Are old safes better than new ones?

It’s a very tricky question to answer in fewer words. Better is subjective in this case. As most old cases have better steel layers on the body, they can have really strong security for most of the cases.

But what about the new cases then? Are they no good and just too much costly for no reason? Are old safes better than new ones?

Actually, no. The safes designed these days are pretty simple to use, thanks to the digital keypads, the biometric locking mechanism, and etc. They are much more efficient and easy to use than most of the old safes.

What makes the new safes different than the old ones?

To answer the question, “Are old safes better than new ones?” you must compare the key differences of the safes. Let’s go over these in detail so that you can have a clear view of it.

Mainly the material and the locking mechanism differentiates the old safes from the new ones. 

Back in the day, safes weren’t that popular. They were only used by a small number of peoples. But the safes were super hard to break in because of how heavy steel material is used in the cases.

You would probably find old safes for sale in the pawnshops. You will see that those safes are extensively thick and heavy. Now an issue with the old safes is it’s locking mechanism. They are super rigid to unlock. 

On the other hand, the new safes are much more elegant by design and have a lot more useful features. The main benefit of having a new safe is it’s locking mechanism. 

Most of the people nowadays have safes for their home safety. The regular safes are much small and efficient for day to day use. The electronic keypad gives really good service to the user making it easy and quick to unlock the safe.

Also, digital safe offers features like biometric locking mechanism, security alarm, electronic touch keypads, and so on. The manufacturing companies provide services and warranties, which is super important too. 

Which is the better option to invest in?

Again, there is no simple answer to that. It’s a subjective choice. Let’s go over a few things that might help you decide better if you want to get a new safe for yourself.

Safes have not gotten any better over time. The basic safes out there are the same and also have had corners cut to reduce production cost. Nowadays everybody wants 500$ safes. So that is what they are building.

The downside to an old safe would be that it’s not fire lined. But as most of the safes available in the market these days are advertised as fire lined but actually does no good and perform poorly in the fire.

Now, if you compare the old safes with the new one, you would find that new safes give far better services for a day to day usage.  And you can easily pick from a various sized option that you think suits for you.

But if you compare the old safes with the new ones, you’ll see that the price differences are pretty insane. You can get a really strong safe without spending a lot. But a good quality safe that’s digital is a pretty significant investment.

So if you want an easy to use and elegant safe for you, go and purchase a digital safe. It will serve you the best. It’s certainly a costly option than going for old safes.

As the lock system is the biggest downside, if you don’t have any issues dealing with the lock mechanism and the weight of the safe, you can definitely go and get at old safe. That will save you a lot of money and will serve the security purposes really well.

Things to Look out for while Buying a New Safe

By now you should be clear on the question “Are old safes better than new ones?” Whether you buy a new safe or an old one, you have to consider a few things to get the most value out of your investment. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important things to check before making the purchase.

If you are going to buy an old safe, make sure that you buy it from a trusted source. All the pawnshops should be able to give you registered papers. Also, check the condition of the safe before buying. It’s a very common case for an old safe to be damaged. So, you might have to take it for repair.

For new safes, you should always check the security rating and the fire rating of the safe, That is super important if you want to get the most value out of your safe. Select the type of locking mechanism that is comfortable for you. There are mainly 2 mechanisms, one is analog and the other one is the digital keypad. So, choose the right one for you.

You have to know what sized safe you actually need. It’s really not wise to waste money on bigger safes that you will probably keep empty for the rest of your life. That would save a lot of your money and get you the most value out of your purchase.

If you want to know our reviews about some best gun safes out there you can read our blogs on “Best Gun Safes of 2020“. We also included a buying guide in there.

Final Thoughts

Now you should know the answer to “Are old safes better than new ones?” As you saw, it might be different for individuals. Based on your requirements, an old safe can turn out to be a way better investment than a new one. Most of the people think that the old safes can’t be used. As you can tell by now that it’s not true. 

Keeping that in mind, do some research before you you choose to get a safe for you. That will help you to make the right call. And make sure that you buy from a trusted source. Check the documents provided with the safe. If it’s a new one, check the owner’s manual for getting all the details you need. And check by taking the documents to a dealer if you buy an old safe.

I hope the information shared in this article clears up any confusion you had and help you get a safe that will bring you really good value of your money.

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