lack in. But the AmazonBasics Box safe changes the game. It’s 2.1 cubic feet in size, which gives you plenty of room to store your guns and ammunition. Also, inside, there’s an adjustable shelve that you can use to create the space you need accordingly.

Very Sturdy Construction:  This safe uses 14 gauge heavy-duty steel body which makes it super sturdy and reliable. Also, there are 5 large 0.75” bolts used in this safe that eliminates any chance of breaking in. The thick steel layered body of the safe gives it protection against drilling holes. The 3 exterior active bolts and the 2 internal deadbolts make pry-opening next to impossible.

Trouble-Free Mounting: You probably know how important it is to mount a safe in place. It will do you no good if thieves can take your whole safe away. That is definitely something you don’t want. That’s why you need to mount the safe in place. And the AmazonBasic Box safe makes it very simple for you. There is a pre-drilled hole in the bottom middle part of the safe. That way you can mount it easily on the floor or wherever you want.

Specification of Product

The AmazonBasic fire-resistant box safe is a really solid option if you want a spacious safe that can ensure maximum security. Now that you know all the amazing features of this safe, let’s go over the specifications to get an even deeper view of it.

The interior dimension of this safe is 15.2″ x 9.6″ x 24.4″ and the exterior dimension is 16.9″ x 13.8″ x 26.0″. That gives you enough room for storing your guns, ammo, documents, and other goods as well. The safe’s weight is 90 pounds in total and the 14 gauge thick steel body makes it a really heavy-duty safe. It gives protection against fire for 20 minutes, which is pretty amazing.

This safe’s electronic locking system runs on 9V batteries. In case the batteries run out of power, there is a backup key included with the safe.


  • Great storage size
  • Electronic keypad lock ensures maximum surveillance
  • Easy to mount
  • Fire protection for 20 minutes
  • Adjustable inner shelf for customization


  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Lack of biometric locking module

Final thoughts

The AmazonBasic fire-resistant box safe is top of the game in the field of gun safes at that price range. Most safes can not offer a fire protection feature especially the cheaper safes. But this one has so many advanced features that help it to stand out even more. When it comes to protecting your guns form the wrong hands, this safe is really a solid option for you to get.

6. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

The Barska quick access biometric rifle safe is one of the Best Long Gun Safes out there you can get for under 500. It is designed to hold up to 4 rifles. It uses fingerprint locks, which makes it very elegant to use. It takes only 2.5 seconds on your part to unlock the safe using your fingers.

If you own longer rifles this gun safe is a no-brainer option for you that is under 500 dollars. Let’ take a look at the features of this amazing gun safe.

Key Features of Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Advanced Biometric Lock: This safe comes with a more advanced biometric locking module than most other safes available in the market. It allows you to unlock the safe with a 100% unlocking rate while maintaining the accuracy of the fingerprint sensor. Also, you can save 120 fingerprints in its database. It truly surpasses all the other outdated combination or analog safes out in the market.

Stealthy operation using Silent mode: This safe features a unique configuration that allows you to make your defense even stealthier. For that, you’ll need to activate the silent mode of the safe by pressing and holding the red button for 10 seconds. Another great thing about the safe it that it emits an alert when the battery runs low. That way you can easily fix up the issue.

Solid Construction for Better Protection: The material used to construct a safe tells everything about its quality. The Braska biometric rifle safe comes with 100% steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges. The 3 built-in locking bolts help to make the gun safe prevent pry-opening. Besides that, it is almost impossible to break in by drilling holes.

Backup Access: You will not need to worry about the gun safe as it uses low power consumption. It’s operated using 4 AA sized batteries. They will last you up to 1 year or 10000 scans making it one of the most battery-efficient biometric technology based gun safe in the market. The power pack can be used when the battery runs low. Also, there are backup override keys included so that your firearms don’t get locked out.

DOJ Approved Safe: The Braska safes are well known for their surveillance. This safe is no exception. It’s tested for pry test, drop test, pick test, and saw test. Those are the main methods burglars use to break into your safe. But the Barska safes are determined to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price The biometric fingerprint lock and the tests ensure the best burglary protection possible.

