Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Mats to Buy in 2021 (Updated List)

Every person who owns a gun knows the importance of cleaning their guns. A great thing to have for cleaning your guns is a good cleaning mat. 

Almost everyone has experience of using a towel as a cleaning mat for their guns. But they do not have a built-in parts holder or any other features. So, having a cleaning mat that’s specifically designed just for cleaning guns is undoubtedly a better option.

But choosing a cleaning mat for your gun isn’t just click and buy. You should take a look at their features and actual value before purchasing one for you. 

Why You Need A Gun Cleaning Mat for You Gun

If you have a gun, you will have to clean it eventually. But a towel won’t be the best option for you. A cleaning mat that is dedicated to cleaning only guns is a much better choice. 

If you use a towel it will create a lot of annoying problems for you that you don’t want. You can’t place your gun and expect your towel to hold it in place and not slide off the table when you clean. But almost all good cleaning mats hold the gun in place when you are cleaning.

Another issue with not having a cleaning mat is that you might spill some chemicals while cleaning your gun. That’ll damage the surface of the table which you want to avoid.

As you can see, having a cleaning mat for your gun is very important. Wondering which are the best products on the market? There are hundreds of cleaning mats available in the market. But you won’t get what you pay for in all of these products. Down below, let’s take a look at the top 5 best gun cleaning mats in the market.

1. Sage and Braker – Waxed Canvas Gun Cleaning Mat Product

The name “Sage and Braker” is well respected in the gun cleaning world. The waxed canvas gun cleaning product is the best gun cleaning mats in the market at this time. We chose Sage and Braker gun cleaning mat for a reason.

It is certainly not a product that is cheaper, as it falls under 200$+ price range. This is for the serious shooters who don’t like to settle for anything but the best in quality.

The materials used in this cleaning mat are of very high quality. It’s made from 12 oz. waxed canvas, heavy wool, and thick leather. The intention behind this cleaning mat was to last for generations. 

The surface of this mat is of wool. It gives a very pleasant experience of cleaning. Also, this mat doubles a gun cleaning kit, as it has pockets to hold almost everything you need to clean your gun.

This is the most premium product you can find on the market. The quality of this product is outstanding. But you will have to pay more than 200$ for it. If you considering the quality and the finish of this mat you’ll see how much value you are going to get out of this product. You will get exactly what you pay for there.

So, If you want to buy a gun cleaning mat that’s of the highest quality, go for this one. We can promise you won’t regard it.

Featured Specs

Size: Huge 69”x16”

Firearm Type: Universal

Material: Waxed Canvas, Wool, and Leather

Additional Features

Built by hunters, An Important Staple to Preserve your Firearms.

2. TOURBON Shooting Hunting Roll-up Gun Cleaning Mat

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Sage and Braker, you are going to love this one. Turbon cleaning pad is made of canvas and leather. This is a great cleaning mat for your guns if you want something that is of good quality and doesn’t break your bank at the same time.

The price range of this product is 50$. It has a soft fleece backing with one zipper pockets where you can put the necessary tools and pieces of equipment for cleaning your guns. 

It rolls up small and tight with leather straps making it super easy to carry around with. So if you want a premium cleaning mat for your gun, this is a solid option for you to try.

Featured Specs

Size: 134cm x 38cm 

Material: Canvas and Leather

Weight: 0.65 kg

3. Lyman Essential Heavy Duty Gun Cleaning Mat

Lyman Essential Havey Duty Best Gun Cleaning Mat

That’s a great cleaning mat for cleaning your guns. The firm, yet cushioned surface is perfect for assembling or disassembling your firearms. 

It has a synthetic non-slippery surface. It also has chemical resistance which protects your gun’s finish and benches finish.

It can be molded in storage compartments for organization. And for under 30$ price range, it would be a really good option for you to invest in.

Featured Specs

Size: 10”x36”

Material: Synthetic Non-slippy Surface

4. Real Avid Smart Mat – Universal Cleaning Mat

This is another one of the best gun cleaning mats in the market. It has a unique feature that is its material is non-absorbent. Water or any other liquid of this kind slips off the surface of this cleaning mat. 

