Are gun safes easy to break into? How to break a gun safe?

So, One of our reader Nathan asked us, Are gun safes easy to break into? So Nathan here is your answer.

Most of the gun safes available in the market are durable. But with the right tools and techniques, it literary takes minutes to break into a gun safe. So, how it works? And are gun safes easy to break into?

It’s easy for the locksmiths of course, as they have the equipment and skill to break into safes. But also anyone can do that too.

The methods out there are fairly simple that almost anyone can do within a few minutes. Let’s have a look at a couple of methods that are used to break into the gun safes.

Are gun safes easy to break into - How to break a gun safe

Gun Safes Easy Breaking Methods

Prying Open Method

This method is very commonly used by burglars. It works by creating a lot of pressure on the safe door with a crowbar or something of that kind. The regular gun safes are not meant to take that much force. Thus, they fall apart and break.

Safes that are more costly and of high quality usually have pry resistance to prevent this from happening. Those usually come around 400-500 dollars.

Electrifying the Lock Mechanism

This is another method used to break into gun safes that uses digital keypads. For that, you’ll need electrifying tools that override the locking mechanism that leads the gun safe to unlock.

The safes with an analog combination dialing mechanism can’t be opened using this method. Also, nowadays most of the gun safes use safety alarm to prevent burglary.

Picking the lock of the Gun Safe

As every gun safe has an override key system, it’s possible to pick the lock and break into the gun safe. Thieves commonly use lockpicks to break into safes.

But it surely takes skill and time to pick a lock. Especially, all the premium safes are extremely difficult to break in with this method.

Using a Rare Earth Magnet

Yes, it can be done! Rare earth magnets can be used to lift the solenoid inside the gun safe. That can make room for unlocking the safe.

As strange and simple as it looks, this is actually a good method that can be used to break into gun safes. But you’ll need to purchase a big earth magnet for it. This method is getting popular on breaking open safes,

Using a Hammer to Break open

If you are wondering, “Are gun safes easy to break into?” This method shows that it is absolutely easy. Most of the thieves use this method to open gun safes. For that, you only need a hammer. You’ll have to hit the hammer on top of the safe while simultaneously turning the knob to unlock the gun safe.

When you hit the safe with the hammer, it causes the solenoid to drop just for a moment. And if it’s timed with the turning of the knob correctly, the safe opens immediately.

Using the Reset Button

Regular gun safes have holes for better ventilation. Most of them are at the bottom of the safe. It is possible to use the hole to press the reset button inside the safe to break in. 

For that, you’ll need a narrow and sturdy stick that fits the hole. But first, check where the reset button is using a flashlight. Now reach for the button with the stick you have.

When you have pressed the button correctly, it should make a “Beep” sound confirming the reset process. That should reset the combination of the gun safe and allow you to unlock the safe at ease.

Drilling a Hole in the Safe

You can not use the method shown before if there is no hole in the safe. So, if you can make a hole in the safe’s body, you can easily break-in.

For that, you’ll need a drill machine with a sturdy and pointed drill. It is going to take a long time to complete the process. So, patience is key to this method. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to penetrate the safe making you a hole that you can use for pressing the reset button.

Take note that most of the quality gun safes out in the market is built with thick layers of steel. That makes it very hard to penetrate the drilling machine. 

Figuring out the Combination

Although it’s very hard and time-consuming, it’s possible to figure out the combinations of a safe. It must be an analog safe that uses a dial to put the combination.

The numbers of the combination can be figured out by hearing out the clicks very carefully and noting down the digits. And then after piecing those digits together, you can have the combination for the gun safe.

This requires so much time and patience. But using extreme focus and math, it’s possible to figure out the combination of the gun safe.

Using a Fake Override Key

Many burglars use fake override key to break into safes. Those are purchased illegally and work on a lot of safes out there.

It’s also possible to get a replacement key online. For that, you’ll need the model, the serial number, and the payment proof of the purchase. If you can gather those, a lot of websites can send you a key replacement for a few dollars of payment.

Final Thoughts

Safes are there to keep your valuable goods safe. A gun safe is a crucial thing that every gun owner needs to protect his firearms from damage and accidents. 

This is not an option to not have a gun safe as you can’t just store multiple guns in your living room where everyone can gain access to those. You definitely don’t want any kids to grab your guns.

Gun safes also protect your firearms from burglary and a lot of other damages that can ruin your gun.

But as you saw, there are a lot of methods that can be used to break into the gun safe. Most of them are very simple to execute. It would be wise to purchase a safe with biometric locking mechanism. So, if you want to have maximum security, invest in a premium gun safe. That’ll cost you more than 500 dollars, but it will not be easy to break into. Read our Gun Safe Reviews to learn more about the best safes out there.

You should know the answer to “Are gun safes easy to break into?” Hopefully, you would be able to use the information to increase the security of your gun safe.

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