Specification of Product

The Barska gun safe is definitely one of the best rifle safes under 500 dollars. Let’s have a look at the specs of the Barska quick access biometric rifle safe.

The dimensions of this safe are 8.63” x9.5” x 52.13”. There are 4 position rifle rests. That’s more than enough for most cases. The metal thickness is 14 gauge, which makes it impossible to break in to. The weight of this rifle safe is 62 lbs.

It uses advanced biometric safe that takes only 2.5 seconds to unlock. You can store up to 120 fingerprints in it’s database. It requires 4 AA batteries to operate that is included. The safe is pretty easy to mount thanks to the pre-drilled holes and the mounting hardware that’s included. Ultimately, it’s a rigged rifle safe.


  • DOJ approved safe
  • Advanced biometric that takes 2.5 seconds to unlock
  • Can store 4 long rifles
  • Silent mode allows for stealth operating of the safe
  • Great value of your money


  • Only one-way access

Final Thoughts

The Braska quick access biometric rifle safe is the best option if you are searching for a good rifle safe that’s affordable. This safe has everything you need in a basic rifle safe. And the exceptionally designed biometric lock and enhanced security features really make it one of the best gun safe for you to get.

Gun Safes under 1000 Review

A gun safe that’s in 500 dollar price range can’t offer you a lot of space and better surveillance. To get that, you definitely need to spend more money on your gun safe. 1 Grand is a good number that can get you a gun safe that is far better than the 500 dollars one.

Down below, you find the top gun safes in the market that’s under 1000 dollars. These are the best picks when it comes to space, features, and security. Let’s go over them.

1. Stack On 20 Gun Fire Resistant Tactical Gun Safe


The Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S safe is a fabulous option if you are going for a high-end gun safe. It has a good capacity that can hold up to 20 guns. Besides, it uses high-grade material that makes it impossible to break in to.

Let’s take a look at the key features of this amazing safe.

Key Features of the Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S Fire Resistant Tactical Security Safe

DOJ Approved Maximum Security Safe: This fun safe is a California-approved firearm safety device. It fulfills the requirements of the Penal code section 23655. You can change the pin code of this safe electronic lock and program it with a 3-8 digit pin code. This safe includes an electronic lock that allows you to program it with your own unique 3-8 digit PIN code. The keypad is backlit, which allows you to use unlock the safe at darker environments with utter ease.

This Stack-On safe uses 9V batteries to operate the lock module. You can access the battery compartment from the front of the safe. And in case of emergencies, an override back up key is also included with the safe. For even greater security, In the back of the lock, there’s a drill-resistant steel plate attached.

Fire-Resistance: Fire resistance is something that the cheaper alternatives lack. Great fire resistance can ensure the maximum security of your gun safe. A fire accident can ruin everything and destroy your guns in a matter of seconds. So, it’s very crucial to get a fire-resistant safe if you are going for a safe that is around 1000 dollars.

This safe features fire resistance which is tested for 30 minutes protection. The temperature used in the test was a stunning 1400° Farengites. A third-party independent lab did this test. It’s truly amazing for a gun safe to have this much protection against fire.

Maximum Security on Locks: This model of Stack-On safe comes with a 4-Way locking with 7 locking bolts (1.5” each) and 3 deadbolts. That totals 10 locking points. That many strong locking points make it impossible to pry open the safe. Also, the thick steel constructed body makes it impossible to penetrate with drills. That cancels out any possible ways for a thief to break into the safe. 

Good Amount of Space for Your Guns: This safe has a total of 4 tactical storage sections which includes adjustable barrel rest. On each side of the tactical gun storage section, you can store up to 8 shotguns or long rifles. The new door organizer maximizes the storage possibilities even further. This safe comes with 6 adjustable shelves. The interior is fully carpeted.

Specification of Product

The Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S safe is a great option for you if you want a gun safe that has good capacity. Let’s go over the specs of this safe for a clear view on it.

The exterior dimension of this safe is 35.25” x26.75” x 59” that is pretty big safe. The interior space is 22.2 cubic feet, which gives you so much room to store your guns at ease. This is a very heavy gun safe and the total weight of it is 545 lbs. You’ll be able to store 4 tactical weapons along with 16 standard guns or guns and storage. There are 6 shelves, fully adjustable.


