BARSKA Biometric Safe AX11224 Review

Biometric safes are getting really popular these days. They are extremely easy to use and ensures maximum surveillance. The locking module allows for effortless, as well as lightning-fast access. What more do you want in a safe?

The BARSKA Biometric Safe is one of the best biometric safe available in the market that’s under 500 dollars. It has all the advanced features that help to give you the utmost ease and comfort while ensuring great security.

BARSKA safes are well established for their consistent high-quality safe manufacturing. They produce top-notch quality products that are fairly affordable for the mass. Also, they provide the most exceptional customer service in the whole gun safe industry.

The AX11224 model of BARSKA safe is a great safe for everyday use. Let’s have a look at all the amazing features the BARSKA Biometric AX11224 safe comes with.

Key Features of BARSKA AX11224 Biometric Safe

Advanced Biometrics for Lightning-fast Access: Pressing keys in the dial every time to open a safe can be a real effort sometimes. Isn’t it much better to put your finger on the biometric scanner and unlock the safe right away?

The biometric module used in the BARSKA safe only takes only 2.5 seconds to unlock. You just put your finger in the scanner and the safe open just like that. The advanced biometrics allows you to get a 100% unlocking rate form the get-go.

Also, you’ll be able to store 120 fingerprints in the database. You should always set up multiple fingerprints to avoid any unwanted accidents. That will also allow you to give access to people without handing over the backup key of the safe. To program the fingerprint lock, you’ll have to save the same fingerprint of one finger multiple times at different angles. The horizontal, diagonal, low, and high motion should do the trick perfectly. 

Maximum Surveillance: The BARSKA biometric gun safe has high protection against all kinds of threats. The safe is DOJ approved for its maximum security. The safe is constructed using robust steel. 14 gauge steel is used in this safe. The thick steel layers give this safe very strong and sturdy protection against all kinds of burglars. This safe is durable enough to last for ages.

As all of the BARSKA Biometric safes are DOJ approved for pry test, saw test, drop test, and pick test, there’s no doubt of the quality of its security. It uses 2 deadbolts that make it super effective against pry attacks.

Also, the BARSKA company prides itself on delivering great value and the latest technology. This model is no different. The protection that this gun safe provides is truly outstanding.

Great Capacity: The safe has 0.79 cubic feet space. This allows you to store several handguns easily inside of it. The interior dimension is 16.5 x 14.5 x 7.75 inches to be exact. So, it’s great for storing a couple of handguns or pistols as well as some ammunition.

It doesn’t have a lot of capacity to store long barrel guns or shotguns. But for a few handguns, it’s a really good fit.

Easy Mounting for Extra Protection: Mounting safe in a place is a very crucial thing for a gun safe. Otherwise, it’s easy to carry away the whole safe without any issue. Mounting safes will help you with that.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. You just need to place the safe wherever you want to place it. Then just put the screw in place so. The screws are included with the safe. After you are done, the safe is impossible to move from its place. You’ll have to unmount the safe before moving it. That requires the safe door to be open.

Backup Access for Emergencies: The AX11224 BARSKA mini biometric safe uses 4 AA batteries to power the biometric lock. It will last you about a year if you use the safe regularly. The estimated usage is 10000 times before the battery runs out of power. When the battery dies, the lock mechanism will stop working.

This safe features 2 backup access if the batteries of the safe run out of power. The first way is to use a battery pack. The battery pack can be used to power the biometric lock, allowing you to unlock the safe. Make sure to change the batteries after you open the safe doors.

The last and the easiest way is to use the backup override key. You just need to use it on the safe as it will override the whole locking mechanism and open the safe for you. Again, make sure to change the batteries after you open the door to make the safe functional.

Specification of Product

The BARSKA biometric safe with fingerprint lock is undoubtedly a great safe that is super affordable and very secured. All the feature helps to add more to the  Now, let’s discuss the specifications of this gun safe in detail so that you have an even clearer view on the safe

The interior dimensions of the safe are 12.25”x 16.38”x 6.88”. That gives enough room to store multiple handguns as long as a decent amount of ammunition. The exterior dimensions of the safe are 14.63” x16.5” x 8”. The 14 Gauge metal thickness of this safe is incredible for ensuring maximum security and surveillance. This safe weighs 26.55 lbs in total. It’s not that much of a weight. You can move it around without too much trouble.

The safe comes with a biometric lock module. That requires batteries to operate. You’ll need 4 AA sized batteries for this safe. Those are included with the safe. Also, you’ll get 2 backup keys to prevent locking out from your guns or items. The other way you can gain access is by using the battery pack. 1 battery pack is also included with the BARSKA safe.


  • Advanced Biometrics for ultra-fast access
  • Great for use in a day to day life
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) approved safe
  • Great value for your money
  • Solid 14 gauge Steel construction allows for durability and maximum security.


  • One-way access (Only Biometric lock)
  • Limited warranty of 1 year

Final Verdict

Owning a safe is a responsible thing to do. It helps to avoid a lot of troubles. Especially, safe is a necessity in the long run. And if you own guns it’s no option not to have a safe for it.

You can probably see that the BARSKA Biometric Safe has all the advanced features that make it a solid option for you. 

If you invest in a gun safe that is of a couple of hundred dollars, that should pay you back the price with its quality and service. And, the AX11224 model of BARSKA safe is probably the best gun safes out there that delivers the true value of your investment.

It’s easy to use and gives you the best protection against all threats. It’s also very highly rated by the users. So, if you are looking for a biometric gun safe that is both easy to use and highly secured, this is the best option for you.

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