The non-slip background of this mat allows you to work on your gun without the worry of the mat slipping out. The back grips onto your work surface giving you more freedom to work on the mat. 

It has a magnetic parts keeper section that is really unique in a gun cleaning mat. No other mat in the market has this feature included.

The magnetic parts keeper is connected in the mat for small springs, pins, or parts. It is a very useful feature to have in a cleaning mat.

The Real Avid Smart Mat is very popular in the market. All the customers have great feedback on it. For a price as low as 20$, you just can’t go wrong with it.

Featured Specs

Size: 19”x16”

Firearm Type: Universal

Additional Features

Magnetic Compartment, Shock-absorbing protection for guns and table surfaces, Oil and Solvent Resistance.

5. TecMat Ultra – AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat

TecMat Ultra - AR 15 Gun Cleaning Mat

TecMat is another renowned name in the gun cleaning industry. This mat has hundreds of positive reviews from the customers.

This mat uses waterproof, scratchproof, fade, and oil resistant dye sublimation printing. Unlike many other products out there, this printing is made to last a lifetime.

This mat offers an oversized design that helps the user to work more comfortably on the mat. The thermoplastic fiber surface prevents your gun from getting any scratches. Also, the rubber back prevents the mat from sliding when you clean your gun. 

A great feature of the TecMat Ultra – AR 15 Cleaning mat is its stitched edge. This gives a nice and premium finish to the mat.

The TecMat Ultra AR 15 gun cleaning mat is a really good quality mat. It also comes with an easy to follow parts diagram of AR 15 parts. And for the price range under 25$, you’ll get a lot of values out from it. It’s a highly recommended product for you to try out.

Featured Specs

Size: 15”x44”

Firearm Type: AR 15

Material: Absorbent Neoprene base with a Thermoplastic surface

What to Consider Before Buying

If you want to buy the perfect cleaning mat for your gun, there are a few things that you should consider. First, you have to look at the firearm type. See if it fits your criteria. You certainly don’t want to buy a mat that is only for pistols if you own a rifle.

Then you should check the materials of the mat. Surfaces with non-absorbent and leak-proof materials are recommended. That will prevent CLPs or oils from leaking out through your mat onto the table. Make sure to check if the cleaning mat sticks to the table rather than slipping.

The final and the most important thing to look out for is the size of the cleaning mat. Make sure to identify the size you need and buy according to that. Try to buy a bit larger size than you need. It’ll give you more space and freedom to work.

Top FAQs We Get From Our Readers

Where can i buy a gun cleaning mat?

The best place to buy a mat is from online stores. Why you may ask, it’s because you can get reviews from the people who already brought it. Also, online shops these days are very fast in their delivery and you can order on the go. You can try Amazon, Best buy and many more online stores.

If you are thinking of buying the mat from offline. You should go to your nearest gun shops. All of the gun shops have cleaning mats these days.

How to clean a gun cleaning mat!

Many of our readers asked us how to clean a gun cleaning mat.

Gun cleaning mats easily get filthy after using it. You can use the Gun Cleaning Solvent to clean your mat. You can also use the DIY technique to clean it. Use some hot water, dishwashing detergent, and brush to take off the grease.

You we have a step by step guide on How you can easily clean your gun cleaning mat. You can read that Article from here.

Can you wash the gun cleaning mats?

Yes, absolutely you can wash your cleaning mats. Actually you should wash your mats after using it. Washing your mat is necessary to keep it clean for next time use. Also, it will help its life-cycle.


There, now you have a list of the best gun cleaning mat for you. Now you can easily pick from the top 5 mats available in the market. 

Investing in a cleaning mat that’s dedicated only to cleaning guns is gonna be crucial for you. No matter how premium your gun is, you’ll have to clean it at some point. So why not have the best equipment for it? 

But if you are like most people out there, you would not like to spend a thousand dollars on the cleaning mat of your gun. Besides, you’ll have to buy a cleaning kit for your gun separately.

That’s why the list of the top 5 products available in the market will help you choose. I hope that this list would help you to pick a perfect cleaning mat for your gun.

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