  • A premium quality gun safe
  • A good amount of space (Can hold 20 guns)
  • DOJ approved
  • 10 locking points
  • Heavyweight


  • Not recommended for storing electronic devices

Final Thoughts

Stack-On brand is one of the most renowned guns safe manufacturing companies that craft high-quality gun safes. Especially, they have great safes that are a bit costly compared to the alternative basic safes.

If you want a safe that is more secure than a basic gun safe than you have to spend some extra money on it. And for the price range of under 1000 dollars, no other gun safe can be more robust and secured than the Stack-On TS-20-MB-E-S safe. 

2. AMSEC Electronic Lock Gun Safe

AMSEC Electronic Lock Gun Safe

This is another magnificent gun safe that you can get under 1000 dollars. This one provides a really good fire resistance as well as many anti-theft features. If you are looking for a gun safe that can provide ensure top-notch surveillance while having a decent amount of capacity for guns, this is the one to get.

The amazing thing about this safe is that it’s backed up by lifetime service warranty. Now, let’s take a look at the main features of this gun safe.

Key Features of AMSEC TF5517E5 Gun Safe

Solid Construction: This safe is constructed using 14 gauge steel. The 3/26” steel plate makes it a reliable safe in any environment. The 4-way bolt with 5 chrome-plated bolts (1” each) and 3 deadbolts are used to in this safe. A total of 8 bolts give this safe incredible protection against all threats of thefts.

Any gun safe that is of good quality should have solid materials as it is the most crucial part of a safe. And the AMSEC TF5517E5 gun safe nails it just right.

Advanced Fire Protection: Fire protection is an important feature when it comes to the safety of your guns. Not a lot of gun safes can offer this feature. But the AMSEC TF5517E5 gun safe has advanced protection against fire. It is tested to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350°F in 1200°F heat for 30 minutes. That is very impressive when it comes to a safe. The door contains 2 layers of fire insulating material along the side of the steel plate.

Super Easy Mounting: Mounting is a critical part of a safe for ensuring maximum security. Without proper mounting, thieves can steal the whole safe away. It basically means attaching the safe to a floor so that it can’t be moved.

The AMSEC TF5517E5 gun safe comes with 4 pre-cut anchor holes that allow you to mount your safe perfectly. The necessary hardware is also included with the safe.

AMSEC’s ESL5 Electronic Lock: The ESL5 locking mechanism allows for maximum security when it comes to keypad locks. The keypad is illuminated so that you can use it easily in darker environments. The lock can be opened with a backup override key.

Premium Door Organizer: The premium door organizer allows you to maximize the storage space. That also offers quick access to your regularly used items.

You’ll be able to store up to 12 long barrel guns in this safe. Also, there should be plenty of room to store ammunition and other items as well.

Specification of Product

As you can see, the AMSEC TF5517E5 gun safe is packed with premium features. Let’s take a look at the specifications of this fabulous gun safe.

The inside dimensions of this safe are 52.5” x16” x11” and the outside dimensions are 55.25” x17.34” x16”. That is a really well-sized gun safe. The total weight of this gun safe is 286 lbs, which is pretty lightweight when it comes to a safe that’s worth around 1000 dollars. Space is measured by 9240 cubic inches. You can easily store your long barrel guns, rifles, or shotguns there.


  • 3/16″ solid steel plate door
  • 30 minutes of protection against fire
  • ESL5 Lock with illuminated keypad for maximum protection
  • The black textured finish gives a premium look
  • Amazing Lifetime Warranty


  • Lack of Biometric lock module

Final Thoughts

1000 dollars is a big amount of money when it comes to investing in a gun safe. Something that costly should meet your needs and satisfy you properly. 

The AMSEC TF5517E5 gun safe is truly an amazing gun safe in the price range of under 1000$. It has all the advanced technology backing up and the fire protection is undeniably great. If you are thinking about investing in a gun safe around 1000 dollars, this might be your perfect fit.

3. Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Quick Access Biometric long gun safe reviews

Barska is very renowned and popular gun safe manufacturing company. They are renowned for their exceptional quality safes. The AX11780 gun safe model of Barska is no exception. It might be the single most high-quality product available in the market that’s under 1000 dollars. 

If you are looking to buy a long gun safe, there is no better option for you than this one. Let’s take a look at the key features of this safe.

Key Features of Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe AX11898

Advanced Biometric Security: The biometric module used in the AX11898 is easy to program and ultra secured biometric lock. This locking mechanism allows you to unlock the safe less than 2.5 seconds. Also, you’ll be able to program 120 different fingerprints. That allows you to give access to people without handing them over the safe key. Also, the optional silent mode lets you use this safe in stealth mode.

Personalized Storage Space: This safe can hold up to 12 rifles without any accessories. Also, it comes with 3 removable shelves for enhanced space. There are 16 internal position racks that you can remove at will. That allows for freedom in personalizing your gun safe in your preferred way.

Very Sturdy Construction: The Barska safe AX11898 is built with durable & solid steel, tamper-resistant edges. There are 6 built-in steel deadbolts that make this safe pry-resistant. The interior is fully carpeted as well. As the material used in a safe should be reliable so that it can actually protect the guns form burglary, this safe has it on the point.

Easy Mounting into Place: The Barska safes come with pre-drilled holes that makes it way easier on your part to mount them into places. You just have to select the floor or closet where you want your gun safe to be in. Then just anchor the safe into place. That will make it impossible for thieves to steal the safe or even move it.

Backup Access: Despite the amazing biometric locking mechanism, the batteries could die. That can make your guns locked out of you. Luckily, there are 2 backup override keys included with the safe in case of emergency. You can use those to unlock the safe immediately. There is also a battery pack included so that if the batteries die, you can use that as well.

Specification of Product

The Barska safe AX11898 is one of the best rifle safes you can get for yourself under 1000 dollars. Now let’s check out the specs of this marvelous Barska safe. 

The interior dimensions of this safe are 13.75″ x 13.38″ x 57″ and the interior dimensions are 13.5″ x 12.5″ x 56.5″. The total weight of this safe is 114 lbs. This is a pretty lightweight rifle safe. But it uses 14 gauge metal and 6 deadbolts. That gives this safe enough protection against any threats. The safe uses advanced biometric lock mechanism. Mounting hardware, 1 emergency battery pack, 2 backup keys, and 4 AA sized batteries are included with this safe.


  • Maximum Security for your rifle guns
  • 2.5-second fast access
  • 6 locking bolts for pry-resistance
  • Pre-frilled holes for easy mounting
  • The overall great value of your money


  • One-way access (Only Biometric)

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Barska biometric safe is undoubtedly the top rifle safe in the market. Also, the brand is known for only making the top-notch products at an affordable price range. This model is a masterpiece. If you are searching for a high-quality, easy to use safe for your rifles, this one is a no-brainer option.

Best Gun Safes Under 1500 Review

1500$ gun safes are no joke. Those are the top quality gun safes that you will ever find. Those ensure maximum surveillance for your firearms. Usually, these gun safes have longer fire protection, thicker materials, and advanced features.

As there are not a ton of products as expensive. But still, there are enough to make you overwhelmed. Down below, let’s go over the top gun safes that come under 1500 dollars.

1. Hollon Hunter Series 12 Gauge Steel Gun Safe

This premium safe has everything that you need in a gun safe. No other gun safes in the market are highly rated than the Hollon Hunter Series gun safes. The HGS-16E model is a remarkable gun safe of this series. 

Hollon safes are dominating the gun safe industry with the hunter series gun safe line. They are very pricy, but the quality is undeniably good. Let’s go over the key features of the HGS-16E model of the Hollon safe.

Key Features of Hollon Hunter Series Gun Safe HGS-16E

Outstanding Fire Protection: When it comes to a premium safe that’ll cost you 1500$ that better have good fire protection. Otherwise, there is no point wasting that much money on a safe that can’t even protect your guns from the fire.

The HGS-16E model has a 45-minute fire rating. That tops almost all other gun safes available in the market. It gives you enough time to save your valuable guns from the fire damage. So, in terms of fire protection, this model of the Hollon Hunter Series is really amazing.

Heavy-duty Construction: This safe uses 12 gauge steel both on the walls and the doors. If you compare 12 gauge steel and 14 gauge steel you will find 12 gauge still is very thick and strong than the 14 gauge steel. Most of the safes out in the market use 14 gauge steel. That gives the Hollon Hunter HGS-16E the advantage of the most solid construction. Thus, it’s far more secure and durable. It also uses 12 bolts (1.25” each) on all 4  sides of the safe to make the safe completely pry attack resistant

Brilliant Electronic Lock Mechanism: The Hollon Hunter HGS-16E gun safe uses Spartan electronic lock. That’s designed to withstand 1000 newtons of bolt end pressure to resist side punch attacks that burglars use to break into a safe. Also, the drill and ballistic resistant plate used in the interior of the lock protects it. The only possible way to break into the safe would be to melt it. The keypad is backlit using a red LED light that helps to illuminate it even in the darker environments.

Great Capacity: This gun safe has a pretty good capacity to store your guns. You can easily store 16 guns in the safes. The deluxe pistol pockets make it really easy to manage your handguns. The multi-flex system allows the safe for maximizing the interior space.

Amazing Mounting: The Hollon Hunter HGS-16E gun safe comes with 4 pre-drilled mounting holes that you can use to anchor your gun safe in place. The necessary mounting hardware is included with the safe.

Specification of Product

Now you have an idea of the amazing features of this exceptional gun safe. Let’s take a look at the specifications for a better and clearer view of the safe.

The interior dimensions of this safe are 53” x22” x13” and the exterior dimensions are 55” x 24” x18”. The gun safe weights 390 lbs in total. It uses 12 gauge steel that makes it super sturdy. Also, there is a drill resistant hard plate for even better security. 

The safe can easily store 16 guns. There are also deluxe pistol pockets. It comes with 4 pre-drilled mounting holes and the hardware is included with the safe.


  • Unbeatable 45-minute Fire Resistance
  • 12 gauge steel body
  • Can hold 16 guns
  • Incredible electronic lock mechanism
  • Maximum Surveillance


  • Lack of biometric technology

Final Thoughts

Investing in a gun safe that is worth 1500 dollars is a bold move. But if the safe is of good quality then the investment is well worth it. Especially, investing in a gun safe like the Hollon Hunter HGS-16E can serve you for a lifetime. Considering that the price is actually fair. If you search, you’ll find gun safes that will cost you 1500 dollars. But no other safe will give back the value of your money as the Hollon Hunter HGS-16E.

2. Stack On 40 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock

Stack-On gun safes are well known for their quality of products. The A-40-MB-E-S gun safe is a monster safe that you can get for yourself. It has the capacity to hold 40 guns at max. So, space is not going to be an issue anymore. It’s also a great fire-resistant safe.

Let’s take a look at the key features of the Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S Armorguard 40-Gun Safe.

key features of the Stack On 40 gun safe

Protection Against Fire: As fire-resistance is one of the most important features of a premium gun safe, let’s start with that. The Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S Armorguard 40-Gun Safe can resist fire for 30 minutes up to  1400° F. A third party independent lab tested and verified it. 30 minutes of fire resistance is a fairly decent amount of time for a premium gun safe.

Massive Capacity: In terms of capacity, this safe beats all other options on the market. You can store 40 guns in this safe which is a lot of space. Also, there are 3 adjustable shelves so that you can personalize the safe by your comfort. The door storage features sewn-in pockets and pistol holders that you can use. Also, there are Molle strips for accessory storage.

Maximum Security: The reinforced steel door is packed with fire retardant materials. Also, it has 2-way locking bolts with 3 (1.5” each) tapered live action locking bolts. There are 3 (1” each) deadbolts. A total of 6 locking points makes it super effective against pry attacks. The safe is also impossible to penetrate with a drill machine.

Electronic Lock Mechanism: The Stack-On A-40-MB-E-S Armorguard 40-Gun Safe features an electronic lock mechanism that is very simple to use. You have to program this lock with a unique 3-8 digit PIN code. The battery compartments of this safe are located in front. Also, a drill resistant hardened steel is attached to the lock interior for better protection.

Lifetime Warranty: The lifetime warranty service makes this safe a foolproof gun safe to get. Once you purchase the product, the Stack-On company is gonna take all the responsibility of the safe. Thus, you’ll not have to pay for any damages and malfunctions repairs. That is a really great service by Stack-On.

Specification of Product

This model of Stack-On safe is definitely one of the best gun safe that you can get if you want a spacious gun safe. Let’s have a look at the specifications to get an even more clear view on this premium safe.

The interior dimensions of this safe are 27.83” x 19.61” x 53.19” and the exterior dimensions are 29.25” x 25.47” x 55.12”. The measured interior space is 16.80 cubic feet. This gun safe is around 450 lbs. That’s a pretty heavyweight gun safe. The interior can be divided by 40 guns, 20 guns + storage, or all storage.

The safe comes with 3 half width and one gull width shelves. There are 3 live-action bolts and 3 steel deadbolts giving it 6 lock points. This Stack on safe designed with premium matte black color.


  • Can hold 40 guns
  • 30-minute fire protection
  • 6 locking bolts for pry resistance
  • Advanced electronic lock mechanism
  • Stunning matte look
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Not recommended for protecting electronic devices

Final Thoughts

As you can tell by now, this gun safe is a once in a lifetime investment. It’s a high-quality product that is going to last you for the whole life. And as you saw, you can store 40 guns in the safe. That’s more than enough for most of the people out there.

The fire resistance feature is also great in this gun safe along with all the other ones. So, if you are someone who owns a lot of guns, this gun safe is certainly the best option for you. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Gun Safe Buying Guide

Selecting a gun safe for yourself isn’t the easiest task in the world. You should not just go for it by any means. This is a costly investment that if done right, can serve you for a lifetime.

So, what are the things that you should look out for when buying a gun safe? Let’s discuss a few crucial parts down below so that you can choose the best gun safe for your firearms.

Safe Type and Size: This is something you should consider before going through the rest of the features an all. There are a few types of gun safes available in the market such as Biometric safes, electronic keypad lock safe, wheel combination safe, and so on. You should select which one you prefer the most beforehand.

Also, choose a reasonably sized gun safe. The bigger the safe gets, the more money you’ll have to spend. So, don’t go for bigger safes if you don’t need one. But make sure that it’s big enough for all your firearms to fit. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of having a gun safe?

Capacity: You need to look out for how many guns and ammunition the gun safe can hold. And if you own long barrel guns or long rifles, make sure to check how many stands are there in the gun safe for these types of guns. A basic rifle safe should have more than 5 stands for your rifles.

The capacity of the safe plays an important role because you’ll need to store things in the gun safe ultimately. So, getting a safe that has well capacity is going to be crucial for you. It doesn’t have to be very spacious. Just go with your needs.

Lock: There are different locking mechanisms that you can choose from when selecting your gun safe. The most popular lock systems these days are biometric, electronic keypad, wheel combination.

The biometric locks are really easy to use once you set them. Those are the quickest and safest locking mechanism available in the market. Biometric safes are getting really popular these days. The electronic keypad lock safe on the other hand requires manual input of a PIN code that unlocks the safe for you. Those are commonly seen everywhere. Finally, the wheel combination safe requires you to turn the dial according to the code to unlock the safe. These safes are getting less popular because of their complex usability.

Weight: Gun safes usually weight a lot. A good quality gun safe uses heavy materials in the construction. Thus, making it more surveillance against possible threats. Materials like thick steel layers used in the gun safe can make it very heavy.

When you are trying to move a gun safe from one place to another for mounting or repair, only then weight becomes an issue. Otherwise, it actually helps in terms of better protection. More heavy-weight gun safes are usually pry-resistant and impossible to drill a hole into. So, when selecting a gun safe, pay attention to how much it weights.

Floor Boalting Ability: Your gun safe is no good if thieves can steal the whole safe. To prevent that from happening, gun safes need to be mounted to the floor. Most of the high-quality gun safes have pre-drilled holes on them for easier mounting.

To mount a safe in place, you need to place the safe and put the bolts through the safe to the ground. That ensures your safe will not be moved. The only way to move it would be to unmount the safe. But for that, the safe has to be open in the first place. So when buying a new gun safe, go with a safe that has pre-drilled holes in it.

Access and Entry: This is something that you should look for while selecting a gun safe for yourself. Most of the gun safes have one-way access as it uses either biometric, electronic, or dial combination lock mechanism. But you’ll find that a few safes actually has 2 of these locking modules at once. 

Despite the locks, a gun safe always comes with a backup override key. That allows for emergency access in case you forgot the combination or the finger sensor isn’t working. In that scenario, you can use an override key to unlock the safe at any point.

Power Source: Most electronic and biometric safes use batteries as a power source. AA batteries, 9V batteries are commonly used in the locking module. These batteries last for more than a year in most cases.

If the batteries run out, you’d have to use the backup keys to get into the safe and change the batteries. That will make the safe function once again.

Steel Gauge: You can get an idea of the thickness of the steel by looking at the steel gauge number of a gun safe. Most of the gun safes in the market use 12 gauge or 14 gauge steel in the body part. If you compare them you will find 12 gauge steel is thicker, heavier, and better. The 14 gauge is not bad either. But as it is a matter of safety you should always consider buying the best one out there.

You should check the number of gauge steel before you buy a safe for your guns. That way you can better judge the safes rather than being random about it. It’s always better to invest in a thick and durable model that ensures more security.

Alarm: When it comes to safe security, the alarm plays an important role. It lets you know if someone is trying to break in into your gun safe. Alarms go off in a gun safe for several reasons. Mostly when someone is trying to mess with the safe, the alarm goes off.

Inserting the backup key, trying to change the code in the setting, fire, etc can trigger the alarm of your gun safe. It helps you to be aware of the state of your safe so that when thieves try to break it open, you know immediately.

Failsafe Locking Feature: Failsafe locking mechanism allows the safe to get unlocked when the power is removed. This is a huge issue for the security of your gun safe. If the batteries of your failsafe electronic lock run out, your safe will be unlocked.

That’s why you should look for fail-secure gun safes. Those get locked itself when the power is removed. That is a huge upside that will ensure the security of your gun safe. Whenever you are selecting a gun safe, look at the features thoroughly, and see if the gun safe is failsafe of fail-secure. That will help you get the maximum surveillance out of your gun safe.

Warranty: Warranty is undoubtedly a crucial thing if you choose to invest a good amount of money on a gun safe. What would you do if something comes broken? Having a warranty can solve the issue without you having to pay extra charges for a repair.

All the renowned gun safe manufacturer brands give at least a year of warranty for their safes. This allows you to get free repairs and services for your gun safe. It’ll be very wise in your part to invest in a gun safe that has a decent warranty service.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Choosing a gun safe can be tricky. Especially if it’s the first one. Let’s go over the most frequently asked question on gun safes that might help.

What types of gun safes are available?

Gun safes come to a variety of types these days. The most popular ones are biometric gun safes, electronic lock gun safe, wheel pin and combination gun safe, etc.

The biometric safes use technologies such as finger scan, voice recognition, and so on to unlock the safe. Those give you quick access and typically, those are fairly simple to use. Once you set the lock accordingly, you’ll be able to use the safe way more efficiently. Biometric gun safes are getting very popular nowadays.

Electronic lock gun safes, on the other hand, use a numeric keypad. You’ll have to put in the unique PIN code to unlock the safe. Those safes are really commonly found everywhere.

There’s also the wheel and pin combination safe. Those are the traditional safes. You’ll have to turn the wheel accordingly to unlock the safe. Those safes are losing popularity because of their complex system.

Finally, there are some sub-types that you need to know such as fireproof safe, car gun safes, hidden wall safes, etc. It’s great to know all these types to ensure you get the right one for you that withstands disasters and satisfies your needs.

What are the best gun safe brands?

As there are so many brands that manufacture gun safes, a few of them actually stand out from the rest because of the quality they deliver. The best gun safe brands out there are:

  • AMSEC Browning
  • Fort Knox Vaults
  • Heritage Safe Company
  • Liberty Safes
  • Rhino Metals Inc.
  • Truck vault
  • Vault pro-USA
  • V-Line Safes
  • Sentry Safe

Those are based on the user’s review of the quality of the gun safes. All of these companies definitely ensure the highest quality product in the market. And most of them innovate new features that add a whole another dimension to the gun safe industry.

Also, you will not get better customer service or after-sales service than these anywhere. It’s a wise decision to invest in a gun safe of a good brand rather than a cheap alternative. That surely will go a very long way and serve you right.

What to look for in a gun safe?

The answer to that would be whatever satisfies your needs and withstands the disasters at the same time. First, you should consider the size of the safe. If you own long rifles, you’ll need a safe that has rifle holds in it. Otherwise, the safe would be of no use to you. Too spacious gun safes can waste your money.

Also, you should choose the locking mechanism that is convenient for you. Going for a biometric safe might be a better option that a digital keypad one. 

The features play an important part in gun safes. Those make it easy and comfortable for you to use the safe. Take your time to look for the features properly. And if you want your safe to be able to save your guns from fire damage, go for a fire-resistant gun safe. Those help to protect your guns from fire for a certain period.

How much should I spend on a gun safe?

A basic gun safe for your home security is not going to cost you more than 500 dollars. You’ll get a fairly good safe for your guns at this price range. The safes available in that range are decent for your house and office environments. These safes are getting very popular these days because of their affordability. Also, these gun safes are getting new features that are really amazing.

But when it comes to extended space and maximum protection, you’ll have to spend a bit more on a gun safe. A good safe in that scenario will cost you around 1 grand. A safe that is of 1000$-1500$ is for you only if you need a premium safe that can ensure the top-notch surveillance and has protection against fire and water. That makes sense to invest that much money for a safe that is going to serve you for a lifetime.

What is the proper humidity for my gun safe?

The ideal humidity level for a gun safe is 45%-50%. Anything more than that or less might cause damage to your firearms. The extensive presence of humidity allows your guns to get rusty, thus, ruining it in long term. You definitely don’t want rust buildup on your guns.

You can use a dehumidifier to remove humidity from inside of the safe. That way your guns can truly stay in the right condition for years. Also, you can try out the airtight safes. Whatever you do, make sure that the humidity level inside the safe stays between 45%-50%. That might seem like a tiny thing, but the consequences are pretty big in the long term.

How to move a gun safe?

Let’s be real for a moment, gun safes are very heavy. Moving those into places can be a lot of effort. Using the right technique will definitely help you with that. First, you have to get the right pieces of equipment such as a dolly, ropes, etc. You have to ask friends or neighbors for helping you out.

Take out all the compartments you can from the safe to make it weight a little less. That way it will be a bit easier for everyone to move it.

When you are ready, get the safe out of the truck and place the safe carefully on the dolly. Then push or pull accordingly to take the safe into the place where you will mount it in place.  If there are stairs, climb one stair at a time. Take your time with it as rushing might cause serious accidents. When you get the safe in place, mount it to finish up the process.


Gun safes are a necessity for every gun owner. It saves those dangerous firearms from getting into the wrong hands. It also helps to withstand disasters such as burglary, fire damage, and so on.

As you know by now, all gun safes are not made equally. Especially, modern gun safes come with amazing features that help to give you utter ease of use. Also, it’s way hard to break in a safe of premium quality.

The trickiest part is to select a gun safe that will satisfy your needs and desires. But I think after reading our reviews you now know which one would fit your need. If you are still confused then take a moment to identify how much you are willing to pay for your gun safe.

That will help you to filter out so many options. Then, select a decent size in which your firearms will fit in. Take a look at the features and see what fits your desires. That way you can select the right gun safe for your firearms.

Make sure you don’t rush the process. Purchasing the best gun safe can serve you a lifetime. So, it’ll be a wise move to take your time looking at all the nooks and crannies thoroughly.

The products listed are the best gun safes available in the market. So, if you are looking for the best gun safe, pick your fit.

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